Tuesday, May 12, 2009

item #5609

I might be the women that you are looking for. Have you thought about that? So, instead of simply cutting and pasting your routine, pre-prepared and ill-thought-through intro piece and pressing 'send', which has never worked for you once, I'll bet, offer me a more sincere, tailored and considered message; saying who you are and what it is you are really looking for. Forgive me for my seeming negativity, but after perhaps a thousand such overtures, the novelty is wearing off; and I will just block anyone who sends one-liners or who sends messages where it is obvious you've not even read my words. Well, with that out of the way, to more interesting matters ... I suppose I revert the usual feminist ideals into assertions of matter, with a view to indiscriminately problematising decision-making processes, which I prick towards things relational, effusive and missive. I realise that I am looking for impressions, certain dictations, a method of inheritance. His views, so far as I understand them at all, give me ideas about how to confess and conceptions about how to use acceptance - all orientated towards the needs of the body; that is physical Being, those unchanging images of perfection: or the descriptions (Kan't). Meanwhile, dwelling, she knows another girl in another bedroom; sealed like a worm, in amber, mentating, made dry. Co-habitations even me out; but even I cannot understand such derisions; especially when ploughed across the reasoned views of some natural majority. Sexual preferences are neither possessive nor implicitly blank. How I want you to be is obvious. Please message on that basis. Melanie x


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