Thursday, January 08, 2009

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To Chimes, East Mids, UK. Authentic executions are neither graceful nor intense. Where do you get that idea from? As a veteran educator, I womanise both clinical knowledge and exactitude into references to locations I found on a map from 1968. Nothing occured before that. So why bother with history? What I want I tend to get. I don't consider your qualms about this to be tantamount to any acceptable notion of, what you term, the 'right to act irresponsibly', and what I tend to call Futurism. I view you totally in a negative manner, just as I consider our previous brief exchanges as innately forced. Again, I prefer to cam. Can you accept that? If so, we can explore improvements further. If not, I can only wish you good luck, but elsewhere, ok? Anita


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