Wednesday, June 24, 2009

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I suppose the following tract is meant for general interest ... For all my studies, I have not found any significant coherence between the supposedly better-educated and more affluent users of this place and those less endowed in the same areas. All I have seen are random orientations. These are played out within an environment of never-changing inequality, with only a few barely-detectable differing repre­sentations and differing representational modes and mores occurring along certain ignored peripheries. If I may venture a useful caricature, by way of illuminating and illustrating this particular point... If diversity preys upon the validity and substance of variance itself, in some erotic irresponse to, for instance, visibility of means, or a certain material dysfunction, then it must be the case that any group must and will remain indifferent to any other.

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Cruel England's sadistic unoriginality. Its punishments are ever familiar to me, ever deleterious. I am whatever gets deleted. Contact me if you are interested.

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Re. Comments made by 'Kwerkee UK (35) willing to relocate' recently: It's base and offensive to reduce the brain to some kind of simplistic erogenous zone, or to narrowly suggest, as you go on to do, that we all have to exchange ideas constantly and with everyone else simultaneously in order to constitute the world and all its peoples and machinations. I did that between 1999 and 2004 and it got me nowhere. Stuff still disappeared. Stuff still ended. Email isn't the place to destroy and ridicule your childish, petulant notions. I'd prefer to laugh in your big fat face. Care to meet? At least share your number, as I'd like to shower you with abusive text messages at unsociable hours. I'm amazed at how enthusiastic you seem to be to waste the time of others on here. Cog

Sunday, June 21, 2009

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I seriously doubt life begins by interesting someone in limitless supremacy. So I am drawn towards the sadistic. (He who seeks is he who contracts, etc.)

The stage is set for you.


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I like to think of myself as being good at conversation. But I was shocked at one I was dragged into on a bulletin board on here recently. Outlining the issues will be instructive. Here we go .... I am a recognised authority on a wide range of subjects. I'm a really big reader. I like to think I can stimulate others, challenge them mentally, on many levels. So the profile header I chose reflected that. I merely ticked that option, since it is offered, and said a little about what it meant in my case. So far, so good, you'd think. But this morning I logged onto my account and saw a new thread which, even with its severe and bizarre abbreviations, I could see was aimed right at me and issues I'd raised. This concerned the deceptive beauty of some germane languages ... I'm half-germane, on my mother's side. I always try to be gentile in my opinions. But I had argued with a degree of passion, maybe. But why should that bother anyone? I thought I was making a simultaneously general and personal point, to which no-one could take offence. In the event though it wasn't the case. I'm still striving to accommodate those harsh words tossed in my direction, by some weird notionalist. No sensation can compete with that. I'm fed up with constructed guidance, and sometimes I'm contained within my own pleasure. I'm no cloud, however. I never forget. So I'm not starting now. Anymore broadsides and I publish, ok. Zee

Saturday, June 20, 2009

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OK, so I wish I didn't have to write this, but alas some things never change. Ok, I sent an intro message to bernie2005 only to be confronted with this: 'You surplus, you no mind, you no body, you no soul. You cannot handle me. I am an addition. I am a lifestyle, and beyond the shield you think you need'. I had caught my eye upon her, yes. But, my intention was only to enrol within her dynamic. Yes, I'm monitory, a cog, and I'm encouraged by self-promotion. I joined this site for those reasons. But my designs are there to encourage interaction between like-minds towards mutual scenarios. She, meanwhile, seems to associate the same things with a desire to rule the roost. Hmmmh ... I smell bullshit. Bernie, I take my life seriously. It's not that I'm unappreciative of asking questions and how shapes can be made from the results. I fully realise the relevance of community. But, why list your objections as if made of stone? I can help pass the word, if you like. But I think it's only fair if you neither attempt to fool nor frequent me here. Happy days, I suppose LOL Carry x

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If I am beautiful in your eyes then it is because my heart is still pounding from your kisses and my body is in your thoughts. Be still my darling, and thank you. Your Julia xXx

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I'm happy just to feel useful. Not sure beyond that what it is I am looking for. I had a peculiar upbringing. Lots of moving around, and little continuity. I suppose I'm ironing out some issues because of that, like we all are. I don't indulge myself too much in all that though. But I can get pensive sometimes. Sounds bland maybe but I just want someone who understands me. I get my pleasure from helping others. But I need stuff back in return. I'm not a doormat. Anything can become a chore, but I'm ok with grafting on something meaningful, and I think love takes effort - even love at first sight. I tend to suffer on my own, and I'm happiest when I'm in a relationship. I just need to live for someone else as well as for me. Toni

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We live in a remote rural location in the far north west of England. We work hard and thrive upon physicality for its own sake and in environments where that is both logical and inevitable. Fulfillment services what is most essential - and in every case, and without fail. We are prepared for your alteration. Indeed, we have based ideas we've already had upon any immediate requirements you might have of us. Only through manual labour can the world by modified. Our home is open to you if you agree. We are not prepared to elaborate within any detailed discussion, unless you appear sexual, transmitted, a piece of meat. If interested, you will respond with a formal curriculum vitae, medical history and a picture showing your whole face. R & R

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Been here before without success. Been away. Fucked up thoughts, getting over stuff - mostly HIM. Giving it another try. Black thoughts though. Ultimately I am looking for a loving relationship. Why is that so strange? I'm in the wrong place I realise. If this is merely idle, then so what? I work hard, and my life is not the one I want. So I'm seeking distractions in the short-term and grander stuff in the longer-term. A little about me.... I like to explore everything that is around me, even if on automatic. The smallest things bring me pleasure, because I take the time notice. Here it is: I AM SENSUAL, if that is your thing. I don't carbon copy. Get over it. Other encounters between two people have no ending. Forget all that. All I know is the kiss was denied.

item #0601

i was in a relationship where i lactated. relationship ended and i dried out. am now trying to relactate with a modicum of success. udder

Thursday, June 18, 2009

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I'm some preternatural replacement for men, and I love playing at those little punishment scenes.


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Gain is a contradiction. I'm growing away from it and from you. You are all about gain. You're not the woman I married three years ago. I'm no longer nervous of knowing that. We cannot now bridge the gap. Time to divide things and separate. I've had my time making hay. Back to the black sheep and my tendency for solitude.

I cannot wait.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

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susie's back. but i do not think i have the strength to admit my many faults. i am nosey and opinionated, like many have said. i've become uninvolved and separate. i'll never tell anyone here how brilliant my life is. needless to say i feel complete. except friendship. all for now.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

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Others limit rationality, no me. I cannot understand why I have been accused as I have been. In my defence, because I was caught off-guard, I listed all kinds of subjective preferences, which, to be fair, I thought would be sufficient given the standing of my central accuser. It wasn't until I was confronted with wider consequences, and the image of your department came more clearly into view, that I realised that I have to go further. It isn't that I've performed some kind of demeaning volte-face, as some have suggested on postings I've seen elsewhere on this god-forsaken site; I've altered not one representation, nor have I realigned any practical goal, nor, indeed, have I been imprecise in my calculations. My preliminary definitions hold. The arguments against me are all about process and achieving a workable consensus concerning what process itself means. Whilst I recognise the validity of claims associated with this key paradigm shift, their emphasis upon conceptual assumptions, claimed as implicit, shared and imminent, is utterly meaningless. Perhaps, by dint of pure authority, you will judge me negatively, and in so doing exclude me for the work I have been doing, faithfully, for over twelve years. I know the truth, however, and I will neither confess nor be silent for your convenience.

item #7509

Uncommonly, and perhaps conditionally, my present situation - a mere birth, in portions, but important to me, of course - leaves me missing the severity of the anomalies and differences my lover has carried, undiagnosed and unreported, from person to person. This makes growth itself difficult to determine or estimate.

Monday, June 15, 2009

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i have to sever contact in two weeks. i make no secret of completist terminologies of that kind, as i'm a satirist and a fatalist, so i seek opportunities for new kinds of closure. that said, what i view as normalcy doesn't mean i want to evenly associate with others who rank ditto. within your own homes you can be specific, ok. but eleswhere your everyday speech just makes you sound like a posing twat. ones, zeros

item #7400

I was in your care last week. My guardian. My angel. But I must now walk away and I cannot praise you. I am, though, safe and sound.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

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It seems that I'm finding others despite myself. I used to keep this profile private, strictly by invite only, as I prefer to observe. But I was accused of being just another fantasist. So, I decided to open things out for those with little imagination. I'm hoping to get my rocks off, like everyone else. But I prefer another route. I'm not going to comprehensively explain what I mean by that, however, except to say that I will eventually disappear, unannounced, in a whirl of seeming dishonesty and unanswered questions.

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In response to a recent bulletinboard posting I saw whilst on my wanderings ... Gele (Stains) stated that 'blind therapy - malevolent of paradox, pathological of stray - you trap and entangle me, remaining futile to all attempts at unravelling from within.' Well, Sir, my own emergence is one of candid imminence, and the identifications which I perceive as levelling form patterns of difference, between one participant and another. I recognise what is happening and know that I should remain (as you describe it) non-confrontational. But for all that I am onal, I am seg-imagel, po-furthee. I am dimensional. To text, I ideate, in forms interactive and piecemeal. Partake in my remainings, why won't you. See, I speed my legs on neutral ground for you. The user discovers me. But I cannot take more recognition, sorry. What feelings are? Grizzly

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For several days during my twenties I squatted down to meet him. I previously told others that he mustered no kind of genius, and certainly no honesty, but that he at least looked me straight in the eyes. I grew up fast. It was wonderful for the most part. For what felt like a thousand happy hours I took to his concept of bodies without form or variety, demonstrating on behalf of his wilfully faked tribe, as a method of connecting to the dissimilar. Divine. Utterly so. In time my face was covered with his locked metal flags. Greater and greater associations ensued. I was described as exciting. Descriptions became pleasurable. I had very little spiritual experience, but I became more and more open to a series of easy modifications. Blue murder. The following months were dominated by the collecting of people, taken in by puncturing. The next level beckoned, and I was truly excited. My only further hope is that I never stop thinking about you. Ms Travis

Saturday, June 06, 2009

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I know that the world changes. I used to fret everyday that I contributed nothing substantial to those changes. I am beyond that now, however. I'm undisciplined. That's a fact. Others on here cook their books in the hope of attracting good responses. I'm amazed at some of the wild and weird claims I read about. How can that work in the long run? I really hate the voting system here, too, and I disable comments. I speak the truth - warts and all. I'm just an average male, solvent, with wide interests. I don't have a personal agenda, and to me it isn't either a game or an idle past-time. I have only serious tendencies. So please say hi, and if I don't get straight back to you it is because I don't think we have anything in common. Take care. Dean

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foa, thank you graham for beautiful flowers yesterday. some days are better than others and you made the best even better. but if you expect me to reply to your invite you are dreaming. let it go. you haven't figured yourself out. anyway, too much work lately. so i've not been here as often as i like. i deleted my previous profile and the diaries i had too. decided to start afresh. so watch this space. cindy

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When I first decided to join this site I was very sceptical. I did not know what to expect as there are some unfriendly and impolite people here, and their voices seem loudest. I have tried not to associate with these, but sometimes people start out friendly, then when they don't get what they want or you stop entertaining them, they turn nasty. That happened earlier today - someone I'd been chatting to for six months ended up being abusive. I was silly enough to share my phone details. I know I'd be banned if I named names. So I cannot warn others. If you ask though I'll tell you and I can offer the proof too. Love and Respect, Tina x

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Hello and good day all... Richard here, UK ex-pat, currently based in East Africa. Primarily, I've identified the path I will take with the insight my time on this site has given me. So I'm clear-headed, I feel, and well past the early stages in the developments called for. I'm not fixed, though. So, it's still open, and I invite discourse on any subjects I might raise. There are, I think, distinct and detectable levels of freewill just as there are levels of becoming. This statement has a broad reach and wide implications, I realise. For instance, I might be saying that I am not a democrat - and to an extent that is true. I've personally been happy many times ceding power to others. It's the suitability of those others to take power over me which matters, I believe; and it is a wasteful distraction to get hung up over the principle of absolute suffrage. Such a hierarchy is overtly ideological - in the pejorative sense - in my view, and can and has led to problems, huge problems at that, as well as causing countless squandered opportunities. In that sense, democracy is a faint; and is too often used by those who know its shortcomings, and who have a willingness to exploit them, to control and to manipulate others who do not. How can true democracy be convened in the midst of such basic inequalities? I know I'm moving quickly with these points, but I think this is the locus of a whole set of pervasive and intrinsic problems, really, of consciousness itself. We are told over and over that life is about the search for meaning - that is, some kind of something in all this apparent nothingness. If we accept that there is nothing at the heart of being, then the more we learn to love and embrace that emptiness surely the more natural we will feel as a species? I'm not making an indirect pitch for Buddhism and its ilk, by the way. All my appetites are firmly Western Capitalist. I'm simply looking for opportunities to reconfigure the seeming negativity of the void, and its supposed meaninglessness and fatality, as the fulcrum of being, into something we should regard and include with consciousness per se. The void, that is to say, is not extramural to being, it is, in contrast, wholly intrinsic to it; in other words, being is simultaneously comprised of something and nothing. The point is an ontological one, therefore.

I welcome the opportunity to speak to, and to learn and grow with people from this site.

Much love x

item #6000

i have a new found interest in what i think is called projective fabric of existence. it's from the states i'm told. ca? sounds odd maybe i acknowledge that. but look deeper, ok. i adore the essence of its passionate fury and i have discovered i have nothing to say to those who choose to ignore it. so it acts as a filter for me and it's sane to cut to the chase so i'm being practical as well. the doctrine says that the realms of flesh cry out as absence in a world of things, overstuffed with cloying presences, suffocating those who seek clearings. google it and see. i'm not looking for anything but friendship based on mutual interests. i'm happy for now. bride steven

Friday, June 05, 2009



Ha ha figures walk through me so we can note that i am not walking through them. i am whipped up into frenzies. i am looking for their [...]. i am new to this and don't mind how much deeper i go. hope you're at the bottom when i fall there.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

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To 4evayours: Poor foolish darling, God has no 'mojo' - whatever that is! You use terminologies I neither understand nor care about. But this is not a call by me to be educated by you. My intentions are purely rhetorical; some fun at your expense. I was initially tempted simply to correct your innumerable spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. But, though the savagery of doing so appealled, the excersise would just take too long! I know the Internet is about open-access, democracy and all that guff, but you could at least try to write something legible. Anyway, just to say along the way, guys, after this tirade, I’m heading into hibernation. I've grown bored of this site, as, despite the wishes of its esteamed and well-meaning moderators, I see all the same things discussed day-after-day. I think perhaps I've been here too long, and maybe it is time to find another entertaining waste-of-time! So - bye bye, one and all. Back to my tirade ... Methinks, you're a bit, what used to be called, educationally-subnormal; easy meat, then - oh good! I don't even have to use, what you'd no doubt call, 'big words' to go fatally beyond your ken. I do love a low-input fuckwit on a boring Tuesday night. So, I suppose I should thank you! I won't do so, though ... This is all I'm prepared to do for you, 4evayours ... Come to me, my feral pig, of too-little-too-late; be re-added to the things I aim to curse. Be the hollow bitch on my shopping-list, and I will gladly impose upon you. Joanna

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

item #0029

Here, I speak of my country.

I tend its filaments, casting forward, and with it myself, ethereal and genteel. No surrender. Not for this land of black sets and stalkers. Desire falls upon its arching back, replenished by supplication. No flag for equus. No matriarch.

Ryan (smiling)

item #2229

Friday was about my future, I realise; and maybe I dwell too much upon that, as I suspect you think, but don't say. You asked me to write about my innermost feelings. So here I am, doing just that. You said my writing should include earlier, more involved writing, which I did when I felt myself to be more lucid. I started to get emotional when you suggested I was not quite as perceptive as I used to be. It seemed too sudden, and I remembered feeling guilty about situations I still cannot believe really happened to me; so I reacted badly, I suppose. Why does all this frighten me? I just don't know. All I can say is that I probed my memory further, and realised that, I was still angry with myself about specific situations, and that I was transferring that anger onto anything you might have said. I feel like someone else ends these things, and, really, in myself, I never pay attention to what I say when I'm that other person. Can you understand how disconcerting that is for me? I grew up craving a situation where I have to constantly defend myself, so that I could make disagreement a feature of how I express myself. But, darling, this just isn't that situation. It pains me to think I still don't live that life, but I'm incredibly proud of myself because it still remains an issue. I haven't lost sight of things. I still have this overwhelming urge and the urge itself is providential. Another good point is that I'm less inclined to be amazed these days. I absolutely could not live in awe like I did, maybe, twenty years ago. All the answers I sought, childishly, have revealed themselves to be empty shells, white elephants, misnomer. It is the not knowing that interests me now. Anyway, that's all in my head. What I really want to say is that I miss you, and I want to put myself in a big white envelope and post myself off to you. Emily

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

item #0082

Never open up without appearing to do so, you said, and you were right. I know that now - the hard way. I've spent the day licking my wounds; it's what I do with that knowledge, though, that you'll be interested in. So, if you will, to some ideas I've had ... What, I wonder, makes it possible to substitute the contents of, let's say, an 'elemental terminology' - as it permutates, transforms and restructures the forbidden remainders of so-called 'classical thought' into concerns only for some kind of 'centre' - for those of, for example, paradox and belonging, or even the totality? It seems to me that coherence in and of itself is neither directly or reliably conditional upon general desire - or, as I prefer to call it, fundament, whether grounded and immobile or less static. There is, therefore, less in the way of certitude in this corpus of assertions; and any ensuing anxiety, I feel, implicates all those who realise this in a game of being fraught with false beginnings, false repetitions and false substitutions. It is for these reasons that I cannot see how the transformations you say you are concerned with - towards establishing meaning unaffected by any kind of anticipated formal presence - can effectively move upon those layers of archeology, which eschatology itself makes an accomplice of. I believe, in contrast, that my own interest in reducing the situation to basic structures - in an attempt to conceive of and to organise methodological starting points which are easily understood - will imbue presence upon the problems we are each of us endeavouring to find solutions for. Iain

item #0089

i'll try making it a bit clearer. ok, my passion is me. at least i have it listed as a categorical imperative. to be compatible with me you have to agree with me. i hate people with too much to say, or those with too many ideas. so i'm keeping it brief and i'm keeping it simple. in a nutshell i'm looking for someone i want to fuck. thanks. em

Monday, June 01, 2009

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It wouldn't be unusual for third parties to join us. But that's too easy, we think. So, I will elucidate... I have myself fixed as a strange target of sanity. He is elsewhere and differs. Lovers A & B, I will own you, as personnel, for my voyeuristic pleasure. It arouses me to think that man is wrong.