Monday, October 30, 2006

Got this from Zan Hoffman

The 22nd Here Be Monsters is nearly finished
please tell me if I have credited you incorrectly:
Minuit [es]
Murmurists [uk]
Seiei Jack [jp]
Tore Stemland [no]
Ronny Waernes [no]
Bai Tain [cn]
Wilson Tsang [hk]
One Man Nation [sg]
Zen Lu [cn]
Mario Tiziano [it]

The cover will appear here when ready

I'm really excited about this release & I will let everyone know when mp3 file is available of it.

thanks for the great one minute wonders... keep 'em comin'!
your pal in the bluegrass state

Zan-- -> My World

Can we agree on beauty?

Above is Max Eastley with 'The Arc', but a general point is made, sought after


It giggles at Bowie

We never know, it seems to us. We proceed on that basis; making a virtue of indeterminacy, the incondite, the make-do. We are forgrounding an artwork about (as it were) David Bowie, and how we find him hilarious, generally speaking. Can we say this without appearing to be insulting, we wonder? We wish to. We are trying to. In the background, aurally, and as building blocks, is the sound of Derek Bailey, Bow Bells, and a VCS3. We are mixing these; we are stretching Bailey's arm-work until his guitar sounds like a helicopter. Inspired, we paint a helicopter, and photograph it. Bow Bells sound generic, but we want them to sound specific. We want that Toopian soundmark, like an object of social realism. The VCS3 is wobbling away. 21 buttons are pressed. An hour passes.

Saturday, October 28, 2006












Friday, October 27, 2006

Yes, I have MSN; yes, I have Yahoo

Pig Ignorant, Cafe Abdab, 2006

Rauschenberg ee werrrg ee

Jasperjohnssssss sslydon

Merce Cunningham


can we agree on beauty?


with Ed, 25th October 2006

Styhead Tarn, with Great End in the background


Fairfield Horseshoe


Fairfield from Heron Pike

Sunday, October 22, 2006



Linda Kitson Goes South


By Accretion

Pierre Klossowski & Mrs. Klossowski


terms & conditions

I need you

dent/dint [o.n.o.] & what does it matter, old beautiful friend?

f t ft fttt ft flut eer
cabbage white
cobweb-thinly f t flut eer
as solid light


it giggles at bowie

00000,0, 000

Decaf Bjorknutrino, Cafe Abdab, 2006

squailing, some belly

a reading of A reading

Schwitters titters, in some far off meanwhile

John Dos Passos

ordnance.trick questioneer.internecinese


p p

Ostia Steve Swallow, Cafe Abdab, 2006


thin codes, thick lines

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Cage says, '...sad historicist, remember, this is at you not with you...'

I'll sleep when I'm dead (Pontins, Butlins ... o.n.o.)

Nietzschean Ennui/Ha!/Grammar is all full-stops/Ha! (but, then, it's under the moon of love, o.n.o.)

Sunday, October 15, 2006

eggs is eggs, mate