Tuesday, July 21, 2009

item #0065

My nick is Gunman. It's very nice to meet you and to tell you of my personality. I like to think of friendly approaches in a down to earth manner, so I certainly have a desire to converse with anyone who wants to. Behind closed doors I am open to surprise people. Yes I can be considerable. I have my greatest distaste and highest offense however for my friends who doubt my frustrations. They are asked to dwell as I find their names out. In the past I also photographed them waiting around on me. They are always reworked. I quite like to be myself when I have time but work intervenes too often for comfort.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

item #1199

It's easy to waste time on sites like this. They are such a seduction, such a distraction. But, well, it was recommended by a trusted friend. So I'm going to give it a couple of months of my time. About me ... Well, being from the real world, I'm not into online interaction for its own sake. I guess saying that can get repetitive, maybe even offensive, to those who are that way inclined! A good start then ...! Up to a certain point, though, I'm willing to explore and take a chance on 'meeting' someone special via here. So, let's begin again ...! I'm middle-aged, worked all my life, now semi-retired and very solvent. So I suppose I fall into that 'now time for me' category, in looking for a partner to share the good life with. I am specifically wanting to provide for someone, and to treat her like a princess, in return for being loved and cherished in return. I'm seeking love and companionship. I think I'm a good man. They say I'm handsome, and I do keep fit - though I have a heart condition technically speaking, it's never really been a massive issue. You wouldn't be getting a burden or anyone who limited things. I don't think I'm lonely, but I do feel it's time for me not to be alone now. To avoid time-wasting, I shall not contact anyone whose profile suggests anything which is not perfectly understandable to me. Allan

item #0111

It's a while since I've posted here, I realise. Thanks for all the messages of support, asking after my well-being. I'm OK. It all ended - badly. I shouldn't have posted that histrionic entry, though. I know it worried people. A suicide note then I shut up. That was childish and I apologise. Yes, she left me. Just like my good friends predicted. Yes, it was a scam, and I lost a lot. I lost everything in a way. She cleaned me out and now I have more than egg on my face and sadness in my heart. I have huge debts and bad people pursuing me for things I do not have. Maybe it can be sorted out. At the moment I just don't know. That kind of inevitability feels tricky to me, as you can imagine. I'm in an unenviable position of my own making. I clung to something desperately because of loneliness and waiting to love and to be loved. I thought my search was over, and I went against my better instincts and the kind whispers of friends who I should have respected more. Instead, I fell out with those friends, and now I am left trying to piece it all back together. In most cases, I cannot see that happening. I look forward to the day when I can tell you better news. So sorry ... Alice

item #0658

A photo is a must. Please don't message without one. I have nothing more than a household. Some of you must enjoy my interest in developing that still further. Or am I in the wrong place? You should contact me asap if so. R D

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Now plays drums for Channel Four News.

item #0081

Hi. Bark, mid 50s, willing to relocate. UK only, please. I believe the true function of reciprocity is funding and inundating brands of logic and meaning commensurate with an immutable dependency influenced by the pursuit of personal gain. I am here attempting to fulfill the effects of this knowledge upon myself, come what may; in such a way that I might avoid signifying too readily and too directly those personal needs I derive from my function as one component in an established relationship. We each create essence for one another, I believe. I am in your life, as you are in mine. Thanks for reading. I'll add more when I have time. x

item #0999

As you would expect from a firm believer in matriarchy, this message is more than a note about efficiency. I seek to mark the whole species. I am not solely basing this content upon mental fulfillment.

I'm happy to chat to all that share at least some part of my ideas.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

item #2192

yes its me thanx to find me out

item #0019

I am inclined towards women. Preferably, I am inclined towards belief in their totality. I have experience of their exploitations and personal benefits, and I have this knowledge displayed, publicly, on video, as a relocation awaiting some fatal blow. Thomas

item #7592

So ... who am I? Well, ok, I am a breeder of orientations amongst the undeserving. (As above so below.) I have objects in my possession which animalise my few chosen freedoms, with thoughts of horse-sense, dog-eat-dog and pig ignorance. LOL ... And feelings? Fuck 'em! Fuck 'em all! I'm sick of smiling. Sick of smiling through my teeth. I want to hit the ground. I live for a time when my dignity wills those irrelevances into some sign of inhumanity. Here's the thing, so listen ... I AM A MEMORY. Value cannot influence me in that. I may be impassive, and that will no doubt wear off in the cold light of day. But, nevertheless, I want to be compelled to fear the consequences of my resistance by some donkey-dick mofo. If you have read this far, let's be clear ... I'm not seeking absolution, or knowledge of your laboured superiority. I am not looking for someone who negotiates. My circumstances are different - and I want them to be. If necessity forces me to pity you, I will never leave.

item #7622

hi. still experimenting. lately - curious effects of hypnosis on me. a tale ... specifically i was filmed as a different personality. then i had their preferred reaction to their psychology. it was meant as eroticism and as anonymity. but i got exceptioned, as they already knew me. please .... no torrents of messages whenever i log in. one love, phil e. stein

item #0020

I admit it, I simply seek union - a boyfriend. Turn away if that offends you. About me: I am an experienced representer, a filer of complaints. I am distinctive, though volte-facial, fully shaved. I am in every sense uniform. I have a meaningfully intentionalist outlook. For good people, I willingly exceed. Without allowances of that kind, I personally oversimilarise, oversum, omit creed, dying with brio, so much so that I tend to preclude, in a cloud of refunds and causes, squeezed and delirious, like some hater ghost. My fat arse cushions some wouldbe scammer, whose brand of verisimilitude, whilst awaiting further colouration, tells the story of disappearances, amongst photographers of the verbatim - or so the fucker says. All I want to say though is it's not the same since I lost my heart to some sick freak. It ended it tears. But I cannot get him out of my mind. Patricia

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

item #5081

Forty two years ago today I made decisions very quickly almost like deciding on momentous becomings. Someone close to me had died. I got involved in making that more complex than simple loss. My whole character changed. All of my appetites changed, too - emotionally, politically and socially. For weeks I thought to deny simple things for myself and to resist complex things for others. I wanted to tie myself up in knots and I did. As a default I feared the worse in every situation. I felt it was a small price to pay for the few comforts I felt I needed. Meanwhile however I destroyed that security for others because all I saw was destruction and potential destruction. No-one I knew then is part of my life now. My family are all dead. I have no ties whatsoever.

But here I am now, better to light a candle... This brings me around to the new idea that even after over four decades I have no good answers for the many assumptions my new love wants me to have about him. I mean I learnt nothing in my past which can help me now. I don't know why but I feel that is positive and offers us a better chance. Let me just say that he has a wife and I am his wife also. The three of us live together in one relationship, in an atmosphere of mutual trust and as an experiment in another way of living and loving. Certainly I feel very loved. Certainly I feel fulfilled. In the scheme of things I am considered a little unique by others who do not understand or care to understand. We feel we are manifestations of inner needs and we tend not to question our motivations, like one would not question something which feels natural. He is our foundation, and we do not feel we are sharing him. Rather we are sharing each other mutually. No I am not bi-sexual, nor am I bi-curious. It is about the mind not the body. We work together,

against the void of illimitation.


Thursday, July 02, 2009

item #0827

I seek freedoms I have no right to. I am tooled-up with electricity and explosive chemistries. As such I am given a wide berth, commended as I go to some kind of loose disaster, as an allowing, as a form of good works. Through me is the way that’s best for her. I will share nothing but her physical information. With the public, I am grateful for that means to no end. There are times when problems make one situation too much like another, and I dip my interest and freeze her out. This is imperfect and wasteful; so those are imperfect and wasteful days. Imagine that kind of variety, if you can. Because it’s important to me, I feel there’s someone else out there for my kind, who I haven't met yet. Mistakes happen when I am in that kind of mood. Snapped necks. Burning beds. Unexplained stomach bugs from wiping my ugly dick on your door handles. Oily browsings through curtain cracks. Spyglassing.


item #8003

I control his finances. We decided on that shortly after we met. I might worry about those responsibilities from time to time but I suppose I might say anything here. It's more that something lets me make decisions for the both of us. That something is my opinion about the things that matter. I have better ideas. So I get to make all the real decisions. I leave him in the dark and he knows I do and he is fine with that. Ultimately it’s done because it can done. I like that feeling of inevitability. I don’t think I could ever be his doormat. I'm not into taking turns. He earns less than I do, but we both earn enough. It's more or less all mine, though. He prefers blindness, because I think he trusts me. I think it's more to do with him not trusting himself though. His obedience is like some inner childishness. I used to have a long list of things I wanted. Now I have them all. I sleep really well, knowing that tomorrow I can think what I like. Lately I've been putting female hormones in his food.

item #5511

There isn't any strict logic to the reasons behind why I am about to write what I am about to write. I said my piece yesterday - or so I thought. Now, though, I feel I have to add more, in order to convey the sense of things as I originally intended. I'm pretty sure I'll only confuse the scene further, and maybe all I'm really doing is venting my anger. But, this is my right, and if that bothers you don't read me. OK ... I am stranded. Since the operation - an unnecessary one, as regular readers will know... lawsuit pending - I've been unable to even myself out. Bedtime is a nightmare. I barely breath. Time drags, and I am suffocating. It’s not the old purposelessness I'm used to, either. My health is an issue but it is not the issue. What I'm most frightened of is that I'm costing myself some kind of valuable entirety, because, in all of this, she has no use for me, except as a hesitation. I cannot think of anything but the bedroom I am no longer welcome in. I crawled, as was suggested. But it was a faint. I simply have no other duties now. It’s never been a problem before. But now it is. Any ideas? Mark