Tuesday, October 30, 2007

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UK House and car owner seeking couples [wife] or group [more] to time as you wish. Financial or Domestic [fully], and willing for benefits of Extreme. loyal. not just anyone - but new. From the very first meeting I can re-locate including Europe or USA.

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Time to find me... If I am, it will be because I am... at home.

I don't do cam. I don't do pics. My location is irrelevant.

Ok. I am 5'11", dark hair, blue eyes, curvaceous, a multiple.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

canopy i feel

daylight. to give.

shape. goes sunset.

Friday, October 19, 2007

in response to below was emailed...

Hello Craig

Anthony (bass etc.), murmurists, here.

Thanks for reviewing our Closed Captioned show of 12th October, with such expressive, open writing. Glad you enjoyed the evening; we did, too. Best of all, we felt, was the atmosphere; with, as you pointed out, the shifting audience, of performers and punters alike, being respectful of and open-minded about all the work on offer. We're from out of town - Bill and Dave still living in the North West, and me being relatively new to Northampton - and it was nice to feel part of things; as opposed to seeing several self-interested ghettos, which is too often the case with gigs. Dan worked hard to put an evening together which was entertaining and which made sense artistically. He's a good guy.

Just to say ... our set was in fact completely improvised, not a composition of any kind. We met up on the Wednesday. Bill (keys etc.) had never played live before, and would actually class himself as a fine artist, a painter to be precise, who makes 'noise', or soundart. Dave and I last played together in April 2005, at the Sonorities festival, Belfast Queens University, again improvising live.

Most people we spoke to after our performance thought what we did was one long composition. Our 'fault' - as we should have announced prior to playing that we are an improv band. That's an interesting issue in its own right, of course: the object created is still what it is, but the intention behind it is different, even opposed; which is likely to frame how one, as part of the audience, views, judges, and understands that object.

Obviously, you yourself, on balance, enjoyed what we made. Would it have been different if the improvisation factor had been foregrounded? Plus, would knowing these facts about the gestation of what murmurists created - in particular Bill's first gig, Dave and I not playing together for two-and-a-half years - make one more sympathetic to the music heard, thus changing the object itself?

Anyway, thanks again, and good luck with your writing. Are you perhaps studying journalism at university?

Best wishes,


Review of 12th October 2007

Tonight took me a bit further afield than usual, a short fifteen minute train ride and it's over to Northampton though to be more specific, the “Wedgewood”. Downstairs we have a very standard affair for the Kerrang! reading youth with all the obvious tunes on and posters adorning the walls. On the other hand, upstairs is claimed by Closed Captioned and we start to get more arty with what's going on, a line-up of bands with a film preceding them, it's a brave step to go into the more alternative and thoughtful scene, something that CC specialise in. After a bit of waiting and a couple of technical hitches, we're treated to a screening of a movie titled “Valhalla”. A dialogue driven piece based partially on samurai films like that of Akira Kurosawa, though set in the modern times around Milton Keynes (you may recognize some spots like Campbell Park). Without giving too much away, let's just say that it features the growth of a youth into a warrior, the fighting spirit and a philosophical look at what violence does to change someone. It wasn't too long, but I enjoyed it and everyone seemed to respect it as an artistic achievement. The Duke of Zuke is the source of the soundtrack for “Valhalla” and is also opening up the set tonight, and I'm quite thrown back by what I see and hear. On the outside we see one guy with a shitload of pedals and other equipment, but with me being a fan of the traditional far east I'm pretty much taken in by the tunes that develop. Starting with a slide on a string for some wailing tremolo effect and the same again with spanners and looping, it sets the scene for a lot of other leads and effects to be added and faded out ever so subtly. It doesn't stop there though, as further into the set we see far more being used to create the soundscapes, still sticking to an eastern theme but adding some slow techno beats and adding some edgy distorted guitar that fits in more comfortably with the Fortissimo style. As the track goes on, the drums are faded out as synths come in and the guitar work develops even more. And then that's about it, after two lengthy tracks, the Duke walks offstage and we are left wondering how versatile a guitar can be and that you don't need a full lineup to make a big impact. The Murmurists, a seasoned triad of prog rockers are next onto the set, with a mix of large bombastic sounds. I guess that looking on the whole thing at first, the music can sound a bit dated but it doesn't really work against the band that badly, even suiting them in a way. Altogether there's sounds similar to Rush, Planet X and Orbital sweeping around, the emphasis of a technology playing a fair part too the guys using laptops as much as a bass and keys and pedals creating a plethora of shifting sounds. It's not until late that it hits you that the set is one massive musical project, it is truly on quite a grand scale when considering the concentration, and planning that has gone into making their piece of musical sci-fi art. When the set is finished, the first thing to come to mind is “there is no way someone can take in everything”, and that's probably the key to The Murmurists' set. The sheer size and length of their sound coupled with the visualizations makes the whole thing so mind boggling that you would hear it in one way at first, but you will probably hear something else the second time. After some time of setting up, we have Thrulk come to the fore looking a bit like a jam band, forming a circle with keyboards and a drumkit. The setup is once again a three-piece, although Thrulk have a very different direction. “Bath Ducks”, their first song for example, starting off with fun beats and keys going all over the shop, then a while later you realise that sharp, edgy guitar line wasn't there, or even the fact that the music now sounds like something from a thriller movie. Then you have “Beef”that starts off with some fat guitar then drops into a digital minefield that ends up sounding like a Mega Drive gone gloriously haywire. There are changes that are subtle and many more that are sharp, it's like an idea struck and the song changes completely. Later on for the last track we see the guys switch keyboards and a shifty, martial-ish beat strikes up before more of those keys and synths enter. A massive decaying ensemble that has 8-bit beeps, pitch shifting and all manner of scales becoming more and more commonplace. It's very hard to describe sound as a genre, sure, there are rock elements with the guitars and drums, but the main melodies are from those keys and then you have a good few other styles to match in. To put it in a simple anecdote, Thrulk put their ingredients in a hypothetical blender of ideas and come up with groovy smoothie that will put a smile on your face. Looking back, I'd have to say that the whole gig was quite thought provoking, maybe even inspiring. I'm sitting on the last train to MK and all I can think of is if I can write, or encapsulate the night with such detailed sounds coming from all the bands. To just call all the bands progressive doesn't do it, neither does saying that Duke of Zuke created layers of eastern promise, that The Murmurers created an audio-visual landscape or that Thrulk were like a cross of Wolfmother and Mr Scruff. And maybe that's what prog is about, to challenge your ideas, your mind and ultimately your words...

Craig \m/

The Duke Of Zuke on Myspace
The Murmurists on Myspace
Thrulk on Myspace

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

item #1929

One more ray of hell, a MUST, so perfect....

I am somewhere, to adore madly. So I give boxes, showing my loves and hates. Life is often about following. If you lack enthusiasm for this or are shocked that I can think such a thing, then move on please, we are not compatible.

I’ve just relocated to the country. Nearest neighbours miles away. I've earned it. It's my time now.

I won’t fuck on a first date.

If you'd like to talk more, message me. Honesty from the start ok?

item #0059

Hi, fitin2u, 30 something female, mixed, 5'6, professional. Seeks friends only, UK only.

I am not homesick. I keep getting messages asking me if I realise this. I truly don't think I am what anyone needs. I just survey you.

PS. 5:36 PM: We are oceans apart.
PS. 9:45:PM: Fixer not fixed
PS. 9:49 PM: A random, unknown mankind writes itself out

I'm here because it is necessary...

Monday, October 15, 2007

item #9320

Hi. We are he-people. We give so often and so visibly to society; loudly influencing, in order to both mediate and stimulate our needs, within and by means of services and byproducts. We are gatherers. Within the rat race, we gather with purpose. Elsewhere, we put upon people; backing them into corners, to suffer tailor-made boredoms within environments called home. 'Eekk, a house!', they shriek. They consume our blandest meals, in pre-prepared situations of our choosing. Down down, we impassively absorb needs created within us during fits and starts. We get more modern by the hour; more ergonomic by the moment. For sure, we are designers. We do what do we do as transference. Similarly, we require attention away from the ambit of culture. Everything must be crushed. Society is not about individualism. Why? ...Because, it's challenges are uniform, passive. Accepting this will lead to arrangements ;)

Sunday, October 14, 2007

murmurists, 12th October 2007

sit up straight

In Europe, the human hand, upside-down

Max Ernst mixed grill

variae lectiones. is. isn't.

remarks by volume.

item #8921

Once again, Ma'am, thank you for your exceptions.

Coruscating ante-detail awaits, clearly. Please know that I travel as I type. My corrody is spent... sans geophilia, sans geophilian. All is inchscape.

True, ownership is a detonator; as you have convincingly outlined. Such tokens are, though, irredeemable, I am informed. They are paper money. Your lil'one banks differently, at present; but hopes for intervening rituals before her ship comes into you.

For you, I plateasm, I lordosi ...easily.

This is an old yield. It is executive. No timid notion. I am unfixed. Today, I tighten all learning curves, in tribute to our love, Fiducia.

Is that okay, please?

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

item #8037

It's over. 27 years. Even the toughest specialise in the end. I feel aggressive. I feel uninvolved. In my mind, science is the most effective way of bringing down the government. The most difficult thing , though, is who to worship after that. Such a move demands a blind following. If you are interested, I can be found on Yahoo under the same name. Better to chat there. More reliable. Message soon. Thanks.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

item #0029

Notice my profile with interest or pass-by, please. I contain interest. For example, I consider doubt to be a mere side-effect. I campaign using, what I call, mean-whatevering. In a similar way, I pale significance without guarantee. I can do these, though, without touching a hair on your pretty head. I can, in other words, experience reality with additions.

Read on...

Currently, I alphabetise anyone with potential. Others fade, meanwhile. For all their incessant pestering, I see only brands of vacancy.

Yes, yes... My profile displays a reduced mother nature, you might say. I don't need, though; I simply want.

OK. Due to illness, I can no longer fit through your open doors. However, I can provide photos, refs, etc.

Speak soon.