Thursday, May 17, 2007

item #9836

Newcastle area. sF34/4/DM. My perfect day would be watching the world go by. For examle, I might people-watch. I might converse. I might laugh. Perhaps something quick to eat. I enjoy my eclectic taste. I adore the civilian world. My personal interests include: barking at socialists, at modern art, and at Ravel, and also discussing environmental issues as meaningless generalities. The following gives an outline of my ideal person but if you do not live within 10 miles and do not have a high standard of living, then I am afraid we will not be a match. Honest. Someone is self-financing with their own car. Personality is vital, as is a positive outlook and a willingness to pander. You must be within and outside, enjoy out as well as weekend foreign travel adventure appreciation. Art culture would be a considerable onus! Essentially, a well whom I feel proud to hold. Most importantly we should be able to inspire each other. If you feel we may have some common universe, then I would hear from you. Please contact me telling me about you and closing Carpe Diem.


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