Saturday, January 17, 2009

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You lot. Please, no more one-liners. Why do you bother? And no more cut-n-paste emails. If you can't be bothered to read what I've put in my profile, then what's the point? Wake up! Anyway, I don't have to bother anymore, because I'm now spoken for! I'll be deleting this page in a week or so. Thursday morning I fly from L.A. for the last time. Can't wait to see you, sweetie! I'm already packed and I've shredded what I'm not intending to bring. No more red lights. I promise. Australia looks amazing in the pictures you sent. I'll be your favourite babe, I just know it. I'm drinking you in right now. Just name your additions. No problemo! I don't mind glistening white, if that's your thing. I'm all pearl inside. You'll see soon enough. I'm up for millions of developments. Real open-minded. What about accommodation? Will I unpack for the both of us? Is that the plan? My decision or yours? Yours, I guess! My room upstairs... does it have separate couch, or a tv? Is the bed king-size? I know the small kitchen area has a large shower, and it all looks comfortable and spacious. But can we settle down that first morning before retiring to bed to sleep? I will be jet-lagged. Susie x


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