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item #1903

User Name or Description: Are you (a) City (b) Country? And what Height, Weight, Age? Is there, perhaps, such a thing as Orientation, or, in some related way, Ethnicity? Are you Joined?
I am Venal Female, London, UK, 5'1", 154 lbs, 52, Straight, yet Caucasian. It is 01/28/08. I am
Actively Seeking (Expert) Christianity

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

J.G. Power-Ballard, Cafe Abdab, 2008

girl trumpet. ergo anon.

Popper, conjectures

Saturday, January 26, 2008


Herrschaft Knechtschaft.
Speculative Parallelization.
We often think that we are in charge of a situation.


Friday, January 25, 2008

item #6108

Proposition: I sign in order to Be; that is, I sign in order to signify Being.
This missive is an attempt to explain.

1.1 End-Spirit
Body affirms Earth; ergo, body affirms region. If so, it follows that spiritual development is corporeal development. In other words, get some exercise.
1.2 Philological-End-Spirit
I stress bodily development. Likewise, I stress the eroticisation of this development. Put the ego in pain - or pay the price. Many are offended by this, I know. They lie in gutters of their own making. They work for furniture.
1.3 Their Static Lists Reject You...What Now?
You are offended by your exclusion; yet, it is the making of you and your greatest weapon. Divide further; ruthlessly divide. Make division your means of expression.
1.4 War Eroticises Pain; Peace Eroticises Life
Not so. You are asleep, and no-one is watching over you. Recordings are made of you, but these are immediately erased, with their cases stabbed onto spikes in public places.
1.5 Society? ...At Best, We See Hubs of Personification
We create your reality and your opinions, by importing fantastic places into us. See our fountainheads. For us, you function as the people we are to love.
1.6 A Suspect Human Nature?
Indeed this is so. People tend toward corruption. In light of this, we are authoritarian, in seeing all these tendencies as disconnections from reality. Our abstractions defy testing. Attempt no contrast, please.
1.7 The Universe is Unnatural
You crave the ability to distinguish yourself from this, I know. You merely play at fighting, however.
1.8 Stereotype Your Enemy
You have basic mistrust - which is good; but this needs guidance. Corruption is a science which is itself corruptible. In celebrating this diversity, you fail to impose uniform values. Pure authority, and its attendant hostilities, brings reason to impersonality.
1.9 Impersonality Presumes Uniformity Anew
The virtue of this is direction. History values systems. We favour inquisitions and purges, and evangelise same.


Sharon & Anita x

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item #9529

In answer to your last message.... Your designs have an alluring appeal. Thank you. I am finally in pieces. I agree, any public setting can be transformed into a functional occasion. I include that fact amongst the newest of my inhibitions. I see the same phantoms, yes. Specifically, I see them around lines of machines, double caste, stainless, and available. For them there is no cloying individuality. They are instead exclusive, cold, and processing. Your design is for them a random treatment in place of love. They told me this and I believe them.

I am here for you and for them; but I can only be removed at your discretion. What next, please?

Paul x

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recherché postmodernism
Hysterical realism


Tuesday, January 22, 2008


tɪˈnaɪtəs/ or /ˈtɪnɪtəs/.


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co-dependee how e verifies).

gag of sealight.triste iraq.sic sic sic. sac sac sac.

item #8301

Thank you. This at knife-point...

I sweat, '...Characterful boundlessness; oh, abstract into folds of but but but...'. Digging, I add, ' trope is counterparticular; neither analogue nor homologue but duologue...'. All of this I say despite myself, convinced of the limitation of constancy itself. I am both for and against agreed norms, sic inside. Still sweating, I rub, '...Hell of congruence - all constructs, nominations and identities, mediate your petitions in me...'. And what of principles? Might we magnify social accord itself, perhaps into a list of easy penetrations? All I know is that I am preternatural and obligated. Thanks for the exorcise.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

item #0087

Likes to wear badges, he does; likes to wear t-shirts.

One badge annotates: Stringing (observe participle), or else, that is, properties of different masses get us nowhere fast. lol I happily associate myself here! My family are the four forces of nature. Another badge, wilder, freer, declares: eek! nuclear force! electromagnetism! gravity!

item #0019

Fundamental to physicalists is the notion, elsewhere disputed, that identity is a linguistic construct. Strictly speaking, this has no convincing counterpart; all such offerings being byproducts of unreflexive interiority, or, at best, the nay-sayings of default proclaimers of otherwise. Here, all social accord is conspicuously mismanaged; whilst substance remains woefully under-examined, partial and always denuded. With greater precision in these matters, interchangeability could become a useful practical issue. That said, this is not a debate about orders of magnitude. Indeed, difference for its own sake is beyond us. It is, rather, a debate about technological capacities. Each of these consists of tiny infinities, where man is filament and inessential. Clearly, ideation is superfluous here, and the startling ordinariness of this state of affairs causes preternatural seismic repetition. We are left with no option but to magnify all apparent structures.

Friday, January 18, 2008

item #7491

Becoming offers a series of temporarily unified states. Becoming itself is serial in turn and by extension. Enduring merely offers centuries, decades, years and days. The object is to take a name, as a claim to corporeal formality. Mine is the analogue of a sequence of related numbers settled upon a given territory. Like others, I am essentially liturgical. In short, I am a system of changes, or sleights, around the object of my name. Not all measurements of this kind are relevant or of equal importance. I refuse to rank, however; yet I rank, nonetheless, damned by, guided by, the penetrations of Becoming. Nothing else functions as influence. Additions are not foundations. The sediment is static and sealed. The sediment is Being. The sediment is common. Contemporaneity is purely experiential, existentially consequential; moreover, it is individuated, insofar as innovation itself divides us, both from one another and from ourselves.

item #3300

The King wounds me. I am waiting in line, charged with keeping versions of his story, aping to vary widely.

Examples and their headers

1. I am moving upon his kingdom, to suffer, as he does, his importance and affections.
2. The fertility of his land is a kind of scenic reduction (barren little world, that prompter of travel).
3. Any other land becomes a later version.
4. I wound in turn.
5. He sustains alone.
6. For clarity, I appear as a remainder.

King Crimson not to tour UK...again

This from a murmurists myspace...

2. lol My polemic - as almost always - was meant partly tongue in cheek. But facts are facts. He's an unreconstructed toff, I think; and I think that flawed and childish outlook makes him a flawed and childish man! At bottom, as I spat earlier, he's a businessman - like many of his class. He tries to couch it in quasi-spiritual terms, like some consciousness dreg from the early 70s; but he studiously and aggressively defends his intellectual property. Similarly, all that silly crap about no photographs. He's so humourless. Contrast that with Frith. Fripp is like Paul McCartney - always one eye on the camera. The Frith film is truly amazing, yes; it is utterly free-spirited and authentic. Music comes out of him like breath. He doesn't seem to be able to prevent it - and all with a smile on his face. Frith is a genius, I think; one of a kind. You must check out Death Ambient, if you haven't. I have one CD, Drunken Forest. I'll copy it for you, if you haven't got it. Might have already said. Gotta laugh. A ****

1. Fripp is a bit of a *, in my view; nowhere near as intellectual as he would have us believe and as he thinks himself. He's someone one likes at a pretty formative stage, I think. He's made some great contributions to music as a guitarist, and KC were important. I think he's played the game since the mid-80s, though; in marketing the false idea that he was KC. I think others have had a lot to do with its substance and its success, in fact; most notably Ian McDonald and Adrian Belew; and Wetton/Bruford in their hayday. Similarly, Eno invented Frippertronics, from which soundscapes flowed, too. As a guitarist, he grossly repeats himself - despite all that blather about attention and the music finding the player. Sixth Form metaphysical garbage. No wonder he married Toyah Wilcox. Compared to Fred Frith, he's in short trousers in terms of contribution to the tradition of the instrument. I saw Fripp at the awful G3, doing it for the money, like the toff businessman he really is. I curse him for causing me to see Joe Satriani. What an overrated stodgy blues-bound *. I personally couldn't give a monkeys if I ever see him again. But ho-hum, eh. I love the early stuff, the first Belew phase - though the LPs get worse, I think, and the stuff with Trey Gunn. But like others like, say, Bowie, Fripp takes a heap from the talent around him, and re-markets it as if it is his baby. It isn't and it never was. Unforgivable. He suits America, and the West Coast lifestyle he leads. lol Best wishes!

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Id Vicious, outside Cafe Abdab, 2008

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Decaf Bjorknutrino, Cafe Abdab, 2008

Disney Gombrich, Cafe Abdab, 2008

item #2810

18 Dec steps forward, I move out. At the end, I move out, hopeful, into 'the news'. I am, in their terms, house-a-week, the mover. Later.... Fingers, toes rest crossed until... 'the house move'. Hereabouts, for the cams, I am complete, consecutive, replete, executive. But, inside, I am not looking. I move, instead, to the south, endlessly progressing, defending myself against your offers and agreements. I am waiting for lawyers and their paperwork.


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ye-ye ought. post-hulme. logos. debate.
object really is. blunderstand, er, objectivate.

subject is slight. oft' beat. narrow compare.
science word denotes, for instance, a knowable nowhere.

embolden pure paradigm especialology, anthropology, etc.-ish.
you believe you can don’t believe as you simply wish.

impossible the moment start of anything. you involve.
paradigm:knowledge:paradigm...then, observation, then solve.

even interpret is more. (is possible because?) use becomes clearing.
necessarily you serve in the end. after you aftermath, say, queering.

invalidation terms, well, something. exist consensual. so describe.
we have consensi. albeit base consensi. ways ways ways of the alive.

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3. You phoenix, you carousel

Cr Wrist released my friend's voice. Palpable she looked, as she crossed and elaborated herself, soon to pair. Moments got pieced together; she got pieced together, all mechanical and showing s.duper-id. Cr Wrist reads that, to be a Jew, one reneges, saying, 'I can remember my name'. Meanwhile, onlooking, I trip over the edge, like some nation of Arabian cuts, blasting. The occasion makes it more bearable. Currently, Cr Wrist has nowhere to go. No addition seems reasonable. I'm probably ticking myself; or I'm learning to live with myself as I am.

4. Down fot gravy

ally tex it up ars iv eard.shel do it for kix.til er fela finds out.shez got coupl on go at min. is news. via bev.but kaz told me2.she slut.allways new.told her2er face2.she stole my tony.las yr.hoo-er. evry1 sed im bk now tho i won.shel get her comupnce.allredy talk about.

5. Histo.Materialjism

'...Please, I wish to live. How might I live?' Put Marx through your labia. '...I have Popper(s), ideating on. Any good?'. Hardly; fit only for some alphabet of allegations. Insert Karl into the primal fuzz of your sex. '...I pissed on those men. They paid me. I did it for Communism...'. Yes, yes... But think only now of Marx as dildo, up the arse, round the rear, fretting up, no lube. '...I named my wife, Finland Station...'. On your belly; fold the pamphlet to your face. Do you cross-dress? I mean do you pose in anyway on crosses? '...I tend to, but without warning, and only in red rags as a bull...'. This denotes your starting point. Can you see that? '...I know only that, in posing so, I am baying for blood...'.

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teratophobe in misophiland (part scale)

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item #9481

such wide variety here. such an out and out aspect. nothing appears adverse. (meet my intelligence with openmindedness and a good sense of humour please.) care is more important than any exact fit. i enjoy inclusive occasions in which violence is never part & parcel. i do not wish to have any involvement with activities involving modification of my views. my age is acutely accurate. my pictures are genuine and recent. i expect honesty as a first principle. i hope to hear from you.

item #1098

Hello. Experienced couple, mid 60s, semi-retired, Welsh border area.

We are somewhat off-scenery, in having a keen interest in hind-corporeality. (We can discuss this at a later date.) We are not into the following criteria for illogistical reasons: (1) Accommodation as misunderstanding (2) Physically-safe words (3) Your journey (4) Your equality (5) Your fascinating path.

If you feel you fit the above, please e-mail and we can discuss how to fully understood this message. Please also comment as to how your messages will receive a courteous reply.

Anthea & Anthea

item #0090

hi i cant stop thinking about %**^$£% lol but im not clever enough the chemistry isnt right. on cam i replace vulnerable positions within boundaries. explorer is one of my fantasies. my other is to be secret in public. my partner wont allow me really to email. no exchange is allowed :( recently I have become interested in other things 2. wanna meet?jean (notts)(on yahoo as kittyuk) x

item #5081

I am not engendered through choice. I have never known anything else. I am hoping that someone out there can find a role for me.

Shirl x

symbol antics

Henri Chopin RIP

'...I prefer the sun, I'm fond of the night, I'm fond of my noises and of my sounds, I admire the immense complex factory of a body, I'm fond of my glances that touch, of my ears that see, of my eyes that receive.... But I do not have to have the benediction of the written idea. I do not have to have my life derived from the intelligible. I do not want to be subject to the true word which is forever misleading or lying, I can stand no longer to be destroyed by the Word, that lie that abolishes itself on paper...' —Henri Chopin, 1967

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[4] dotes on anecdote. by a man. (in progress).

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Kind Mr Kwo, via myspace

Hello there Murmurists/ I have been listening to yr music while working on my novel/Puts me in a out of it psychodelic space/it was Ne Wave that set me off/ transparent save subsequent verification you could have answered said Absurdina which comes down to making a confession under marginal escaped voice always a theater unravelling sewn from the filaments of a literal damage not because i sleep alone says BoyDebris under Armolite mask of Nagazaki ovens/ The Human Target as bullit proof reality what always remains irresovable like a machine during a difficult armament procedure/ The Toxic Soldier tracks the Nomad to point of exit/ the crisis of the body push the limit thru endcodes on a contaminated filmic event horizon/the principle difficulty is that there is no unity of occurrence and exchange between the unity of self with the Other who is S/He who precedes the state of viral drug embolism/ Tragedy is no simulant turn off/the aufhebung as opposed to transparency is not some determinent thing such as a prosthesis or foreign object/It constellated integrity is one of those works like fuk desire death/ Then I ran out of tracks...Regards Lee Kwo/


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Meteilchengeteilten. and zufälligen. as\ Επικοινωνια. (or mit dem Orchester ...?) Habitenlatzustörenchlüssel πυρηνικα Metal thing. is/as/for Λεπτομερειες \des http Επικοινωνια - unbeabsichtigten Επικοινωνια Land geteilten. formal func\tn
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Ronnie-James Radiohead, Cafe Abdab, 2008

Eno-Obscene-O, Cafe Abdab, 2008

Decaf Bjorknutrino, Cafe Abdab, 2008

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item #6018

Hello, Jemis, UK national, late 30s, single, solvent. Seeks same, but

I see you within some petrol-stinking ballot-box, spoiling ballots with covered indices. I have known such gratification myself. We could compete for emptiness in the soft flatness of a procured universe above the hardening Earth. Alone, our science is vulnerable.

I prefer MSN

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item #0017

18th May 1980. You are, say, Paul-Morley-for-a-day reading this; you are, say, Paul-Morley-Tributeman. As such, circa-think the following, please, as an ante-contribution only, please....

1. Dandruff of the Orator

No doubt it has always been this way: an act narrated no longer, declared, finalised. But why act directly when anything can function as a practical symbol for this clammy disconnection? The voice occurs - that is true; but it loses itself when writing begins. There is little sense to this phenomenon in any of its variations; yet, its inevitability is assumed as proof of a kind of super nature in every case. The voice is ineluctably figural, a figurative product, figuratively produced. Our society demotes such empiricism despite this, however. Because of this, all the discoveries of the voice make their appearance, unprestigiously and individuatedly, underpersonified, in an illogical, lazy literature which culminates nowhere. No ideology can suffer such attachments. Of greatest importance is the reign of history, the very consciousness of man. We must unite the 'found' of so-called 'ordinary culture' - without the tyranny and vice of personal taste - with what can be practically reified from the voice itself.

In short, what one might term, an objectified oral culture is proposed.

Come forward and confide in us.

petScannr. & Newse