Saturday, January 10, 2009

item #3820

Spoke only a couple times yesterday. Mere words, too. The rest of the time I remained silent and flat to the ground. Why, I don't know. But I felt that it would mean something. I'll be on the phone after this message, though; just telling everyone the benefits of my reaching home during the day for a change. That might take an hour or so. Then what? During daylight, I never enjoy my freedom, and I cannot see why that is, but I am getting excited about removing some miscommunications I've had recently. It's only buttons, of course. I want to go into town later, to get some things I need. Last time, I came back empty-handed. I don't feel like celebrating that, but, after our eventual discussion, I think I'll change my mind. You see the good in most things. Our last conversation - late afternoon, last week, maybe Tuesday, remember? - you made me examine things like that in detail. I still feel like I'm on some kind of conveyor belt, however.

Anyway... I just know this weekend something global will happen. I'm not conflicted over this, I have to say, because, well, who am I to argue? I might make food before I leave. Let it simmer over the weekend.


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