Monday, February 01, 2010

item #7491

I have one black goal: I covert your pumpkin pie. Via via ... vvv ia .... valuable paper presents, downloaded from vulnerable banks in obscure cities by nominal sleepers. YES MONEY [sic]. Stop moving ... My gang is literature-based. Our conceptual analysis is exactly that, and it is WIDE-RANGING. Our pioneering work is within a branch of phenomenology, and we are here to create applications in your direction of intentionality and disinformation. Close examination will reveal little which calls upon general perception, as you will quickly see. There is no swathe of interpretation, no retrieving, no determined explosive relevance. We are using technologies which provide best for an unpredictable essentialism. Your adoption was no coincidence. I am here for your dialogue, so to speak. I am here for your articulation. Professionals can interpret as they see fit.


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