Sunday, September 27, 2009

item #6116

We are almost certain / Nearing / Our seeking has found / Gentlemen, your rituals ... we dally about you and for you / Please, we are switchblades, Americans / Here, as apples for your eyes / Perfection is attained for you, though war-like / Our peregrinations ... please, value our sublimity / We inhabit together / Non-negotiable, please, you men /

Thank you.

Marital A & K

item #0002

Alphan capacity, inclined a fortiori toward extremitous, however. A seeper, incredulous. Tell me I'm the fictive one. I know, and I am told, I too influence authorities in mind. Craze me away; as a finishing device, downloaded, nominal. It's no form of natural justice, I realise. Pet theories gather, too bold and too precise. I seek only your body, though. I am about those entrances, merely loitering, but with good intent. Be my love. Be my only love. I insist upon our singularity and all that that might entail. Let's shake a happy fist at God, in irony. Earth is a gallows. Why spit when one can swallow?

You and I, my love ... we are mutual.


Saturday, September 26, 2009

item #0079

I am your iron man. My iron is libidinous in and of itself; it is material. As a separate and separating category of pointing matter, it scratches boundaries onto the reference sheets - paper or otherwise - of both fantasy and reality. Faux of interaction, it plays out, and wears out, a subsistence normality, made from the errors of taboo and the desires expressed by extremity and its liberation. What emerges as apparence reads as repetition seeking the closure of disuse.

Could I, in all this, bring out the ongoing? Could I situate? Where, I ask, is the explorer?


Friday, September 25, 2009

item #6000

About me: I take hormones. I normally wear a stone around my ankle. I am originally English. I tend to struggle with intelligent conversation, as a way of making others feel better. I have my own mind, and it is no-one else's business what it contains. I will say this, however, I am an administer, a recorder of the ill-informed and unconsenting. My role is official. I am registered under names other than my own. My idea of mankind is both obligatory and descriptive. Temples abound; and I see nothing complete without its haven.

item #0049

Progress is mechanical, and begins with God. God drives mathematics. Mathematics drives everything we see, everything we suppose, and everything we will eventually see and suppose. God is all, therefore. Any examination of perceived problems examines God. We, as examiners, are no kind of central point. We are arch; we are, that is, discontinuous and inconsistent. Only God is continuous and consistent. We are one sum of God's applications only. The lines we draw upon one another are nothing but a crude form of integration. One form cancels another. We are the errors of our own work.

an+1/(n + 1)

item #5905

Gerry (44), East Mids, willing to relocate asked me about a previous message I put on here, about experiences I had earlier in my life. I'm not sure what you want clarifying, but ... well, when in public the only thing bringing me back to position is the threat of things getting much worse. I tend to focus on that kind of endurance, and only afterwards do I feel a huge sense of relief that it’s over. I do enjoy the fact that I will soon be in private. I’m only glad that in doing so I openly find this reality romantic. And I cannot remember when I didn't feel the same. Here's an example ... the other day I said that I sounded hardly at all, even down the telephone. I shut my eyes, because I knew I couldn't be seen. That felt good. In my mind's eye I was moving through my pain. I appreciated the fact I could do it. Hope that's ok for you. Troy

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

item #0008

I crave confusion. My dichotomy charts the history of my own labelling as a confuser. Charting this in turn belies the facts as they are generally understood and constituted, towards positions which are at once both mutually exclusive and intrinsic to the differentials I tend to favour. Meanings remain simple. Words, though varied, amount to the same thing. I made this situation, and I am proud of it. I use names which have no power, and I create causes from their weakness and lack of continuity.

This doesn’t help people because it isn't meant to.


Monday, September 21, 2009

item #0026

My real name sounds medical, and the instances of my name elsewhere are similarly physical. To hint at this - or, if you like, to honour it, in language - I have designated certain times where valid insertions are invited and others where more open connections are appropriate. The outside world is stainless in comparison. Exposure is therefore inevitable, so much so that, these days, at 52, I am rounded at the edges, halved, a simulation. It gets less important that I take necessary precautions, but I am not careless, however. Systems change; and we change within them. Carelessness would be inefficient. I will negotiate none of this. Still, I realise my sensations are not without risk. I might just be right for you, though. Think about it before you reject my ideas and move on. This is not mass- production. I can only wait so long.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

item #1119

I have never thought about what is within myself until now. That seems strange I realise. Some of you may not believe me I suppose. But I've recovered from a long illness, and the drugs I was given to help me through that had unexpected side-effects. One thing was I became more self-aware, more self-conscious. It was like a fog had been lifted. Old simplicities fell away. My lifestyle has changed because of all this, and I am seeking different things. I was previously known on here for offering my views of certain issues. I lost interest in those a long time ago, but continued for the sake of others. Now however I am no longer willing to pretend, hoping that others will take my place, just as I intend to replace others in the places that interest me now.

I seek regular meetings and I desire the objects of abuse and power to make sense of these. Weapons will rise about me, as I acquire greater and greater means. My leisure is about obedience, and the traits of my presence will cause discomfort for others by the by. That's a fact. I am only going to deepen things. I am attached, and I care how she feels. Normality cannot happen in a week of course though. Sometimes she doesn't need to know about me in order to share my life. She will change. I'm into contracts. No situation is above that. Any messages here will be treated accordingly.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

item #1817

I long for the end of some sharpened stick. Me physicalises me; but hunching is not enough, it seems. Fearlessness simulates something crucial, and is the only thing I find truly meaningful. This morning, I leaped from some tall building without a scratch. If you mail me here, be expressive - agitate me.

Thoughts only...

Oh, and please attach a photo with your message, otherwise I will not reply.

Ether x

item #8209

i has been told to write in here bcause i let what i did yesterday get to me. well i thought perhaps instead i woud nearly carry on for ages. then she brought me to myself. i was frustrated bcause i was going so badly. in the end i got my just deserved . oli

item #0059

I come with overwhelming questions. My intention, however, is not to take away your right to respond or, indeed, to ask your own of me, or of anyone else via me. I am not making moves upon what we can naturally consider to be inalienable and consensual. I’m no cod confiner; nor am I theorising convenient generalities, to be unfurled later as needed, like dialectical deathtraps, exploding within friends. In listening to me, you are not exclusively connecting my external, demonstrable preferences with your internal desires. You are, though, prompted to make little problems into big ones in order to seem complex and undenied; in order, that is, to appear to be broken, optional, probable. More often than not, we don’t even realise such crimes of territory.


Friday, September 11, 2009

item #0089

Hi. I'm never sure of how to fill these things out. So please bear with me. I'm seeking love I suppose. Hope that doesn't frighten anyone off. I've a few ideas other than that which I can list, but I'm up for most things. OK, once I've agreed to something, you'll be kept in for development. If you retain your attitude you'll learn that that is something to be proud of. Politically you will never bring fulfillment too far to the foreground, and when you're in a natural place you'll be no closer than I am to understanding it or the things that relate to it. The closest you'll feel to me will be when you are unrestrained in your ideals and willing to entertain me upon the peripheries I prefer. All things are caged. All things are cages. I am severe, apart from others, baying out, as you bay out for me. A lifetime is an option I think. Message me if any of this interests you. Andrea Pilling