Tuesday, June 05, 2007

item #9999

Hello. Looking only to chat to existing friends. Everyone else mechanically-blocked. So don't bother me.

Scatwitch St Paul MN ... Advice can be a nightmare, I know. But I might be able to help you a lot. I'm into a version of what gets called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Could you communicate the issues thoroughly in you next email.

smallstone Oxen UK ... Advances are being made all the time. I'm still stuck on Heidegger, myself. But I recommend Popper, perhaps Roty, then onto Dewey. And, concerning that other issue, if she doesn't seem to be understanding or sufficiently acknowledging the issues, just be patient and wait for someone else to come along. Money changes everything.

Christina Bergen, Norway ... Medicine is fictive. Treatment is a myth, a grand placebo. I would suggest goodness instead. From the sounds of it, you might want to ask about belief, too. This 'drug' is highly-underrated for people like you.

Harry & Barry Edinburgh UK ... Sedate your problems with heaps of mock-inclusion. Hesitation in and of itself, especially as angry caricature, prescribes chronic use-value. Compete for difference. It has recreational potential.