Thursday, January 08, 2009

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For years I denied my true self. I did the marriage bit, then got divorced. I believed that was all that existed, until I introduced 'realisations' that had been missing in my life for all those years. Quite naturally I learned I had been ignoring my inner feelings for every desire. I also knew that my real need was to be grown to the point where I would happen upon someone like you eventually. 'Clutches' you say. But no. I long to love you deeper even than I do now. If you will let me. Hence here I am now, open to that world, moving about my true self and what I truly seek and long to be. I now crave the subjugations you originally posed to me and from which I ran away. I can now reasonably assert such desires, and can create profiles in line with those ideas, such as they are. In other words I have become what you see fit. I won't profess to experience or naïvety. It's not about me at all. I will go anywhere for you now, or, if you prefer, I will return as many times you say I must return. I want to become reality. So if you are serious (and I do mean serious) then do please consider me. For you I am truly always as you may desire. Can anyone help me make this happen for real?


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