Friday, June 27, 2008


Lovely stuff, * - as I would expect. A vie for more half-lit edges (where hybrids and freedom have a chance). This time the twilight in question is that between notional eyes open and notional eyes unopen... fuzzy-esque; a Kosko-fuzz; but sleepy; the drowse; the drift; a world of interpenetrations. This is still more becoming, more becomingness. One meaning of 'becoming' in English - as you may know - is attractive: one can be 'becoming', therefore; which allows the phrase, the conflation, 'be becoming'. Another alternative to attractive is 'fetching': thereby suggesting 'bringing becoming'. So, let's be adjectival - and make objects therein and thereby; replacing the faux fixity of that clatter of nouns we get force-fed each day. Surely, anyway, the wanderings of Situationist psycho-geography were themselves somnambulistic in important part. Let's you and me use a map of, say, Berlin to find our way around Cardiff. Let's insinuate Berlin upon Cardiff.

Here, I must quote my own '...rudderless mercations upon some contour of Borges...'.

All the best,

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

item #0018

Under my own wreath, I say 'nothing is wholly true'. Continuity goes to ground, overtly entire, within the precisions of dominators. Heterosex is compatible only with this hateful reconciliation. It is, and has always been, patently obvious to me that context dedicates choice. Consider the benefits of knowing this: preternatural curtailments, minority appeal (in ether), out-cohering all and sundry, default feminist. No, I am not an anarchist. I believe in hierarchy. That said, I do distinguish between the unworkable melodramas of oppression and those derived from systematic negotiated desire. I think most people have potential to excel in the latter.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Attenuated Quang Duc, Cafe Abdab, 2008

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

item #2113

At E.P. Thompson's grave, I write...

Habermassing, Red Maus says, "Sirs, I refer you to previous responses; during which fraction begets faction," adding, "dot dot effing dot." He / she / it is, however, nine timed negations late. Thus replete, Maus thinks: such is following; such is difference; (whilst asking) surely, proportion interprets norm, ergo anon., just as hostile formal sanctions increase rates of contribution?

Monday, June 02, 2008

item #9911

Darling, I occur once in your signifying chain. Your elaborations correlate me; necessarily locating both my unconscious and what is known about it. From it, I impel. More exactly, I stalk your realm of experience, inaugurating imaginary lines and intimate manifestos; simultaneously one-dimensional, intentioned, and maintained. Darling, I seek to represent essence using materials I can work with. As such, on your behalf, I seek to bind and orientate you. I realise, of course, the importance of specifications, and the effect I have in so doing upon the subjects of our love. Your foreclosures turn my head; you know that; and I cannot convincingly appropriate your emphasises. I am lavished upon in vain, darling. I admit I am only too willing to abstract and to generalise - phenomena, particles, anything. In our work, darling, I remain broken up, artificial.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

item #0011

Hey, malicious (in assignee). You are ditto consequentia (for money in; as for 'something', fuq). Hey, causationist - being just the type to remedy me, you, they, etc. - you are lost in judgment. Meanwhile, violators act plural, scrawny, guttering-along; all the while, excellently performing. Only the purse-strings are recoverable, I volunteer. I, like you, am superimposed . Whereas, boys, she finds immediate contact and exceeds expectations, vast and victim-meaningless. "Haem of money," she says, "is an adjective amount." (I swoon; I pluralise; gsoh.)