Thursday, May 31, 2007

item #9772

39 years ago, I was comforted by your missives raining down one million a day. I had my supernature, then. I left the ground - in uneven emotional droves; in shoes and socks made of supercollider. I have poured over your sciences ever since. You gave matter to me; in my mouth and pockets. I took what I could; you took from me, in turn. I cherish. I have my wish-list, like anyone else; I have my desires, which serve my cause. So, why do I run from numerical excess? I am uncompetitive but assertive - as you know. I don't see these things as mutually-exclusive, however. I believe that feeling can be superimposed.

A nice quote I found:
"...A person should not choose the form in which s/he wishes to perform [...] but s/he should perform [...] in any manner the opportunity affords. S/he should be like a vessel into which anything may be poured - wine, milk, or water...".
Abraham Joshua Heschel

item #0081

I am involved with freewill, in all it's variations. I want to be physical. Emotionally, I want to try everything. I encouraged you to do likewise, to push those horizons. I am 39 years, in London. I watch others enjoy others. This builds tension. My passion, such as it is, is directed toward these others. I want to educate them; and I will, for sure. I love the sensation of Being. I am bound to be out of control, to turn the tables, to spice up life; after all we only get one shot. I love ease. I love to delay. I want to display, to be extrovert. Your property is all I want you to want.

Pig Ignorant & Jape Clogger, Cafe Abdab, 2007

Decaf Bjorknutrino & Attenuated Quang Duc, Cafe Abdab, 2007

J.G. Power-Ballard & Ronnie-James Radiohead, Cafe Abdab, 2007

item #0061

Gone are the days of men. If you're just gonna sit there then that's all you deserve. I see you have a hand removed. But you have another. Take it from your trousers. Find a whore. Actualise. I do books. I do systems. When a man says to a woman: "neither time nor Being are possible as totalities in isolation", and a woman says to a man: "my tale is one of marketplace as medication" then we are all lost in space. Don't expect elaborate messages from me detailing what it is that I will be doing with this knowledge. I want to live the fantasy of the hopeless-idealist, with newspapers and TV programmes to suit, occluded, angry, and hollow. I browse the web; there are others like me.


item #0558

Hi, im 48 yr old, Staffs based, highly experienced. I have been inactive, now active. I am caring, nurturing, friendly with a very good sense of humour, not the usual run of the mill. My interests are just the tips of icebergs. i am married. i am etched on her face. i should be happy with this; it should fullfil my needs and relinquish my mind, body and soul, but it doesnt. i expect 100% loyalty, trust and respect. but our relationship groans and moves backward. Ideally i require regular meets but neither of us accomodates.

If any of the above appeals to you, feel free to memo me for more information or just an informal chat.

iv decided im not looking. just here to chat make friends maybe



item #7336

I am a professional working in South Yorkshire, UK. I am a micro-climate. I tailor the seasons to my individual taste, my own unique and twisted style. They are made safe, sane. They are neutralised. Nothing is consensual in this arrangement. The environment is mine. In it, you are a leaf in the breeze. Please note that if you lack direction, then my suggestion is that you try harder, fail, and then apply to me. There are NO exceptions to this triumvirate. Proof of these stages and their attendant processes will be demanded. For my part, I offer bewildering variety, plasticity, aural penetration, e-enhancements of one kind or another; in the midst of which, you will be made corporeally static, kept mute, ritualistically-sidelined. Make no mistake, the furthering of my career is the point of this. Although I adore what I do, I refuse to meet, even to consider meeting, you. Email is all that needed. My time is valuable, as exceptional skills cost money. I have 26 systems operating 24/7. Log in, register your Pay Pal account, sit back and wait. My website is now open and contains more directions.


item #4513

i'm a woman. i openly experiment. i am very mindful of experimentation; i love those who want to try anything once. my experiments are small, private events. they comfort me. ultimatley, i'm wasting time, i know. but it is mine to waste. i eat meat. but you must be vegetarian. Physically, I am 6'9 (yes, really), aged mid 30s, part-caucasian, living in beds. i'm a lovely person. msn me or send me a message.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

item #0005

Here's the deal. I am not interested in quaint etherealisations. It is my mission to comically spurn you with extreme prejudice; to fist your inner self. Balance... balance and creativity, as you will learn, develop bends within you. Should you not like me, that is fine, even preferable. I aim to simplify what that means in time. I don't care, since I have no interest in someone liking me. IF, on the other hand, this is grasping your mind and filling it with intrigue, then please continue reading.

I am marred. I cannot have sex; as I have no desire. I live alone. period. I shall not suffer anyone else. PERIOD. It is not what I am about. I am marred, happily marred. I, therefore, am not desperate. I do not need you. Your faint, distant expectations barely hold my attention. If, in contrast, I have kept your attention so far, then that is a good thing. If you have not been completely disgusted by what I have written thus far, then that is a good thing, too. You are clearly dogged, doggy; so please keep reading up this wrong tree. If you feel that you are imagining today, then that is good, also. I seek to smudge you. I am sticky-o-sexual and am only sticky-o-sexually attracted to eight females. This does not mean I have any problems. I would not hesitate to calibrate. Sexual attraction for me never contains expectations. Oh, and I loathe freeloaders. So if you are a freeloading gold-digger person, I will not accept you. You have to be an asset. I am the liability. You would need to be someone who would be proud to be locked away like some dirty little secret. Clear? I have a reputation. I perform ceremonies of union. I have premises throughout white America. These have no members, guests, or visitors, however.

Final decisions interest me, I have to say. I make all final decisions and my decisions are always final. I know only finality. I abide by my rules only. My ultimata are ineffably non-negotiable. Finality is the only requirement. You would be required to work and be gainfully employed outside; and you would be required to pay my rent, utilities, and living expenses. I call this essence.

Now, if you can grasp, fully understand and digest all that I have stated, you have something significant to offer.

You must also be a great piece of ass. If you have a clear body, then please tip your head down to your feet or shoes. Let me see you bend before you break.

If you write quickly, you won't get a reply. If you get a reply, think about it, consider.

I'm pencilling you in.

And yes, I am as real as real can be

item #7833

Middle-aged pre-op f-to-m ts, NE, UK.

Why, in the hours of darkness, does my head feel like it will explode? My eyes bulge; my mouth gapes; I stutter, hesitate, and pause. I cough and cry-out. I am looking to the Earth - to all of you; and I am draped upon your signs and signifiers; so much so that I rattle as I walk. Within my hands are burdens, the shackles of life. I am a stranger to words. I want to be exchanged, accepted, used as social currency. I feel second-hand, in pieces. Sometimes I stop. Sometimes I never stop.

Can you redevelop and redefine your approach? Can you cook the books? I am seeking the release of borrowed kinetic energy. I have, I think, latent abilities. But my life has no energy. I am, as it were, contained within the vision of others. Can you, perhaps, enhance and develop the natural life I hold? I exist as utensil. Can you confect procedures to warm this blank machine? I am indelicate, true. Light arcs from my ten bony fingers, creating background, thought-out-loud, a sick pink dawning. Mould me as your muse. My minds-eye is tight-shut, yes. But you have implements - switch them on. This utensil needs you.

item #5019

I experience ohm as wide variety, interestery aspect eek. To develop long. Erm... relationship? Yes thanks. I am non-averse viz people, but viz couples, yes, for sure. Tokenmindedness, too, yes; if as good sense of humore. Important to exact-fit. In that way, I will joyment roles such as x-addressing, sensation-lay, thanking, soggy bandage, uber-violence, and Indian wind. I never try ire. I work as pay-pony and medic. I wish to any involvement with activities involving permanence. My age is accurate. I have your short fuse. I expect honesty and discretion at first. About you... please interest me in following .... Entomology, urban decay, slums, sewers, medical fetish, body horror, abandoned factories, empty houses, empty rooms, abnormal psychology, sadism, masochism, eugenics, reading, writing, painting, sculpting audio environments, solipsism, nihilism, existentialism, necrorealism, fascism, whiskey, manipulation, turning around the little mind games that some of you try to play from time to time and watching you choke yourselves to death tripping over your tongues, joy, hate, confusion. .. All best x

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

item #7194

Hello. My name is listed elsewhere. This is aimed at one person. I am 32.1 for my age. I am really ether. A relationship is built upon experience, yes; but nobody should meet someone. The know-nothing camp find me quite likable. They say they’ve never come across someone like me. I am always thinking something about you. I often talk to enjoy discussing; whether it’s to do with people or the wide general. I like problem solving. This forms personality. I am id-mad. Recently I’ve been groining. My interest here is extremity as activity. I want to know how I would change this. Please respond if I subject you to response. Can I say that things inhabit a no-escape situation for me. For you, there has got to be something. You sort of know. You show no mercy when you push. My search is probably a little unusual. Exploration itself can cause actuality, I believe. Matter to me is nothing but an array of corporeal obstacles. I'm impressive, yes. I form every person. On this site, I am somebody. My interests are not insane. I'm defiantly interested in lifelong damage. We humans own the world; but anyone wise is totally nuts, in my view. I seldom step forward, for instance. It’s my belief that when someone is subjected to causation, a different side to them is revealed. Anyone facing these things behaves predictably. But what I'm interested in is what would happen to me personally if I was your only subject. Everyone should be interesting, you told me. Probability, aftermathery, compare/contrast exercises, understanding, commonality - these things take me into a little hell. How far towards oblivion would be up to you.

item #0688

I am 33. I live near UK. Things mature,REAL time Total. Religion saves ,for long term, NO Limit. I have no time for chatting with wankers! So don't incite chat ! IF you are aware of e-mail we can meet face to face! I cannot wait to be 40! No, stupid - 40! Well, the establishment has given me a nice career, and successfullness in normal life on Earth !

item #0101

Hi. The pic you are looking at is of little old me, yes. I am aged 44, partly a looker, female or possibly a couple. I enjoy / we enjoy quizzicality. Q: what is someone who can fact called? A: a Factor. All contact and arrangements can be done through msn. My goal is your conversion - once we get to know each other. Confirmation of this is available here. I are both genuine. I are mainly looking for a thought I may consider coupled but definite. So please stop. Send messages and don't waste time as a male bitch!!

item #9855

General: I shoulder things. I make you start, my starting point. I am any people.

Particular: By saying that you need to read, I mean that you need to read carefully. Messages are your only chance of getting my attention. If you don't get my attention you will be deleted. End of story. [There are too many fake tensions entering into conversations.] I aim to breed.

Now for the good stuff...A list of my current proclivities:

01. mannish vanish
02. super-collision
03. bodification on the back of love
04. super-id e-restriction
05. media lay
06. toil-taming
07. consignments of signs, signifiers
08. kakfa implode
09. arithmetic at the disco
10. t-ought-ure
11. age rage
12. godspeed you black emperor!
13. mock/moot-savery
14. genital dada
15. severalism
16. periodic crumbs from the periodic table
17. needful play
18. ire play

And anything else I deem fit LOL. You will not question, limit, or break me. You will deform to the best of your ability, because your mind, body and soul long to make all your decisions for you.

Only apply if you are serious completely.


Error parsing memcached response


Clockwise: Town Hall/Mechanics; Weaver's Triangle; like our house; Colne Road; Gawthorpe Hall; Duke Bar; Prestige; Leeds-Liverpool Canal

she's inside me Kitaj is to Ohio, trick of Dasein... catchy-monkee
..................A the exile celebrates a weekend with anais x
Nostalgia at its best; in a future-tense, my love.

You are everything.

You play a song. I play a song.

Rumour of Borges plucks out a random image... thus...

This gets me the original Pig Ignorant & Moonloon
(I miss you both)
(Here, we put on Kitchens of Distinction, The Cure, Joe Jackson, Radiohead)
This central point gets me....
80s... Dead Souls, songs by The Smiths

I gave her these

Great dancing.
Close. Very close.
Something profound.

One-liner ... Not depicted: & c.

.ideal role-taking. Gets you...

Any morally judged subject puts itself in the position of all who would be affected if a problematic plan of action were carried out or if a controversial norm were to take effect. Argumentation insures that all concerned in principle take part, freely and equally, in a cooperative search for truth, where nothing coerces anyone except for the force of the better argument.
Ah, that's dialectics; and of a quite Hegelian variety, too.
But, then, Hegel is dead, isn't he?

Monday, May 28, 2007

At bottom, we are morally-practical during argument. Here's why...

Contractual agreements amongst unencumbered individuals with arbitrarily chosen ends involve too few processes of reflective argumentation. Reflective argumentation is all we should concern ourselves with. Everything else is distraction. The egocentric perspective should be treated not as primary but as derivative. That is to say self-interested commentary is likely to fail at the business of general illumination exactly because it carries with it too much personal information. The conflict, then, is between general and particular. Or between these, say,

item #8811

Thanks for looking in. We represent a small-scale but influential administrative body, based in West Midlands, UK. We are currently looking for potential candidates to fill spaces we have made. Interested? Before reading the attached proforma, ask yourself: how far are you prepared to go to excite and arouse the administration? Note that we thrive upon obligation. The inexperienced are no impediment. We ourselves are characteristically inventive, youthful, prominent, and enjoy certainty. We are keen to classify and index our many experiments. Perhaps you have a clerical bent? We enjoy using such, but only once.

Feel free to drop a line.

item #2293

I am intelligent, uncompromising. My cause orbits an inexact pseudo-science, made of ante-spatial bric-a-brac, Y-dressing, chid, Hendrix, bedroom mayo, and penis envy. I hang my hat upon standardisation, particularity, personal unrestraint, and professional humiliation. So far I have invented pubic beast, ripple-torture, tax-play, eye-fisting, meek-assertion, and war-sports. However, all plans are flexible to meet herds of individuals. Compliance will be suitably rewarded.

cri de coeur

government hydronaut


(said in the manner of Jaz Colman)

Now that we are all Sisyphus...

Eppeelectic Ditto, outside Rod's Cones

Trapped Ian


Above shows Rannerdale City, Buttermere, Cumbria, UK

Walney Island City, Furness, Cumbria, UK

Above shows Walney Island City, west of Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, UK. Population in excess of 500,000; notable for its ethnic diversity. Famous for its array of art galleries, theatres, & cultural amenities; including Tate Walney, Gallery West Cumbria, & Walney Modern. Famous, too, for its restaurants, cafe-bars, & pubs. Famous, also, for its extensive & well-established bird and wildlife sanctuaries, to the south and north of the island. Combined road & rail bridges are planned to open in 2008: in the north between Walney and Millom, across Duddon Sands, and in the south between Walney and Morecombe, striding Morecombe Bay.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

item #1178

Hey. Naturally, I'm not into the complexities of some sliding egg of justice. I tip the scales from my eyes, pork-swording as I go. I am endangered. I pull up my knitted Socratics, over blood suede shoes. Funny...? Perhaps, but please understand this abnegation is operated on a need for need basis. It is. It is. It really is. I dog eat dog. I do. I do. I really do. Control comes easy to me. But I feel this might change, home on the page. Someone special approaches me. I have, what I call, experiences. Fact. I do. I do. I really do. I am ever more particular. Kiss my arse, rimmer rimnastics. Is there consideration about??? Is it too much to ask? With all due respect, how can one explain oneself with words?

Ronnie-James Radiohead, Cafe Abdab, 2007

5 strong cancer base
(mikee dolenz colons)

your fovea. be happy.



Walney Build Project, May 2007





This is the plan...

We aim to get started. We have had word that the property we highlighted has been handed to us. Its personnel, too, are on our plate. They are implicit. The machines you sent were perfect. Send more. The property is being extended, soundproofed, furnished. It will be further peopled in due course and by-the-by. Everything is being measured. Statistics are good in every sense. Keep your ideas coming for treatments and adventures. All staff are kept in the dark. Few understand. Examples are made daily. Rents are extracted. Everything is rendered useful. Nothing is wasted. Even the periphery is recycled or digested. We are looking at minimalism of every kind.

More later if you're still here.

fur-baller, urlocutioneer

say out Heidegger-wise

Saturday, May 26, 2007

item #2995

Hi. In response to Abject, mid 30s, NE, experienced, seeking same... Please note one and all, the person in question is an inanimate object. I fail to see the problem. There is pulsing, radiation, playing cause to effects, etc., but no consciousness to speak of. Dear complainer, Mids, UK, you have incredibly low standards, ontologically. That is all unimportant, I feel; but I stress this for the common good. You send a photo in support of your argument... I find your features unattractive; which is more important to me. I am good, though; and I will keep you despite this. Similarly, weighty issues are comically unimportant to me. I consider this to be a general condition, and to be in need of general remedying. I have ideas about this. I have commissioned tools, papers, and have been recruiting personnel as further objects. Objects are designed to give me pleasure. Do not forget that. I set the guidelines. You are outside this decision-making corpus. The stripes you carry denote this. Refer to them for information and for comfort. You have too few useful qualities; though you fill a body-bag like all of your kind. You are welcome to try to decide for yourself. We call this entertainment. Further details are available on request. If and when I tear myself apart, you will be informed.

All vehicles are mine.

item #0016

I believe in destiny as a totality, an ideal. For me, rationalism flounders when intense mental connections are sought. All other activities evolve from this error, I believe. Ultimately, it's not about parting, it's about colliding. You can't lie forever. Sociability, sensibility and direct-experience are beneath consideration, in actual fact. Such things are ultimately unfulfilling and insincere. I am confident of these assertions. I am sensitive and intelligent. I have a fulfilling career and outside interests. I love simplicity, reductivism. I am looking for a genuine, attractive, intelligent and open-minded partner. I enjoy intimacy as a fashion-statement only. I will carry you under my bony arm, like an ornamental dog. The senses tell us nothing we need to know. I require a parallel life to test my ideas. I am attached and you should be comfortable with this if you contact me. For me, this is about enhancements, mock-exploration and caricatures of enlightenment. I don't do cam, but you must. Ok?



was a British post-punk band formed in 1978 in Manchester by guitarist Arthur Kadmon, drummer Philip Tolman, bassist Willie Trotter, and singer Linder Sterling (Linda Mulvey). Kadmon quit the band in 1979 after a short UK tour supporting Buzzcocks. Ian Devine replaced him, and the band later disbanded in 1983. Morrissey remains one of the group's biggest fans.
In January 1979, Paul Morley, writing for the NME, remarked: "Ludus are anything but ordinary. A rich, bewitching quartet, led by the enigmatic Linder, whose maturing, enchanting voice adds layers of mystery, fragility and haunting strength to the esoteric music... Arthur supplies the solids, Linder the shadows; Arthur the rain, Linder the wind. It's a classic combination... The overall mixture is of a precious dance music: Gothic, but not glossily so, like Magazine; impressionistic and expressionistic; compact and exuberant. It's music that chills and warms, with images that scare and comfort... Still young, still unsure onstage, their music is already alone and knowing. And they're getting better all the time. Take good care of them."
Morrissey wrote the unused sleevenotes for the Crepuscule compilation that were composed in October 1985, and he offers this closing eulogy: "Ludus lay on us the decorative impulses of their music, and nowhere more significantly than on the volume which now lies before you. People who know real genius will love this record... Her singing leaves me out of breath... Linder went to Brussels and I remained stuck in Manchester, battling with the tides of fortune. Our shrill spirits still slide through the ugly streets of Manchester, always wet through, always caught out, always spectating, our hearts damaged by too many air-raids."


Pickpocket (1981)
The Seduction (1982)
Danger Came Smiling (1982)

Singles and EPs
The Visit (1980)
"My Cherry Is In Sherry" (1980)
"Mother's Hour" (1981)
Completement Nue Au Soleil (1982)
"Breaking the Rules" (1983)

Compilations and reissues
Riding The Rag (1982)
Nue Au Soleil (Completement) (1987)
The Damage (2002)
The Visit/The Seduction (2002)
Pickpocket/Danger Came Smiling (2002)

Friday, May 25, 2007

item #7691

I'm looking for single parts. Experience is imperative. Don’t need to understand the finer points, especially the mind-set, but must satisfy singularity. I am single. I’ve been twice before. But now I am once. I am also the last, the very last. My last five years was almost five years in length. I now have a decade to experience. I have been fortunate. In the past year and a half, I have been internal. It has been no kind of struggle. What I discovered is that I can return to what I was ten years ago. If you are reading this, and classify yourself as likable, please do us both a favour and pass me by. I won’t get into a situation where I am expect to care… been there, done that, found it bloody, emotional, and messy. If you think I’m a bit uppity by deciding that for myself… the exit is nearby; please use it. But if you’re reading this and are yourself looking for extremity, drop me a line. I’m not looking for someone who has a good heart and knows what integrity means, and strives to live it, every day. I'm looking for singularity. Remember that. My friends tell me not to give up; there is someone out there who is waiting for me, who will “get me”, who will want to share with me what they are.

item #0811

i confess i am searching for men who view situations are situational. i have a genuine interest in emailing three-dimensional objects- despite the science lol - as non-denominational controlling missives, which, through humiliation, teasing, denial and discipline, marry totality with specifity. i will be royal loyal to this notion in the ocean for 32 years cheers. For a while, I aim to disregard facticity. Sexually i like the thought of ifs and buts, but am not brave enough to try. So i suppose i am looking for online happiness until i can.

Upon entry, nb. provisional terms, conditions

sans sadistic
rage varying
asexual con
disciple sinking
plague fogging
tense humanism
discrete treatments
pubic fun
mind fucks

Small print: no special preference for ladies who love as what is between two ears is the best organ to be enjoyed to start with. Not looking in town. Am looking for friendship with regular slaughter and simply good fun times without heads and in safe sensual environment. Based in London but can travel around UK and Europe.

Xy Satie & Ronnie-James Radiohead, Cafe Abdab, 2007

here having North Korean Polymoog, kerr-pow

item # 6014

Simple instructions for equitable distribution. Opening statement: crap. LOL

I'm a relatively experienced as a male, and am looking for females precisely into:

*The Crazy World of Arthur C. Danto
*truncated belief systems, esp. Existential Fundamentalism
*implicit lust, bump n grind
*experimental misunderstanding as social analogue
*symbolic respect without care and attention
*edginess as town planning model
*rage, with brio
*skin disease as the new black

In addition, you need to know that I understand responsibility. You need to know that I take such things very seriously. You need to know that I have recently made several decisions for which hocus pocus was all-consuming. Most of my time and attention is spent on subtraction. I love the energy. I exhibit subtractive traits, yes - thanks for asking. In future years, I aim to extend subtractively. Flexibility is important. I also build furniture: crosses, religious machines etc. In this role, I'm quite laid back and gentlemanly - just because its bloody fun to be! I collect cages. I have money from these, my engineerings. I love to be basic. I want to try to control my flickering emotional levels non-environmentally. I am interested in a "quick shag". However, sex is impotent.

Feel free to get in contact if you're interested. Just want to meet as many people as possible! LOL

All the best, tc xx

item #4968

I am looking for interesting possibilities. I am finite. And anyone who drops me will get a lesson in what this means. Be aware, too, that one-liners, saying 'war or peace?', 'black or white?', or words to that effect, will be edited further. Anyone who reads this profile should be both able and figural. Yes, before you ask, I amble, occluded, amongst quirky minions. I'm unlikely to reply to emails which I never look at. People just happen. Life causes people. I know, it sounds very dull! LOL If friendship develops all the better. In these, I switch *gasp* love for dislike sometimes. The relationships I have had have been general rather than particular. I'm a dreadful archetype. Calculations of this kind are dangerous, I realise, but I like hitting the top almost as much as I like hitting the bottom. (Double entrendre intended! LOL) If you don't realise humour it will realise you. (Yes, my descriptions match, silly! LOL) Anyway.... I'm not a fixed entity. Truth is my attitude; but without centrality, such things are fluid. For me, personality franchises person. It totally depends upon reflection, degree of individuation, prevailing ideological imperatives and so forth. Eggs is eggs. History is upon us. No point trying to decide which book to read, gambling amounts of time upon such input ... Claw at the ground instead. Money will not save you! And put down your intellectual liberal newspaper! Stop watching crap tv! Stop FAFFING! Gosh. I'm embarrassingly self-absorbed. I think I have regressed, oh yes, to a form of anti-socialism. What else? Well, one last thing, in closing, weird but, I lurrrrrrrrrve vaccinations - and find they are even better if I meet natives in the cities I visit. Again, occlusion is key.

Thanks for reading this far! (Stop sighing with relief - you got through it ok!) x

Thursday, May 24, 2007

rig. rig. W/e

item #6016

We are a couple of wind-up merchants looking for long red hair, blue eyes, ears, broken glass. M is for mankind, aged 36, 5ft11, straight, some beard. Around 2 and a half years ago, we looked for like-minds for serious relationships. This took us four years. Take a look at our interests and drop us a message. We have hope in common. We are willing to change. Photographs are window-dressing to us and to you. Once you are in contact with us, we are old friends immediately. It is nice just to be interesting, they say.

PS. We have updated our profile with some.

item #0499

This is confusd, I realis. Please please please ... Registr any thng you want here; only make sens, make your vote cunt. Withut questn, the general pubic seldom undrstand and appreciat this max im. Within reasn, I will li about this; in order to avoid cnfrntatn. This limits me but then I am limitd. I' m interestd to see how this limits me in a gneral sens - if at all. Well, mail me if you thnk it does! LOL For more info, see birth defex. I'll give you all the info you requir - if you know what I mean! LOL I am genuin with the rght prson, thankyou! I prefer freedom to work eat dog food gruel whateva. home should be a cage when needd

item #4448

New Brighton-based female-to-male/female couple, professionals, 39 & 41, respectively.

Thanks for looking... Strictly speaking, and as we understand it, inventiveness and experience demand high levels of training. We shall see... Maybe this is you... We desire long-term commitment, within a faint, falling context of, well, hard and fast idealism, waiving ecology, cultism, Modernism. We sire such properties in others - as deontology, sexual exposure. Rationalism is mutual, keen, apparent. It rewards. In its gaze, you will Become. In a world of obsession, we mould. Alongside us, you will think differently. At present, you are just living in a dream world. 24/7/365 is possible. We know, internet dreamer. In other words, placement equals replacement. Moving on.... This is so last week, but we have been given & must complete this before looking for suitable terminologies, relational or otherwise. We will you into Being. You are inexperienced, aged, unimportant, but feisty. Good... good enough... You should mind what we say. In order to push, we find it necessary to shove. Our loving side will soothe your sore head, however. Play is over. If you have any questions or would like contact details leave a message. x x

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

anais loves

limitlessness. walk-in. fragmenting eerie.

Cut the rose in full bloom

ambulance event

pythagoran outskirts. work noir.

on'es. toos.

Xy Satie, Jape Clogger, & Decaf Bjorknutrino, Cafe Abdab, 2007

the dodo was asking for it

item #9211

Here I am, back again... To everyone who is still and formally silent, hello. I closed my account at the behest of a stray thought. Needless to say, I will not respond to any message/call... Lesson learned. lol So here I am back again! Stilled by experience, from an east of an England, looking for a relationship between food for thought and time for thinking, pale methods of individuation, and so forth. I have limits - physical mostly; and will use these most of my life. I am open-minded as to trying lots of things. Above all else, I want a twinkle in my eye and a smile on my face. I won't go into too much detail on here, but will welcome any approach for chat from anybody over 35 (prefer older people than me, no offence). Happy to locate you if necessary. Thanks for reading. Love you all x x x

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We are acting with high profile, as you can see. In public, we detect and direct a muted sunshine, whilst casting next-to-no-shadow. In private, though, we live our lives to suit ourselves. We tend to stride. For instance, we consider bisexuality to be an ideological system. Thought, however, is purely domestic to us. We do do normalcy; unless one of us is in a mood. We are messengers. If you are seriously looking for situations, and you are fed up with those out there who are not for real then consider our profile very carefully. That said, be prepared to consider locations as a starting point. We list these elsewhere. You must have brevity as an axiom. More than one or two words and we will cancel you. Content is numerical in our view. One picture looks like another to us; please send numbers; surprise us, please. In return, we can offer domestic and sexual extremes. We game on our terms. If you want to know more about us then a reply guarantees a response. Be polite, and, of course, be informative. Make yourself sound interesting and you will be certain to spark some feedback.


Modest house. North. Night. Room lit by turned-down TV set. Some event, to which is said: '...You outrageous fiend!'. '...Ha! I admit it, always have been and always will be....'. She enters the room; the man eats faster. She fakes things; he eats things. Those are their roles - as given here-wise, thank you. Action adopts a crawling pace now; movement impared; his eyes on her body. His feet part her thighs slightly. Her hands are palm upwards on his thighs. Her back is straight; his head held high; her eyes on his belly. Fingers grip hair in greeting. Time tightens up. Breath on neck; gathering hair. Teeth graze. Bodies shudder. Within intensity, words are spoken. The ache used to be his alone. Now both ache.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

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Let's start by eliminating. Read between the holes, the genitalia shots, the body-serious. Religious fantatics without greetings ... I see you. I am sharp, architectural. I cast a shadow. In London, I am absurdist, multilingual, and educated, with a cosmopolitan background. I am about finish, veneer - surface, that is, by dimension rather than by attitude or identity. I use surety. I use magick. I have, however, been thinking about uses for frustration. So I want to find a way to contrast this thought, to throw it into relief. I want to create, high-stress, competitive, time-consuming work or recreational activities centred around overt personal desire, a kind of intellectual helplessness, something unbearabley oblivious. I want the sane to love me. (I terrify. But I move afterwards, crazy ones.) For example, I want absolute success or very little success, even failure. I am out of range. I live in an interesting town where I could settle. Who shares my interests in culture, music, travel, etc.? I am senseless to them, personally. (For instance, when he wants to fuck me, he knows enough about feminism to not say stupid things. I campaign constantly, as you can see. I seldom discriminate. Giddy LOL) These lists are flexible. I have mixed feelings about listing in future. I've got curly hair and glasses. I'm in good health. Yes, I have a pic; no, I wont give it to you. I'll only trade pics after you've caught my interest with your messages. If you've got this far and are still keen to write, I'd also appreciate if you write me about yourself as a person. I'm hoping to lie; foolish, I know. Probably is, so don't write anything you'd be embarassed to have read back to you. Tell me about the very least of you at least. One more thing: I'm an atheist, because of the middle east. (So christian.) Save me not, please. True freedom lies in attractive women. It's clear you've discovered that. You want a bit more so I can't shock you! I enjoy a variety of interests, including complete change. I'm not kind. I try to when I can, though. I'm currently writing. This is a marketplace. I've never married. I share my life with my spare time. I am conscious and can talk to you about anything. I don't sleep. I demand what I expect and require. Such a full repertoire, few skills, few ideals ... I only need one woman, but I do not mind if you are several men. (In a bedroom once I turned on for me.) I try to be gentle, even-tempered, loyal, honest, kind and romantic. I manipulate these efforts. My headgames communicate with you. I seek someone with a sunny personality, gentle, kind, and who likes slender, intelligent and confident naked clothed. I'm attractive, intelligent, fertile. Imagination is boring, I think, but I can be spontaneous and am easily able to fuck you down a side alleyway in Paris. I am however, safe, sane, balanced and intelligent and you would be loved and cherished and always know this. I have contacts if you'd like to do modelling work, or feature in an adult movie, so I don't think you'd be bored! I'm 5'4", small, slim 34.26.34. I'm your smoker, love to give oral. Equal adventures bring out the best in each other. I will turn your life around if you want a change from your routine or would like to ride some new frontiers with me.

all hands. spaces, lines

barb barb black sheep


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Age not a problem. Must be physically fit tho. both in mid 50s. I am a small lady size 6/8. would love to hear from you and chat. if you live Watford, so much the better. INSIST on a phone call meeting. as we have already had some time and sad wasters on here useing other photo's

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Expect 'hi there' / Receive 'Have been experimenting; have loved. Every minute I think you've got it in you to break away! lol It's not gonna be easy mind is your big problem....well that depends what you are gonna do ;) But I think; which means you couldn't be more wrong. I am the no.1 bitch LOL I have tokenism in mind. So message away if you think you can inform this approach'. Her name is Sally, 41, Essex area. Sally adds: '...after pretending, trying, hiding i think i have maybe found someone who can truly Be. i am considerate (god i hate that phrase). i am working towards becoming. Before all you cynics start, i don't believe that this is something to be taken lightly, and i am willing to take the chance. Vocation is not a problem for me and nor is unravelling before taking that final plunge. Freedom only...'. Elsewhere, as Simone, Sally says: '...Looking attractive, I present myself. In place of substance, I dance upon request, to a space-aged corporate tune, composed by backsliding American synthesisers. I attract. Place is beside the point. I hot-desk. I attract. Depending upon my mood, I can ease into giving head. I attract. I will lick your purse strings. I love and I attract. If I so desire I move my petite body. Although I am petite and cute to a tee I can undergo undergoing undergoingly. Should we meet? Will we be willing to commit to fun and delights? I am maybe more. I am not insecure. I am confident and polite. However, I dont suffer fools and I am am very open-minded and speak my mind, especially to disrespect those who are insecure and dont have manners or who have a chip on their shoulder. If interested get writing xx

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Into the trees... 5/21/2007 Mind = time. Sorry. 12/8/2006 This is not a rant, merely a suggestion. If capability is intrinsic, please categorise everyone. Wonderful people provide. I have utmost respect for confused intentions; but clarity is a virtue, too. '...Nature is an "arrangement"....'. (...? I still do not know what you mean.) I too get offended by being offered tributes when that is not what I seek at all. Anyway, just a thought. 11/20/2007 Another, more gullible, more driven by need, took advantage, and I am left poorer and more alone. I want a list of people to avoid. I promise much. You can take and then disappear, then I will happily provide. But say upfront, formally. Why can't people be honest, if they need help? Anyway.... 6/19/2006 Cult decisions...things implicit, circumspect, fugitive. These churn the heart. I was made lucky, but have no experience. Something special may happen. I beg for bread, it seems; but it is a dream I require. I wallow, in a non-place; I am replaced by experiences I have not had xx 6/6/2006 Patience. Thank you - to so many wonderful , caring people. So much wonder, xx Rocks, sirens, etc.

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Can be we be certain of someone? I want to say authority precipitates unity, but, instead, feel it is more accurate to say that it does not. I see the various strings. No hand is big enough - clearly. It does not appear to me after all :) I still say meaningful locations are few and far between. 1/28/2007 2:34:46 PM: Well, what an eye opener! So far, I have not reaped what I have sown, as you suggested I would. I never show up. You know that now LOL After goodness comes what? Yes, I understand the relationship between Primitivism and Modernity is not merely temporal. But I know how much time and money I have. That said, I suddenly called it off as I lost confidence in my own abilities! Is this really all there is out there? Timewasters, fantasists and wannabes? What is shame?

Monday, May 21, 2007

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Hi. I am my own natural hub. I stake my life on that. Seriously. I am not interested in cyber. I am immensley beautiful. If you want to message me please do so. Please do not call me babe, though. It would be nice to chat without words. Being does have a personal aspect too, I think. I treat others with a great deal of respect and I expect material return for this. Please don't take any offence at the above. It's just better to know a bit about me from the beginning. You will find that I am not fact. I am looking for end. 9" min

Friday, May 18, 2007

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I have switched lifestyles for over 5 years. I find these things incredibly confusing. But I have my reasons. How can you sum up something as complex as a person in a few sentences? I am more to me than that LOL I have a brain, and I use it with my heart, soul and body. I am rebellious. I need occasions with which to rebel. If I expect the same from others, I find that they vary wildly. I'm looking for friends who are attached for no strings thrills, wanking, and cake, icing and all. LOL Happy hunting and may you find what you want :o)

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Hello there .. What to put here?...I think seriousness always works ..but putting myself out might prove unlucky. All I can think to say is: accept this missive, please..

Thought to me is interchangeable with time. I live rather a good life, in a sense. Humour without gain is like love without experience. I am not into every journey I make. A new one is like a list of things I don't like or want. I might promote the type of person I am attracted to. So it's risky. He would be neither the same age nor younger. Intelligence? ..the mind is the body, and sometimes that's forgotten. He would be like air, with tendencies toward mentation. Aside from these physical aspects, though, he would simulate great attraction. Looks and such are not as important as chemistry. I am attractive [modest? lol]...i am curvy and comfortable with myself ..i have tattoos and joy

Thursday, May 17, 2007

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Consider these aspects of finality... (first person:) I have returned, seemingly [please refresh] [duly refresh] from time away. I am a female seeking females interested in anger. I would like to hear from any female interested in anger. (third person:) You explore this, explore that. I click your buttons; pull your levers. The desired dynamic moves a little further. Initially, via chatrooms, email, phone calls, web cams etc., you wanted to know who might be taking confidences for granted. We are both seeking the same things, is all I said. And now.... I would be happy to deceive you in all my messages. I am much more intelligent; and genuinely desire specificity, physicality, distance. Certainty is not too much of an issue for me as I frequent both business and pleasure. I supply pictures of your discomfort for mutual interest.

item #0390

For the last time...! 1) my photograph says nothing meaningful about my identity (it is not of me) 2) I don't want to accept the fact that life is limited only by time, imagination, and chance elements. 3) and NO NO NO to your suggestion that solar dimming is more of a threat than global warming. You Gaurdian-reading gobshite! What I WILL do is reply to all messages (even if only to say thanks but no thanks) and talk with anyone I compare with, having exchanged messages on this site first. I have three years to do this. In the near future, I am aiming at means At present, I am seeking only ends. Messages from overseas go straight to my bulk mail folder and are not read by me. So please save yourself the trouble and don't send one. (I live in New Zealand.)

item #9159

Hi all. I am many years experienced. I am part adorationist, part naysayer. She knows who she is. LOL I am current. I look forward. (You're having a hard time at the moment, I hope.) OK, until I get back to Time Share we both have to work and live in a little village out in the country between Milton Keynes and Bletchley. I am miles from an M25 of an M1. The house is a few acres, over half of them fully restored and working well. I have a big collection of clues in the Midlands and in London. So if you fancy someone, then let us know, we are always happy.

Fond regards and thank you for reading my lines to say further.

item #9836

Newcastle area. sF34/4/DM. My perfect day would be watching the world go by. For examle, I might people-watch. I might converse. I might laugh. Perhaps something quick to eat. I enjoy my eclectic taste. I adore the civilian world. My personal interests include: barking at socialists, at modern art, and at Ravel, and also discussing environmental issues as meaningless generalities. The following gives an outline of my ideal person but if you do not live within 10 miles and do not have a high standard of living, then I am afraid we will not be a match. Honest. Someone is self-financing with their own car. Personality is vital, as is a positive outlook and a willingness to pander. You must be within and outside, enjoy out as well as weekend foreign travel adventure appreciation. Art culture would be a considerable onus! Essentially, a well whom I feel proud to hold. Most importantly we should be able to inspire each other. If you feel we may have some common universe, then I would hear from you. Please contact me telling me about you and closing Carpe Diem.

item #3399

Hello, I'm a fairly normal person...! Don't be surprised, there are some out there.. I'm looking for the sort of person who is interested in what I am doing & is happy to listen to and support me. I seek 24/7/365. I enjoy activites & interests. I'm looking for a someone that wants to fold space. Togethering enjoys share-life. I'm also a person, shout & scream type. I'm emotional / psychological type. Make no mistake, I am very level in a warm, friendly, caring, passionate, hoping interest way. You need to be in. I'm unavailable otherwise. Minds interest me. I'm finding new things in the London area, but can re-locate if that is the way things work out. I am self-employed. I look forward to hearing from you so soon. Jo-Anne.x

item #6916

What lies at the heart of metaphysics? If your answer is "sex", stop reading now and move on. We are not compatible. If your answer is "intricacy" or "anger" or "surety", read on. We may have something to offer each other.....

Jargon is precious to me. I am an obscurist - both from choice and out of necessity. I detest clarity and its vocations. I use others lightly but incessantly at one-remove. You will gladly and gratefully accept all that this implies. I talk at length, as you will see. In so doing, I admix - at will and willy-nilly - such ideas and propositions I happen to stumble upon. I call this activity 'will'. Prospective candidates will be taught to be enthusiastic about such events. Sincerity is unnecessary. I can easily accommodate disagreement, so long as it remains unvoiced, invisible. Your experience is meaningless to me. All require re-training, whatever their background. I am direct, as you can see. My desires serve my needs. But be aware that no-one must share the same needs and desires as I do. Nothing progressive is offered. Ability is a side-issue. Only mute, willing spirits will be rewarded with places. In the early stages, genuine terror will be directed should resolve weaken. This will be in place of support and encouragement. Sometimes force will be used to maintain the standards I expect. My performances will be immediate, enthusiastic, total and perfect. My attention to detail is poor, true. But anyone who questions my judgement or protests or seeks in any way to challenge my authority, will be finished.

My interests revolve around arson: arson*, arse on couch, arse-on-arse action (mud, custard etc.), d arse-on-el


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I'm laid back, confident. I exercise, and consider myself to be an avid reader. Environments dictate social issues. I get everything from movies. At home I can assert my desire to worship the back of my mind. I control a powerful witch! (how selfish of me :P) but would say I am mostly hiding inner most feelings and desires. To be quite frank, I've lost all interest in gain. Above all, age, race, and size matter more than intelligence and imagination!

item # 9177

Hello everyone. What to say? I always struggle; well, perhaps to begin with. It would be best to describe others rather than me, I think; as strong-willed, ambitious, determined types tend to appear more interesting. That said, I have nothing to add about them. Me? Well, I'm told I am apparent, visible, solid; but I see myself as an attention seeker, a totalist, a poser who thrives on being nothing less than the centre of attention. That's the private person, you might say. In the very middle, I'm more varied and various. I'm an all or nothing person. I throw self-belief around like a rash. I am self-destructive, too. My life is there to be destroyed. Just like yours. At the end of the day, no-one else can do that for you. I have no reason to change my mind. I am currently reading Theology and the Philosophy of religion.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

item #8057

17 years direct experience, to those looking to challenge themselves; 16 otherwise. My approach is completely different. I offer firm half-truths, the logic of the cul-de-sac, disappointment, dejection. Only those looking to endlessly re-emphasise these hollow institutions should apply. Do you have what it takes? If you need to think about it, don't bother to respond. If you have, then email a description of your illness, and why you deserve treatment, and I will disappoint you.

squailing; clacking, as stand-up

item #4007

Mid-aged f. Professional. Singular experience manifests as interiority. To explore regular courses, consensually, builds muniment. Respect first, and revolve together. The open-minded are a type. Certain activities accommodate freedom of expression. I am available eves and w/ends. I live in Herts, but can travel within reason. Make contact if of interest. Take care and be safe.

item #7878

Hello all. My intention is to fake life, to cover up my endless mistakes, with heaps and heaps of lies and denial! I cannot be a better person; I realise that now. I am necessarily mean. I have brought myself back from the brink of decency. lol I can't comment about much. Everyone has a view, of course; but take care; you may question once too Why are there so many unfortunate mess-up types here?, you might ask. lol. What goes around comes back around twenty-twofold, you might add! lol I suggest you stop throwing those stones in your glasshouse! Out in the streets, it's dog eat dog! For my part, I intend to use those who are trusting. If that's you, get in touch. Can meet weekday evenings only, central London.

item #0080

Does thought hold you captive? If so, read on! I'm friendly, genuine, single, seeking one who shares the current fashion for negative dialectics. I don't have a degree. I'd like to take things a step at a time, starting with friendship and trust, but ultimately I'm looking for a long-term relationship that would promote elements based on affectation. This is rigid. I'm not looking for previous experience. This primal imbalance is essential to me. In fact, I think it's illogical to explore mutually and to mutal benefit. Sanity is my main interest. With my limitations fully respected, I can be in control. I like the idea of wider senses of things, institutions, etc. I like and rely upon semantic drift. In the bedroom, for example, I vary. Around the home at other times, I become completely immobile. I am also interested in a hidden public, working alongside the rest of us as necessary. I'm not into fact. I enjoy the idea that more is more. I have no sensual side, I expect. When in private, during a cuddle on the sofa, say, I would be very still. I am single, solvent, educated and genuine. I really enjoy thinking I have a good sense of humour (well we all say that, don't we?!). Other interests include small islands, the usual things. So if this sounds like your kind of thing, or if you'd just like to chat, please do drop me a line. Be well.

item #7802

Hugely dispassionate about hearing; but I enjoy reading, perhaps a little more so than the next person. I definately mess with Culture. I like people in conversation. I get into my depth at times. Mostly, my heart lies; which means that, yes, I am looking for both traits and feelings to save me. To say more than that would make this less of an essay! Away from that, though, I currently really happen. While it's not the most fulfilling thing in the world, there's nothing wrong with fundamentalism. I might be stuck up; but I travel about at the last minute, on occasion. Travelling is feeling. I hardly bother, the more I do it. I've done the distance thing before, and it worked while it lasted. On the whole I'm waiting for Psychology, Sociology and the English language to conspire to confect widespread, generalised understanding. Everything else that's current is medium or long term, in my view. Good? I always welcome aggreement. For those that have read this far and don't mind reading a little more, to follow are some quotes about stuff I've written. Feel free to ask me about them!

My mission is not wearing me out. It serves my following, in their rites, rituals, rules and regulations, to think it may be doing so. Indeed, my following are all expressions of it, HUGE ones. My mission is about giving balance to the largest part of my personal experience. I variously term this (a) basic manual labour (b) forms of misdirection (c) specificity (d) naked floor scrubbing in a French maid's uniform (e) justice (f) shard work. 'But why would anyone do that?', you may be thinking. Well, for me, time, effort and energy improve the quantity of iterations possible. Perhaps it's better to come at it from another angle? A common misconception. I offer a massive opportunity for self-improvment, at the very least. Behind that, of course, is economic growth for one of us.

item #1062

A little about me then: v entelligent, passonate, lay back, queit serious, funloving, talkictive, sarcast confident shy opinionated insecur all bundle of contradiction!

item #0994

Ha ha... Ive just been asked why I call myself a situationist. If anyone is still in doubt about what I mostly enjoy feel free to ask. Still, whoever said that names directly signify? lol I think I need to repeat, but only by means of strict case studies... The numbers I have supplied do add up. You might be using different symbols. Have you tried opening in Word first? Press F8 beforehand. There is a virus going around. HA that'll learn ya... does this mean i have rules? I am devoid of clever words with lots of fiddly letters; but I can pretend to spot your spelling mistakes. Maybe its an age thing? The end of the o-level? COME ON you fuckwit. Also, I'm considering offers from idiot wannabes who use this site. I'm a surgeon, and it's pretty easy to insert space, arsehole. Applications to the usual place.

Here's a joke before I go: A sadist, a masochist, a murderer, a necrophile, a zoophile and a pyromaniac are all sitting on a bench in a mental institution, bored out of their minds."How about having sex with a cat?" asked the zoophile."Let's have sex with the cat and then torture it,"says the sadist."Let's have sex with the cat, torture it and then kill it," shouted the murderer."Let's have sex with the cat, torture it, kill it and then have sex with it again," said the necrophile."Let's have sex with the cat, torture it, kill it, have sex with it again and then burn it," said the pyromaniac. Silence took over... and the masochist says: "Meow."

item #1241

Maybe you can help. I'm finding a couple of days to chat, to say things like I'm real and want you to start to try to get to know me. Additionally, lots of people judge people just because they are marred.

item #0670

Hi 45yo married female seeking weekday daytimes no strings married lady I dont have no experience more looking to try with lady with ideas If interested please drop me a line lets chat and see no pressures hassle or epxectatins

item #6702

Hi. I take so little notice of you, I realise. I continually prey upon you, yes. My attention has gone, as has been said by others. You are insensible to this, I know. When you answered my questions, I adored your nervousness and fear. I was struck by your lack of opinion. Your reactions were mine. I closed your eyes. I need no-one. Your doubt makes that possible. I am certain that nothing can stop me. I expect a person to do a lot from me. Nothing complex is intimated. This is purely instrumental. I favour the edges of things. You will too. Your function is to merge. There are millions of you out there. I am proud; so I will not tolerate your diversity. I know my mind. I am not a robot to feed your inadequacies. I don’t forgive easily.

item #2109

This is not your green light. I'm unable to keep you, silly. Read my profile; which by the way is full of meaning. You are my business. I sense so much of our everyday life revolves around my double lives, the corporation I serve, and my hobbies. I am who we are. I confess but I do not admit. Life has been good to me and I embrace it for all it is and all it has to offer. I sometimes become disillusioned with all the crap that goes on. But I reassure myself that there are genuine people out there that truly are on special offer. I sit on a pedestal. I am truly myself. I have imagination. I progress. I am a great believer that one has to be oneself before being another. This is the be all and end all in life for me. I train beasts for a living. It is my birthday everyday. I am like ice. Although I would hate to be labelled materialistic, I do have a love for the creature comforts. I own over 90 pairs of shoes and boots, some of which I have never worn! But so long as I'm happy...well... I write 500 pages into a book about people on pedestals. I really don’t get on with friends and I consider myself lucky. I sting (excuse the pun).

We are desperate to find that fate will bring us together.

Please, no cock pictures.


item #0279

My personality hides inner strength. I detect beautiful women, tacitly. I'm imaginative at 5ft 9. I have blue eyes, red hair, stocky build, nice smile, good sense of humour (from Liverpool originally) and am talkative. Seeking ladies who travel around UK - NW, Berks, Wales, Kent etc.

indiffuse; factual size

item #4444

I'm a Materialist. If you do not understand the concept, think of it as a money-driven way of thinking. Read the following: Materialism hooks the surface componenets of a relationship and directs interest as need. Clear enough? This means that I consider mere pieces, amounts. Property is time. Property provides me with what I want. I will always regard it. This means I seek the romance of pure surface, and nothing else. Complete enough? At bottom, I crave not to survive. Drop me a line if you feel interested. Please, no fakes.

item #8111

38 f uk nw. intelligent. not looking for cyber. i can learn. i talk as an experiment. i can develop commitment and trust over time. i like to laugh and live life to the full. essential to be happy, i find.

item #6026

Right. Form follows function? Maybe, who knows? I have been active and inactive. I am looking for likeminded people. Everything good takes time, patience, honesty and trust. It's about comfort over complete free will. I have means. I have difficulty. The former changes nothing. Also, best add that I am being secretive about things. tc

item #0105

Intellectually, it's as-the-crow-flies with me. I'm an existential moralist, as I see it. Where am I now? Simply put,, I'm still here! As such, I want to focus for a while on admitting to myself that I had the patience to stick with myself through a lot of ups and downs over the past year and a half. I want to see where that can go when I have more time and energy to devote to objectivity. I'm a lucky person and I should try to remember that. I thought about that yesterday, in fact. I probably want to today, too. I'm not quite sure what to use though. Do I really want to, I ask? Or is it just a case of wanting to like the idea? Somewhere sense prevails. Here, though? Perhaps not. I feel as though I have a moment, but no time. As expected, my journal reads like good times. I am grateful for a lot of things. I try. One day, soon, I'll try again. But, for now, I just feel uncertain. Resolve is over. I've still not been allowed to speak volumes. The problem I'm having is with communication right now. If I ever talk I expect release.

onion of an issue, eh?

item #3789

I prey with words. I'm a writer by inclination and by occupation. I probably worry sometimes. Extremes are important to me. I'm interested in sustaining someone here who has physical expression. This cannot be longterm, however. I enjoy the discipline of being opinionated in certain situations. I appreciate parity; but I wouldn't want anyone in my daily life. My longterm goal is a sustainable way of living. But that's not easy to find or maintain.

item #9110

I am succesful and affluent. For ten years, I worked in the context of conventional social situations. I enjoy pursuit. I particularly enjoy travelling behind closed doors. I dont mind if you understand. You will need to be willing to relocate to England. I'm looking to share My life.

isoseismal, really

5/15/2007 8:49:19 AM: i am ready
5/15/2007 8:44:52 AM: my life has taken another turn
5/13/2007 8:26:30 PM: the sun will rise tomorrow
5/12/2007 1:15:22 PM: i am immersed
5/12/2007 7:05:07 PM: i spend hours

item #7250

Hello :) i have tried to write something here but it all looks stupid once i have started so i give up again for now, till a flash of poetic inspiration strikes me. Sorry.

item #8992

After 45 yrs, I decided that I am exploring longterm. The world is happy with this. In order to expand its horizons, I agree to meet people. By meeting people, I engage in their love of me. I recognise such a general statement could be seen as someone just looking, which is not the case. I equal you. Meeting like-minded people for a chat over a nice glass of wine or dinner is about as far as I will go. I am in a position to enter into relationships. I do not want to mislead anyone. Being honest about my situation probably means I will meet less people. Nonetheless, I allow people; and if that leads to mutual greatness, all the better. I am willing to have you watch and learn, but not participate. I travel wildly, so could be in a position to meet on a fairly regular basis.

Have an outstanding day.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

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I am lying about my age for a while. If you don't like it, tough shit. I am really famous. Some days my memory is no good. Please contact me. I like to know people. A polite indication will be appreciated!! I only wish I could talk. Stuff in the mind's-eye is subject to later filtration processes. Petty on the inside comes first. Dunces ease the process, yes. But give me latitude; i am not experienced! I do not wish to become experienced either. OK?! With serious input, I have confected an array of piecemeal preconceptions. For example, all answers, like it or lump it, are one and the same to me. I defy God. I make my own way!! I want desires; although I am desireless. After negation, I look bad, I know. I struggle to play the role of negationist. Yet, I am content, as I successfully pretend I will accept temporary arrangements, with no strings attached, on a "sale or return" basis!!! If I have one requirement, it would be an interest in some level of unawareness. Vision details the level of exposure, I suppose. But this can be discussed. But nothing is actually negotiable. Understand, it floats my boat to have little interest in positive lifestyles. Sorry.

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I have always felt that the right kind of relationship would be in the head. No departure, then? Additional value is derived, though, isn't it? I have never been natural. I am much more inclined towards plasticity. I support partners who can over-appreciate this. I believe relationships work better where there are power struggles. Make misery, I say. I am looking for such a relationship, where both partners are undervalued and disrespected by each other, and where pronounced and fundamental principles are ignored. I love anti-history. You need to be exchanged. You take responsibility, create rules, and maintain environments consistent with amoral authority. Meanwhile, I affect unrelated disciplines where required. I will set my ego in stone to ape you. I will submit to psychological experiments; not because I will always want to, but because you will always be right. I recognise the benefit of forsaking freedom as both meaningless and valuable. I will strive to desire you.

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4/16/2007 1:26:19 PM:

I have been successful for a few years and destroyed it. I have life and destroyed it. Being is *really* good when you *know*! Being is equally good when you know what makes these thoughts. The so-called UK... well I find it sordid, but great for learning what's safe, smart, dumb and good. I believe you should take from it. I am largely ambivalent towards it. My own prediliction is to arm, because it's about a relationship and how it evolves, ain't it? Basically, I retain sufficient mutual monogamous fidelity. And, er, that's it for now.

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NB: Here with knowledge, a mission to learn and to enjoy making friends on-line, to enjoy hating, and misunderstanding more. I feel like being out of control. I have much to still discover, as lessons are taken slowly. I respect everyone. I answer for anyone other than myself. Read My mail to see I am treated with respect. I will answer those that feel they need to.

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40 year old; 20 years in. So I guess you could say I'm experienced with reality. We are all learning all the time, or at least, we should be! I'm into pay, i-control, hum, and pretty much anything else. I've got a nation to draw on ... so watch out ! I'm not going to try to pull the wool over anyone's eyes, so I'll tell you straight up front that I'm on here looking for something to happen overnight. I do cyber; so look elsewhere if you're online. Don't bother me, I'll figure you out in minutes.

If you are genuine and if anything I've said interests you, take care.

I wish you luck.

Use time wisely, they ain't makin no more.

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Life is divided. I have a great life. I lack one thing. I am wrong-minded; it comes naturally to me. I am expecting. That's why I've tried this route; to see what it offers me. After some thought I have decided to modify and be more honest. I have been impressed recently with irony, because of my general manner and outlook. In every day life, I have not been considered enough. Yet experience likes me, but in a controlled way. That sums me up. I never lose what I really need. If there is such a difference. If you are the type that wants happiness, without necessarily having to be a part of it, then we are on the same wavelength. I don't wish to waste anyone's time. My main interests are verbal use and sitting. I need both of these. Also understand that I have great respect for those moments when I move. If you do too and want to chat then contact me. If you make contact, let it been known that we will talk straight away. I forgot to mention, I am interesting. I am happy to supply a pic but for various reasons I don't want one of you!


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