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evagatory-wise, with feeling, as blues

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paper church

carl sagan leaves negativland


Sonorities, Belfast, 2005

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no situation


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adorno, mignon, Belfast, 2005

adorno, 2004

audition fodder

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porno adorno, 2005

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those idiorhythms

Cheers Tim - nice to hear from you again, and glad you seem happy, with things planned for 2006. Good luck with those; hope excitement ensues. The biggest part of being an artist, to my mind, is getting organised; channelling artworks and ideas in such a way as to be useable, distributable, exhibitable, performable. Great if one has a good, worthwhile concept/idea which has merit and stamina enough to be a lengthy, ongoing concern. That's how layers of meaning are added and how sophistication is achieved, in my experience. Any day, one wakes up with this or that idea - hopefully! But it's making that idea into some kind of object which is the real challenge, I believe. What I take from your rubric, 'Cementimental' - in conflating, what seems to be, cement and sentimental - is a notion, in the first instance, of permanence, concrete, and, in the second, in referencing something perhaps ironically (the untouchable, tainted sentimentalism!) is something stray, dadaistic, comedic. Am I close? I detect in these a kind of black comedy - my favourite hybrid, a concept with real legs, too. I'm drawn to these things personally: Paul McCarthy, Chris Morris, Gilbert and George. These types influence my music-making more than musicians; and I think music is a little short on the kind of depth of concept one finds readily in art and the theories and commentaries which surround it. Maybe too much of music is concerned with practicalities, technique. Musicians, I feel - and look at the evidence! - don't seem to do as much reading around the subject as artists; music is supposed to be more about intuition, feel, process. Whilst I want to retain and hone these elements 100%, I like to deepen what I do as a musician by exposing myself to ideas from elsewhere in the arts, social theory, philosophy, history, politics, et al. Why not? It's all information. For me, it is surrealism which lends itself perfectly to this melting pot ethos; especially surrealism inflected with humour, and more especially black humour. Gallows humour, I prefer to think of it; that ups the ante, in mocking a life and death situation, something apocalyptic, laughing as the nuke falls on my fucking head! I'll dance on my own grave! Morris' 'Jam' has that; 'The World of Gilbert and George' film, too; as does McCarthy's disgusting scat-inflected performances, using ketchup, chocolate! These are perfectly sane and appropriate reactions, given the insanity and cruelty of the supposed straight world, don't you think?! The Dadaists knew that, and nothing has changed: they are still killing one another, still exploiting the weak, vulnerable, and stupid. There still is a world war, and art is my neutral Switzerland! So, let's form a good army! Let's piss the mainstreamites off with our unwillingness to be weak, venal, and immoral. In that sense, this whole message could be rephrased, abridged as 'I like peripheral stuff, you like peripheral stuff, let's share that a bit as part of our 2006 and make something happen which wouldn't have happened otherwise'. That's the cement of the object itself, and the sentimentality and romanticism of being mad enough to want to make art in the first place. Viva! Have a lovely Christmas, Tim. Keep in touch. Best wishes, Anthony----- Original Message ----- From: "tim*" <*>To: "Anthony Donovan" <>Sent: Thursday, December 22, 2005 11:41 PMSubject: Re: mail art AND circuitbending!> Hi!>>> out the interpolating scheme you used in your reply!> haha, oopps! :) Did it come out as you posted on the> blog? Coz that;s more mangled than it looked at this> end! :) There should be some returns hopefulllyyy in> this message!?>>> perhaps more exactly, one of Burroughs' cut-ups. I'm> Hehe, thanks... Yeah I like replying this way, saves> me having to conceptualise the whole message I'm> replying to! :) Which is probably not a good thing> really.>>> McCarthy is in your general>> art orbit. If not, cheek him out.> Yeah, will take a look... vaguely aware of his> stuff...>>> at though. There are> Nice! I'll post commments some time!!>> Got the track you emailed, thanks, good stuff!!>>> there in the world. So, that is the plan: to hook up>> with like-minded others>> in this part of England; get something going. I'm> YEah, sounds good! I need to get on with this kind of> stuff here in London too... somewhat disconnected from> things at the moment..>>> more about what you and your group get up to. Gigs?>> Exhibitions? I harbour> Yeah, we have gigs, but very sporadically!... need to> orchestrate lots more sooon!!! Harbinger Sound here in> the capitol are doing some noise gigs in the coming> year... there's gonna be an all day noise fest in Feb> tho the bill is full so I won't be playing then... but> have been in touch with them + hopefully may be able> to get in on other things they organise... No> exhibitions yet but reaally should! There's plenty of> opportunity to exibit things in various places in> london, I need to apply myself basically... actually> create somehting to exhibit would help too! :) I've> got numerous vague notions for installations... but> nothing fully formed or high-concept. I shouldn't> allow this to stop me really; i like the idea of> exibitions/installations as cluttered as my site,> jumble sale style art... loads of junk piled up in the> gallery!>> I once dreamed that I was at a mail art exhibition,> can't remmeber much but one artwork was a snooker> table with a huge heap of 2p coins on it...>>> pooling of resources! - a>> kind of peripheralists' black economy. Give the> Definitely!! Hopefullly we can collaborate in some> capacityy!>> One of my new year resolutions will be to add some> semblence of an online store to the cementimental> site, to sell/trade CDs but also make art-object> merchendice, odd homemade junk stuffff... been meaning> to get/make small screen printing setup to make more> fancy CD artwork and print nonsense on garments!>> Anywayy, thanks again for getting in touch, always> cool to communicate with like-minded folks!!>> I'll be away from the internet from tomoorow, so if I> don't email again before, have a great christmas and> new yeaR!>> Tim Drage -> Animator, Noisician, Surrealist>> Spite Your Face Productions - animation>>> Cementimental - noise + music>>>>> ___________________________________________________________> NEW Yahoo! 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Lee Lifeson-Peart, Attic, 2005

bed and breakfast

latter days


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factory where I work

Lovely to hear from you again Robbo mate. Thanks for kind remarks, too. Wish * all the best from me. He's really suffered, and I feel for him; though he was a semi-dubious character years ago, I think he's grown up into a nice lad. He might cut down on the fried eggs now. Yeh, I deduce that * is in charge of a loader team, then; since you and * both have to listen to his stuttering gibberish at 10 each shift. I can't emphasise enough how seriously-untrustworthy and immoral he is. He's a racist, too; you must have heard that. I doubt he'll mess with you, though. You've been there too long, and look like you'd stand up to him, and there's the union connection now, also. But never confide in him, or ask him a favour. He's a weak, dickless little fuckwit. As I said, he escaped me going to head office only because I had enough to deal with moving here and because my oldcomputer died and took my letters about him with it. You can tell him from me he's a creep; and tell him why he got off with his ugly, cretinous behaviour and lies. I'd rather you ran over his shiny bald head, though; or injected him with a cold-resistant strain of MRSA. I bear grudges as you can see! Massive well done on passing union exams, mate. Be a good Marxist. Be a different union official. Be in it for the common good, mate. That'll shit them; if you don't settle for an easy life, and can't be bought. They will hate that and they will fear you, because they won't be able to understand what motivates you. Walk tall, mate. Dignity is everything. You achieved a lot getting rid of *; doing everyone a big favour, removing one dirty little scab racist, making the warehouse smell a little better in doing so. I admire the way you stuck to your guns, mate. It's something of a pity that I am still not there, helping you; together we'd put the shite up the wank management. Fight the power, Mr Robinson. Anger IS an energy. Best wishes, and lots of luck for 2006 - in all things. Your mate, Anthony----- Original Message ----- From: "*" <*>To: <>Sent: Wednesday, December 21, 2005 7:46 PMSubject: *> Hello Ant and family'> thank you for your fantastic reply mate you have not lost that sharp > humour kid. Im over the moon that Annie and you are making a go of things > , we all need some one some times and if any one should enjoy life to the > full then im glad its you.> Well done ,the decorating has finished just before christmas , now you > can relax and enjoy things as you should do.> Just to let you know what has been going on @ work mate = big man * > went into hospital to have his verrecousse viens removed from his leg > (sorry about spelling) and they kept him in overnight * , > because of his blood pr was to high. And you was on about * the > twat well he is my team captain now worse luck so ill watch my self with > that one kid. i am happy to say i have finished my stage one T.U.reps > course , so let me at them.> Well any way have a great christmas mate all of you and ill contact you > over the new year to say hello and wish you the best. > *.>> _________________________________________________________________> Are you using the latest version of MSN Messenger? Download MSN Messenger > 7.5 today!>>>> -- > No virus found in this incoming message.> Checked by AVG Free Edition.> Version: 7.1.371 / Virus Database: 267.14.2/208 - Release Date: 20/12/2005

goya device

Mignon, Adorno, Bjorknutrino

agravicia, pataphyszzzz

said-system, nuanced, like mellotron

Hello Tim - thanks for getting back to me. Took me a little while to suss out the interpolating scheme you used in your reply! - using my questions/statements as prompts for your answers/statements in return! Great jumble! Reads like a Peter Reading poem or Surrealist Automatic Writing or, perhaps more exactly, one of Burroughs' cut-ups. I'm hoping you get these references as I namedrop, obviously! It was nice to stumble across a clutch of activity such as yours; very often my mad researches have fallen on stony ground, but I had a good night last night. Nice that you are in London, too. I was there with my wife on Monday - attempting to see the Paul McCarthy show at the Whitechapel; but shut Monday! Bah! I should've realised: Monday can be dodgy for gallery opening! Again, hope McCarthy is in your general art orbit. If not, check him out. I haven't actually got any soundart/improv on the Internet. You can see my visuals and some text/prose at though. There are 100s of images/posts - check out the archives for October and November, also. Let me know what you think, too, please. I can send you some noise stuff by email, and will do! I'm new to Northampton - moved here in May from the North West. Not the most inspiring place, Northampton; but I am hooking up with local improv-kind, artists, film-makers etc. I left a semi-thriving community of creative friends behind in the NW, and I miss the intellectual banter face-to-face; not least I miss playing soundart/music. Cyber is ok; but I like the social power and interest of a real community, making a din, and getting it out there in the world. So, that is the plan: to hook up with like-minded others in this part of England; get something going. I'm experienced - playing bass, guitars, electronics, keys, programming, laptronics, artist, composer, writer - and am, moreover, hungry to make art here, too. I'd love to hear more about what you and your group get up to. Gigs? Exhibitions? I harbour dreams of fraternity for us peripherals! Bit of pooling of resources! - a kind of peripheralists' black economy. Give the effing mainstream a run for its money! Sure enough there's a scene out there - a diaspora mostly, but a scene nonetheless. Life is too easily bland, day-to-day; peripheralists need peripheralist excitement, a good time! So, in that sense, it is great to know that you have an interesting and workable concept there, and that you are having fun with it, making a contribtion, and getting the result out there in the world. Who can ask for more? Hope to hear from you soon. Best wishes, Anthony ----- Original Message ----- From: "tim drage" <*> To: "Anthony Donovan" <> Sent: Wednesday, December 21, 2005 12:35 AM Subject: Re: mail art AND circuitbending! > Hi, thanks for emailing!!> >> Great site - disorganised yes, but happily so, to my> Thanks! GLad you like. Yeah, that's how I like> websites to be, so pleased you appreciate! :) I need> to do some updating soon... make it in some ways more> navigable but in others more filled with labyrinthine> content! :) Also I belive (as far as I can tell from> filedate archaeology) 2006 is the 10th anniversary of> my web presence generally, which is kind of> terrifying. I'll celebrate by actually uploading the> rest of the first few pages I ever made a decade ago> and never finished!!!! That's some procrastination,> even by my standards! ^_^> >> place! These days, it is improv and electronica I>> personally prowl; but 1994 to 2002, I was an avid> Cool! My height of mail art was at college,> 1997-2000... After that I kind of petered out> somewhat. I'm sure I'll get back into it one way or> another some day, but for now internet and noise/music> has taken over.> >> legitimate PhD in Mail Art from a real university! > Nice!> >> know Michael Leigh very well - got lots of his stuff>> in my archive. A really nice fella.> Yeah, he is indeed. Ah, I should send him some stuff,> haven;t for a while! I guess you are probably aware of> his blog, but just in case ->> >> this big wide world may I ask? > I'm in London, but only just! :) ie Harrow. Lived in> Newport for 7 years (which is too long to be in> Newport!) during college and after. Originally from> Newcastle + Northumberland.> > What do you do circuitbending/electronics-wise? Any> stuff online I could check out?> > Would be cool to maybe trade CDs at some point if> you're interested... I need to get round to making> more copies tho, so might take a little while.> > Bye for now,> all the best!> > Tim Drage - > Animator, Noisician, Surrealist> > Spite Your Face Productions - animation>> > Cementimental - noise+music>>>> > _______________________> To help you stay safe secure online, we've developed the all new Yahoo! Security Centre.> > > -- > No virus found in this incoming message.> Checked by AVG Free Edition.> Version: 7.1.371 / Virus Database: 267.14.2/208 - Release Date: 20/12/2005

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porno adorno, 2005

intermedian isou

Lydon leaves Zeppelin


vertov's p's & q's

Mignon, Adorno, Classwar Karaoke, 2005

Belfast approached

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unimportant day

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pastorius leaves the pistols

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cum-savvy types praise tippi

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cuneate with his corrigendum

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porno adorno, 2005

maybe/baby-like angiogramatical box of empire

towards a sexual minority

decaf bjorknutrino, 2004

pin-crippled, all-revolving


red undead

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dressing-up box

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a thousands heads

kippenberger's cat

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the neuroectodermalist

as 1954

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copy of copy of items

contemporary wilderness

haemorrhaging ennui

dum dum dum

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alchemical drat; alchemical double-drat

essentialists' agit prop

decaf bjorknutrino as Keith Rowe