Saturday, May 29, 2010

item #4929

I am under her and my name is descriptive of what am I doing here. I don't need this site for any other woman. I have been deceived and maybe need revenge.

Friday, May 28, 2010

item #2900

Today l have to terminate a recruit. I have to find someone willing to take over the his function in order to minimise the disruption to corporate politics. I have an inside view on how small manipulations operate in the exercise of power. I don’t mind such terminations, as the scenario itself has caught my imagination. In a few minutes I will make the call.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

item #6217

It continues... Electrician disconnects my hard wires till gas takes effect. I am made exactly in reverse for a whole afternoon, until he discovers why. Installer regulates the right amount of simple answers, until I am too late to save my Replacement. Outside is going to hell. Then Friday I am informed upon and duly listed. The same day I am supplied with the box and its showroom, and told it is important to try myself out. I aim to do that tomorrow if I am able.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

item #0707

how people squeeze into china, money opportunity is good in terms of sleep at night, as you only use places as your village, but i would also need to enjoy simple money and all its problems and desires, except the tax man is due.

item #4088

The first thing you need to know about me is that I remember how strange it was to first look upon the developmental cognitive process as a necessary process, which is both humane and psychic in its mildest forms, but, via dissociation or via overt inclusion, can be some kind of daydream, within which the daydreamer lives as if inside a book, or a motion-picture, or some other site of concentration, where the body's signals become wholly orientated towards a hunger for imagination at all costs, or within which any hitherto accepted capabilities cease to make connections, or within which thought itself is replaced, a fortiori, by an undeveloped intuition.

Multiple x


To become.

Is debatable.

item #0096

I'll replay my day, ca.

Gyromanc circumferenc perimeter. I am with the letters of the alphabet. I am inferred across a circle’s edge, intelligible to the now thronging Intervened.


item #0090

My O word near, ambling, raw. As I type, pawn struggles on the end of my tether. She knows I'm with the refiners and that we facet these exceptional Cinderellas one-by-one. I write here in that regard, attentive to the sticks of skin toiling outside in their marinade of money. Their vitality is unceasing and surrounding, as they learn the hard way at their own insistence.

Monday, May 17, 2010

item #0110

My unhelpful Anon, you lie still above, podia of authority, accord and vision. Figuration becomes you, my iteration. I am, in spite of you. I am claiming, to will everything towards some inestimable common denominator. Drench me with your infections.

It is negativity.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

item #2022

We are some eviscerated right-wing, of unGeni, histo-pampered, insulated from the world and its problems. We accurate as flesh crawl scum from money. We have and will always have, shoving it in faces. Poor prepare... we despise. So delicious. You are such a turn on.

Wall Planner

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

item #7625

i look unshaped in little runts of disobedience. i instantly want it all to have personality. responses are conversation with me. exchanges don't connect but i'm always happy to talk your questions into something more aggressive. sometimes in it i finalise protection. i'm not possessive though. i only demand.

cabbage white

Sunday, May 09, 2010

item #0309

Thoughts after a week or so here... and after many critical messages. I have energy only for the broadest of points and counter-argument, sorry.

I suppose, in your terms, I am somewhat dubious of character; as I tend to believe less in the efficacy of commitment and formal involvement; preferring, in contrast, more profane relations predicated upon, say, spirited inappropriation and concerned misrememberings. These define my own collection, at any rate; and fortune favours me either way. That, really, is all I know. Meanwhile, there is your world of disrepair and intractable irreplacement: withering approximations, imprecisely soiled by the slut whose boots you tend with your tongue. You are a factor of one. You are all holes. I currently own nothing similar, and I am not seeking to change that situation.

I'm only cataloguing my happy man.