Friday, May 18, 2007

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Hello there .. What to put here?...I think seriousness always works ..but putting myself out might prove unlucky. All I can think to say is: accept this missive, please..

Thought to me is interchangeable with time. I live rather a good life, in a sense. Humour without gain is like love without experience. I am not into every journey I make. A new one is like a list of things I don't like or want. I might promote the type of person I am attracted to. So it's risky. He would be neither the same age nor younger. Intelligence? ..the mind is the body, and sometimes that's forgotten. He would be like air, with tendencies toward mentation. Aside from these physical aspects, though, he would simulate great attraction. Looks and such are not as important as chemistry. I am attractive [modest? lol]...i am curvy and comfortable with myself ..i have tattoos and joy


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