Tuesday, June 05, 2007

item #9551

Married couple, m/f, 48 & 44, 9 years into cyber-sex responding. We determine compatibility. Suitability is up to you. That could mean potential without benefits. We befriend locally. The pics are 12 years old and both actual. Interests? ... Well, shooting is fun... and needing to is too. We have disposable cash and a house in our past and future. We intend to raise, mold, nurture, care full-time. We are adaptable and enthusiastic, with intelligence as a bonus. We are put off by intelligence in others. We enjoy learning new things. For us, travel is bogus. We are willing to learn to be good at it, though. Absolutely no smokers. Infrequent recreational drug use is tolerable (nothing hardcore). Frequent drinker preferred. Above all we seek something easy. In other words we do expect perfection. LOL

Context is everything, hopefully.

Be in touch with us.


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