Thursday, December 25, 2008

item #0031

Jessy dearest, I understand the need for systems, of course. But your formalities play upon my own requirements for stark caution as a logical starting point. In flouting such things, you are cruelly levelling what is important to me. By applying such designs to my person, you are pushing me slowly inward. Despite our mistakes, methods like that are beneath us, I feel. I am injured already. Why compound this when you say you love me? I can offer you suitable occurrences, but you press too hard. If you are going to constrict me, please make sure your eyes are wide and I am softly-padded. Anything else is too narrow, too cutting, along margins I never agreed to. You know I was born twisted, wrapped in skin. It may not suit you, but I cannot bend my spine as you ask. I think you were raised into place, with your feet still on the ground. I simply cannot see any other significant possibility. Hen x

Monday, December 22, 2008


julia_lincs: thank you for accepting
Disney: You're welcome, Julia. How can I help this evening?
julia_lincs: maybe you can't but I know you'll try
Disney: Have we met before? I'm arching above your scenery. Can you see me?
julia_lincs: grrrr, normalcy disregards me. heaps of curses blaaaahhl
Disney: I see. So much habitat
julia_lincs: such a shame isn't it? i'm not seeking anything
Disney: Good luck with that, of course
julia_lincs: thanks

item #2941

Allison, No your wrong about me in many ways. First I'm not going into a quiet period, nor am I getting you another job siss. You like to moan at me I know and I constantly think about things which prompt you to do so. In light of you I love you but it's all inner torment. I'm still deciding just why that is. You remind me of dad. How I really don't know. You want more evidence you say. Well I want more as well. And I haven't had any now have I? Yes as you say I have red hair and redheads are this and that. So I can't stop it. But it is you isn't it who does all that and gets away with it because I'm always defending myself. My red hair you used to love and it isn't that which opens my mouth against you and what you are saying at the latest about me. I learn all about it from someone. I'm still deciding whether to impose something else and work for myself somewhere. I can because I've done just that three or four times before now you know. You keep on reminding me and I will get the message one day. Lesley

item #8348

Not really got any preferences amongst those listed. I'm even-keel, I suppose, and adore the recreational influence of all of the things of this big country. That said, I do identify as Serpentine, and, from time to time, I fain preferences for the vicinity around your sexy wide eyes. It's not something I can afford you every day, though, due to my family, the killers. Meeting them is too easy. So fuck it.

Enough about me ...

I only work as a way of timing your efforts. I much prefer nights in with a close circle of friends, and I can include you on that basis, if you like. Just know that I'm only here for another 8 hours. I do admire you. But I'm not pure myself, OK?

Simone x

item #8602

time for a little bit more i think. most people converse with me on a regular basis by now. (been here two years nearly last count, so is natural) i think i'm reasonable as to not upset the applecarts by saying (really writing) something that could be construed as an interest in relocating us. i look for wonderful things. i really try to do that. i love you so i cook and clean. so i'm not pretending to be someone i'm not just to waste your time and mine. i'm just moving close to you and hopefully it will be interesting to know your views after you see this. i don't want mindless changes. if your life depends on it be a nice person is how i see it. alice x

item #2607

Hi. I'm here on behalf of my associates, as I'm not allowed to look for occasional fun myself. Know what I mean? Initially, I sought the right person, and I become a member of something rather special. But that just didn't last. I was blamed, and maybe it was even my fault. It wasn't that I was targeted so readily and with such force that hurt, it was that I was blamed alone. That was so isolating. So, now, I work for the pleasure of others, trawling sites like this one, and passing on my findings. I'm perfectly clear on what I have to do. I just don't get anything out of it, is all. I am heavily and constantly monitored. Any messages I receive personally are deleted unread. So there's no use. I cannot say I am uninterested, but those are the rules I signed up to.

So we are looking for someone important. It has to physical. It has to contain understanding. What is entailed, you might ask? Well, serious minds will seek the hatred my company peddles, and what we do is not for the faint-hearted.

If that's your thing, get in touch.


item #4811

I am of the view that I will do anything no matter how many times. I don’t have to have any words to trust at first glance, so I receive both from the threshold and from those places which the threshold raises to the ground. I am very willing to learn from experience. There is no room I think for auditing corrections in such a way as to render them instruments of mere self-improvement. I will say your name, yes. I am a natural participant. Anything goes.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

item #2459

Phew ... 469 messages since Friday. Thank you! Just don't know how I'll answer you all, so I'll just say this ... Epistemology contains a basic question, of course. Personalisation matters, I agree. For your information, I am adequate to that task, as I'll attempt to prove, if needed. Moving on, though, it's a false opposition, I think, to be radically practical, as this wrongly questions the translation of related issues into, what might be termed, a scientific methodology. I am here to develop such theories into usable models, that compete with other theories, destroying them forever. There are new sciences. The information we have is enough. I spend my days processing intelligible programmes which mimic a long-overdue humane capacity devoid of the usual contradictory positions. In that spirit, the first theory of that kind that I stressed contains no absolutes. I have always emphasised relations between data which is situation-dependent and that which tends more toward compounding a strain of continuous and active interference. The point is this: the world is far from static, far from passive; but it affords no purview of knowledge which is in any other reasonable way adaptive. No-one, in other words, is Aristotle. Let us start by agreeing upon that, surely. Knowledge is merely the expression of a preexisting dependency upon logical and empirical methods; including mass human gatherings around principles dominated by production and its reflection.


item #7897


It's time to tell you that I have recorded every single one of your petty professional violations, secretly and in exacting detail. I readily drip with anticipation at the thought of our next meeting where we will discuss them. You should not be shocked. I made it clear from the start that I will do anything to service my pleasure. I am not praising your type any longer. That was just a pragmatic ruse. I barely hid my contempt; so it's hilarious to think you were taken in. I am going to be extreme and arbitrary in my treatment of your case. Despite what I said, you simply haven’t fulfilled your part of the bargain. I, in contrast, have shown you the gains to be made from perfecting injustice as a way to normalise the necessary lack of suffrage. Your failure makes me feel really very good.

Oh, and one last thing ... I'm no Communist, you tosser, I openly value all my property.


item #5021

You offer such a pale ride. I had no previous idea you were looking to my camera for something simplistically knowable. That's a bit tricky, especially after the extreme directions you tend to favour these days. So, I ask myself, how do I feel, being reduced like that? You might tell me when to smile, when to look serious and so on, but I need something more instant but still with meaning. I see nothing truly memorable in anything you've written down for me. I know that sounds somewhat harsh, but can you just clear your mind? Here's what I'd like you to do... That is if you are actually serious and wish to continue... I mean nothing underhand with this, but the two people you introduced me to, well they are wonderful, so open. You do not know, but we are now very good friends, and we meet often. I wonder if that bothers you? You like to control such things, and you think you do, don't you? But, I'm here to tell you that people just get on with things behind your back and under your nose, and we don't even feel guilty about it. Maybe here we have a situation. You tell me. But I won't be lectured to. Just remember that. You're on the slide, not what you were. Be sensible. I can help you with things, but on my terms. Fuck all the emotional pageantry, OK? Otherwise, we'll all cut the knot.

item #9040

Mainly think I made the mistake of asking Claire outright, questioning her altogether, as she was really just thrown into more curiosity which wasn't then satisfied. That ended badly. I thought it tremendously silly of me, shortsighted. So, Claire, if you're reading this - really sorry. Anyway, this is just the way I sometimes am. It was better with Margaret. And she's usually treacherous. Just to say, M, your essay on St. Augustine has associations I don't recognise. That's a real worry. I wish I had time to stress this better, but I'm between the devil and the deep blue sea here, and my recent encounter with, let's call it, the British Empire, has knocked me for six. The dispute wasn't really between certain familial factors as you were probably led to believe. No, I was on the side of something altogether more vivid. Your work avoids all this. That guy threw me only with his hatred, or at least key aspects and key persons of that ilk. I was unconcerned with the depth and sway of his supposed temporal power - he was, of course, absolutely on time; in fact, I recognised his assertions where necessary. Does that help? Can you let me know? Tomorrow will be too late.


Thursday, December 18, 2008

item #8031

hi i'm known as risky. at least my counsellor thinks i am. all she can say for certain is i am about forty-seven and a nice person. i know myself to be sensitive, considerate, and straight / normal / confident in public to begin with. you may articulate this differently, i realise, you being more tactile and inverted. sarcasm! lol i stress this in conjunction with other things which i'll say if we develop a relationship, as i do not want to offend anyone anymore. i am happy to stay undecided occasionally. i do not date, so please don't ask. no i'm not flirting! i like flowers, the cinema, the seaside, numbers, going out, chatrooms, good food. was on here previously. thanks x

item #6921


My kind grows on trees. I seek to be receptive. Let that be convenient for you.

Chat soon...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

item #4048

The world contains the secrets of the universe. I am a teacher of this, and my teachings explain, in ever-greater complexity - of material and of method - the purpose of the void itself. I aim to demonstrate its navigations of terrain and the order of its pithy removals, by way of assembling a precise audit of every form of pain and suffering. Where necessary, I am staging exact reconstructions; all filmed and recorded. So far, I have taught every human being who is born. The potential for greatness is therefore enhanced. I am one for activating that potential. My purpose is to bring clarity via understanding. I am seeking to erase my own death.

Thanks for listening.


item #9559

last night i said she was going to her nieces and she did so i was right all along even though everyone said i wasnt. i have the presents of mind as they say but that doesnt help the situation as far as i am concerned because no one listens and no one can. i tell them off so they get the message but they never really get the message so why bother as i often say to them. personally i would have alternatively liked to have a proper discussion about the whole idea of where to go and when and with who but its not something anyone of them wants of me to do. i don't know whether giving into them will stop me climbing the walls. 9 months ago i still had time but thats all wrong now as i didnot realise then what would happen now so i couldnot plan for it of course. not that i have ever really thorght that thru. but nevermind. work in abit. my boss hates me but i think thats the way it goes i tell him to much to often and he feels like i threatned him. i have to admit i cut him dead before we left yesterday so i suppose he might be thinking about that when i arrive back later on. hes a the man so what do i expect. i am sure the feeling is mutual. so i'll get him to talk about forgiveness at this time of year. i get past disgust, so i go for the least i can do so it means i can sleep without tossing it over in my head at night when i should be thinking about my self instead of him and what he thinks is important. on monday i want to spend time going over what we will do. i just can't get the fact that she told me lies out of my head.

Will 2009 be any different to 2008.

Monday, December 15, 2008

item #8457

Dear Graham SE (mid30s). Alright, then; I'll try to explain once again. But this is really none of your damn business. So this is the last time. OK? After this, I block you. Go bother someone else. (How'd you get my email anyway?)

I am inter-sexed but without confusion. I am informed by professionals that I am self-evident. But I've reached the point where everything I want to keep is changing and everything I want to change is becoming evermore fixed. I've started formulating my own views about my body because of this, and I am sick of expecting others to do that for me. My voice now changes most things. I am besides all that mature enough, and into my womanhood. Of course, I have replaced some things with others sufficient for a woman. I am still breathing, though. So no harm done.


item #0792

I live in a village within a large city, wreathed in the commemorations of others. Different regimes commemorate differently. I accept that. You fought for war. I did not. Because of this, I will walk upon your early grave. For my own part, I am a scientist. This morning, I was a participant in a professional discussion. We all had unusual expectations. I stuck out as a kind of behaviourist; because I believe, briefly, that imagination cannot adequately work out the recognitions with which we franchise the future. Imagining, that is to say, is a kind of Modernity, a kind of fantasy; necessarily utopian in so being. I do feel other methodologies are suspect on this issue; but, really, I am no detective. Our discussion drifted towards an experiment on an animal; during which we sought to desensitise this subject - partly with confrontation, and our own strong feelings. It was held firmly from both sides, until responses emerged. One of us closed its eyes down, freeing it temporarily. The experiment was way ahead. No general problems emerged.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

item #0094

we got home did something above my head. yr so crossed and tied. together i hate you around here. i asked couldnt i excercize? why not it was about fun and i liked you as a warm up toy. the camera never lies you know. you,r no different. maybe you was satisfied. but i ly on the bottom and i,m sic of it. my breasts was enough fun for you before but not now. i see you released everything. fine. o thanks for the considrations. i,m away, i was not free. to many times just kitchen slave. sic of that as well. u wont convert me again. this is what it sounds like.. fuck off

item #1818

Dearest Rachel, Six years ago, I remember feeling you were impossible. I was so overwhelmed inside opposing directions in our relationship and I could not adapt, or try to understand, that I remember feeling that I was somehow very worthless, or empty. It has taken me to realise that I don't have everything in reality. I have limits both sometimes and often. There is a point to some space, some support, to find my feet again (a chance to find proverbially I was standing a lot steadier on my feet). I'm against calling this a starting point. So I won't. Although I know I will always try. Can you send that email you sent which I've lost about physical limitations? It's an example of the long periods where we just talked. Can you generally account for all mine? Perhaps I have you saturated. There's no real point yet. Perhaps the point is still ahead, or perhaps just slightly ahead. Remember I'm always here. James

Monday, December 08, 2008

item #0752

Left just after 12.30. I forgot all about the earlier emergency. So no problem. Thanks for ringing. That was kind of you. You probably don't realise but when I finished getting secure I sounded out the person responsible. She hadn't been searching and had lost track of time. So I said OK and left it at that. I averted a potential disaster I think. It could have been worse I suppose. I hate weekends. Unfortunately I am still on holiday - something obviously designed to trap me. Come Monday though and I will return to those magical destinations you have listed for me. I'm working through them alphabetically. Are you pleased? Last time I was pampered by a bunch of very poor people. It was fantastic, worth all the effort. I took names and addresses, like you asked me to. I think I earn my money. I hope we can chat later. Take care. x

item #9693

Please i am into being to learn xxx I am NOT interested in someone who likes to remain right.
I am nothing better. I am played with. UK only

Thursday, December 04, 2008

item #8402

To everyone who's messaged me since Saturday.

Sorry but I don't get all these categories and definitions. There are people I think I understand, then it all vanishes. Maybe I'm just faking what I don't want, even the anger? I don't like the idea of switching off, but I will if you keep urging me to. How the hell do I open all these emails? I'm one person. That covers everything. Like you, I make guesses about the ultimate, about the kinds of relationships I can't muster, and about the nature of that kind of mal-attraction. No, not science, you dummies! History! Why categorise further, is all I'm saying? Put your sharpened sticks away, you cretins. Your aggression just seems underdeveloped, anti-friendship. But then, as David, Mids (47) said I'm not into relationships, apparently, so what do I know?! Dear God.

Cathy, South West

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

item #0490

Julie please organise your decisions before you pass them my way. Sorry to repeat myself. But please disguise your discomfort - then go hide in the box. It's important. In my bedroom there's a delivery. That's four in a row darling. You can organise the next one! You talk another language. Agreed. But My own latest character trait is ability and I'm going to change a little more. Why be self-serving? I know too many examples as it is. A few years ago a school friend became a father for the first time. He sent pictures of his partner to me. I dislike that kind of generation, causing a scene. Julie do you remember his military comparisons? Such formulations. Sickening. At first I thought it was official, and he loved that. Errors in others. Now though I'm into something lifelong, quiet unexpectedly continuous. I get so nuclear. I'm driving home with all that going on. George x

item #1327

Dear Christina, I confess, sweetheart, at bottom, I've got nothing but popularism and its array of addictions and mock-discoveries. Everything is about sex with me, as you know; gender, I mean. I demarcate. You know that. All my many additions formalise a kind of pure escapism. Substitutions literally obsess me, and it's getting worse. It's not very important - or in any way a redeeming factor, and, really, I cannot put my finger on the real reasons - but all I know is I am being remotely tamed. I hear clicking in my head most days; maybe the tiny bones in my ears, working loose; but I think the sound comes from outside. I can visualise you looking slightly amused at my diagnosis. But, last night, I hooked you as you slept. I brained you an enigma; almost devouring you. You have too much intelligence, and it gives you an intoxicating, sublime, non-idiomatic equality. So I leaned over you. I know I am inebriated, and I've lost count of the gestures I've failed to action. Still, I lost my sobriety in order to convincingly forgive you. Because of that decision, the longer I spend with the commonplace - and its sudden intolerances - the more I can bare to think of one thing at a time. Nothing else makes me happy. I used to believe in making adjustments. But now I am content to hold off on those earlier schemes. Carrot, stick ... there's no difference. With love, Rachel x