Friday, March 31, 2006


Above: Dan Briscoe, loc.cit

Xy Satie, Cafe Abdab, 2005

12/8 > 5/4 > 9/8 > 3/4

safety boot


Lee Lifeson-Peart & Ronnie-James RaDioHead

new errors

Xy Satie, Porno Adorno, Decaf Bjorknutrino

Chris Squire


new errors possible


Xy Satie, Cafe Abdab, 2006

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Ronnie-James RaDioHead & Xy Satie, Plot, Wigan, 2004

...diary as destruction; a mock exam; a threat-space; a counting-out

Pig Ignorant, Plot, Wigan, 2004

streets are uneven

Tart Ersatz, Cafe Abdab, 2005



eschewer eschewing

overhead projector c/w overhead projectile

Olias of Sunhillow, teabagging

Salem-E-SOS-Age, as a walk across the rooftops (on graduation day)

Monday, March 27, 2006

murmurists, Club Sporadic, Swan-in-the-Rushes, Loughborough, 25th March 2006

This is what Rod Warner wrote: '...Just got back from headquarters and sipping a long drink before bed - but I wanted to upload a couple of shots from tonight’s gig - featuring the Murmurists from Northampton. Comprising: Roger Bullen – drums & bent drums, electronics/Anthony Donovan – 6 string bass, keyboard, laptronics, contact mic, electronics/Lee Mapley – guitarsynth, bent drums, electronics. The set they played was awesome - over an hour of a shifting soundscape generated from their large armoury of instruments that was cinematic in its range and ambition… When they finished I looked up at the clock and was surprised to note the time - as we were totally immersed in the music and nothing had dragged - as many improv gigs do, mes braves, let’s be honest. More later - for now: a big thanks to Anthony, Lee and Roger for a great night - and they will be returning for the Sporadicfest in May: more information on this as it all develops but we intend to go from midday to midnight with yet another Sporadic extravaganza so mark diaries accordingly…'. Lovely.

Soutine Routine, Plot, Wigan, 2004

Porno Adorno, Plot, Wigan, 2004

Prolegomena Ditto & Grievance Dave Mignon, Plot, Wigan, 2004

mueck fodder

ibid, incidental

environment as hammer horror

problems, problems
How to push [sic]

Perspective / (sick)

Ideology no less: communality vs (cough) individuation
Horizontal collaboration / heirarchical devices

agreed schemes

small sounds

my arse, your face

._4: submrine/u. so much ditto, so much viz familias

Pie Dinner, Cafe Abdab, 2005

a pp l.

dreg dreg dreg dreg dreg dreg dreg dreg dreg dreg dreg dreg dreg dreg

J.G. Power-Ballard, Cafe Abdab, 2005

Sunday, March 26, 2006

kraftwerking my way back to you, babe

cack-handed ennui apart, she bangs the drums


Ditto, mate. The film footage I did has come out really well. Am pretty pleased myself with performance and general atmosphere - especially so given our first time, and with no audience to 'up the ante'. I like what you did, Roger; good set-up; nice moving between sitdown drum set and floor devices. Lee's own floor bent stuff similarly worked well. His guitarsynth added beauty and size and texture, but didn't fill up the space with a grey thickness, as can be the case. I am personally pleased with what I did. I played a nice pensive little 'solo'-ish thing that worked well, and lifted nicely and naturally out of some fine atonal gloom. As a trio, it was just right, I think. Texturally and thematically it was as if composed or at least well-discussed. It looked and sounded as if we were actually listening to one another. All in all - a good start. Nice humorous exchanges with Rod this afternoon. I like him. Plexus a friendly bunch; good contacts - in the same improv ship adrift on the harsh mainstream sea! A next step, then... Meet sometime next week for a plan of action? I'll provide the whiteboard, teas and coffees... Take it easy, mate Anthony


Above left: with a determined monkey-see/monkey-do

gg00, cafe abdab, 2006

geddy lee helium voice


Blimey, I remember that ceremony. It took place - for your information - on the 'Nick of Pendle', at the side of the A666. It was Lorna Salvage, actually; not Savage. Before you mentioning this, I thought it was a company, rather than a person. Later, a group of us were duly salvaged, I can tell you. Lydian Ennui was there, also. She pointed out that folk music should be restricted to the 'white notes', and if 'black notes' are used they should be used silently, as 'thought-shapes'. Here at Bach Utensill 911 we are, as ever, in two minds. Personally, though, I'm keen(-ish) to point out that there are many things as queer as folk, one of which is improv. Consider this: I assumed this was a typo - but apparently not. One friend told me he was using an 'elbow' that used to belong to S Adamson, late, of Big Country. I assumed ebow. But no. The search for sonic alterity continues....----- Original Message ----- From: "r" <r>To: <>Sent: Sunday, March 26, 2006 1:49 PMSubject: Re: Club Sporadic> One of the many rumours circulating about how suddenly Roger Martin went > from a whiny folk singer song writer to a god of improvisation concerns a > mystery fortnight spent walking in Lancashire with nowt for company except > his trusty battered old Harmony Sovereign and rucksack. When he came back > he was thrown out of his local folk club for the sin of blinding chromatic > complexity and never looked back... some say he sold his soul to the devil > up in the hills near Pendle - a well-known centre for witchcraft and > devil worship... fancy, maybe - but when he died in the famous exploding > jazz club incident near Whitwick a couple of years ago his partner of the > time, Lorna Savage, who had strange occult connections, took his ashes > back to Pendle and scattered them in a secret ceremony attended by unknown > celebrities and others who follow the black path. On a cold clear night, > some folk say that they hear strange discordant riffs echoing over the > hills... Source: Roger Martin: Lust for Improv Glory - a monograph by > the well-known Leicestershire critic R Warner (published privately)...>> tee hee>>>>From: "Anthony Donovan" <>>>To: "rod warner" <r>>>Subject: Re: Club Sporadic>>Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2006 12:48:43 +0100>>>>Nice one! If you gander at my blog you'll see similar attitudes got up as >>murmurists! Between the rock of surrealism and the hard place of black >>comedy I wear the fellwalking boots of a weedy Northern dada...>>>>Curcuitbent Helvellyn played by Decaf Bjorknutrino... So it goes>>>>Cheers.>>>>>>>>----- Original Message ----- From: "r" <r>>>To: <>>>Sent: Sunday, March 26, 2006 12:35 PM>>Subject: Re: Club Sporadic>>>>>>>Maybe we can invent a mythical Midlands free improviser called Roger >>>Martin - a droll thought but as you may know M is involved in a big >>>project for the *thing with his friend >>>J who is a very clever guy and does a lot of intricate >>>spoofery - the current one being an installation about a mythical >>>eighties rock band called ******* - (umlaut in there somewhere but it's >>>too early in the day...)... actually, rumour has it that Derek Bailey >>>learned everything he knew from Roger Martin but... no - that way madness >>>lies...>>>Off for late breakfast I think...>>>r>>>>>>>From: "Anthony Donovan" <>>>>>To: "RRRRRRRRRRRRRR" <*4>>>>>Subject: Re: Club Sporadic>>>>Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2006 12:30:47 +0100>>>>>>>>The Roger Martin thing is a good giggle, actually>>>>>>>>I played in a band years back - guitarist called Rob got called Raymond >>>>in a review. We called him Raymond for a year or so after that! It got >>>>quite strange in the end. I don't know Roger well enough as yet to fully >>>>mine those kinds of psycho-comic possibilities! But it gave me a laugh - >>>>so thanks!>>>>>>>>Ta!>>>>Anthony>>>>>>>>job at jim morrison's, in warehose, like>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>----- Original Message ----- From: "r123456543212345654321234565432123456" <5>>>>>...9>>

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

no frills vitamins

...if it's not fun it shouldn't be done...
trick of the light / above: geddy lee helium voice

Monday, March 20, 2006


......might be an idea. So, we'd need dvd of required length - ie. 60 minutes. Could be possible; worth a try! I know bollocks all about technicalities of projecting. If you do, then lovely... Give it a go! Are you in the know?Of course, we could just project ... whatever ... Hollywood upsiderdowner/sidewaysoner, or bit of arthouse ... Intrigue-making ... ? DVD of Top of the fecking Pops! Owt ... I have semi-obscure horror/arthouse stuff... How about 3 second A to B loop from some film or other? Challenging to look at ... ! Bit from Badlands, where Sissy Spacek throws her sick fish away ... whatever ... We could be nice or obtuse ... I have a slide-projector. Was thinking bring it along - project image of my mate, crying into a subutteo pitch, like a big green hankie ... use it as a light ... or nice picture of a cow in a field in Burnley ... Got 100s of slides ... just use same one all the way through ... Done it before. Looks great ...

Thursday, March 16, 2006


you will live here and you will pay us

¬ [...] brown bread

eating in bed

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

¬`.:"|||hermen uu uu uu uutix.

kraftwerking my way back to you, babe

pre-gig puppetshow

postcard to p orridge

Leaving the 20th Century

Geordie Walker / Jaz Coleman

synch,1518,382078,00.html said Porno, Adorno////In a club recently, a young, blonde bartender's T-shirt struck my eye. It was white, tight and sleeveless, and all it said was: PORNO, ADORNO. "Cool T-shirt," I commented and asked a friend to do a little research. I was curious. Is that the kind of T-shirt they sell these days in expensive boutiques? Did she even know who Adorno was? What would Adorno think about the T-shirt? My friend returned from his mission."Well?"

Disney Gombrich, Cafe Abdab, 2006

Porno Adorno, Cafe Abdab, 2006

a statement on our preferences, not a criticism of yours

Clockwise: Fish Bits viz Nine Times / EgFripp (edited, unseen)

faust empirical

john-elena bonham-get-carter, as ostia steve swallow, marries in a baby-red basilica


Betty Page-Turner, Cafe Abdab, 2005

Xy Satie, Cafe Abdab, 2006

russolo o o o o o o o o o o o o