Wednesday, May 13, 2009

item #0081

I have no desire to personalise the errors of your confidence, but I cannot carry it through otherwise. I am just not thorough enough towards understanding. So I have little other choice. What is required? You haven't said. What do you mean by 'conditioning'? Do you intend to be precluded? If so, I should tell you that I am useless at particularising, and can demonstrate my shortfalls in this way by seeming to surrender absolute control over you by recourse to intimacy, some kind of sensuous contact, tenderness. Moments later I will anyway phone you immediately, emphasising that I am not interested in cyber. I will expect nothing but some regard for my own safety. Other such awarenesses would be a boon. But I am trying to remain realistic. So ... I am under 40, fairly fit, but somewhat lightweight, as a picture I've included suggests. As such, your shots of face and body must be made just as clinically, please. Dorothea x


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