Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Id Vicious, Ronnie-JamesRadiohead, & Xy Satie, outside Cade Abdab, 2007


item #4191

LOL yes, due to quasi-wisdom, and its weak and severalising spectres, of economy and empty cool, silence is fool-golden only. Thus-wise, cryer you are, you will keep ticking to its cranks and levers. Meanwhile, do not live any of our messages, just in case. Indeed, be more insistent. For instance, consider acts and facts that picture responders by implication rather than by association. Grow up; and for heavens sake, keep re-sending your details. Each mail entrenches, as we said before. You're likely to bore us, yes; but we will not block you. Fall freely, as you please.

Monday, November 26, 2007

fuff fuff

Sunday, November 25, 2007

item #4190

Ha! Same old you ... Terse, childish, even snide, certainly dismissive, and egotistical, as ever ... occluded, obscurist, self-satisfied ...&c. Manners are important. They are, in fact, a function of intelligent interaction. A bit of 'hello mate, hope you are well' to start and 'best wishes' to end goes a long way; like a handshake, in being both meaningless and meaningful. I see this time you finish with a nod in that direction. Purely reactive. Succinct ... how so? More, he said she said... tongue-pulling-out; and your judgement upon your abilities is, again, egotistical. I see laziness rather than economy. Similarly, in order to meaningfully convey the kind of framing you say you were after, more work needed to be done. Did you seriously think your piece would appear as engagement? You know, I bet you did! Hilarious. Writing is for sharing. You look down on such things as ever. Hmmmh ... with your approach, how many socially-successful, emotionally-successful, materially-productive joint-ventures have you contributed to in your time? You see maverick, I see lack of commitment and an unwillingness to put the real work in. 'Amusement' and 'reassurance' spit forth from your typing fingers as if they were diseases. Both are human, in fact. My own central motivations are, however, somewhat more substantive. They are there, but one must have what it takes to see them.

item #4189

Gosh, hello again! How rude, you are! How tersely, one-removedly you return...oh master of the half-persued this that. Such oppositions you ply. Why insult, when one might do something more interesting? Still baiting your hook for waves of destruction? Of course, I realise that you did choose the stick over the carrot; so all else follows... Versions of dialectics. Versions only. Idiosyncing. But, hello again...this response to your response, tipping along the contour of my last unacknowledged mail of friendliness, regardless. I had that in my book of comic predictions, anyway. Why play? Well, one answer is: to build...as opposed to 'fuck 'em'. The latter gets one where, precisely? What successful system espouses that? Has it worked for you? Are you happy? Are you in love? Anyway, I terse-return ... To your thoughts...Several simplistic oppositions, in a list...reminding one of 'did didn't did didn't'-type exchange. OK. I have several Killing Joke LPs, so I have room for some 6th form iconoclasm. Never liked Nirvana, though, so I only go so far. Sorry. How about raising the debate to the level of, say, Death Ambient? Or better still, Debord, Derrida ...something French. With that in mind, I tell you the piece circulated was A PIECE OF PROSE (my emphasis); one of a series. Because you came in inch-deep, you thought it was me making a statement. Did it's off-kilter illogic not raise a doubt? People itemise. They respond in-character; they get the drift. Will you tell me ...'ah, mine was such a response...and you DID NOT get me...? To that, I might say, '...ah this IS such a response, and I DID get you...'. You have always underestimated me. You feel wise to yourself, I know. Despite the inferred depth of your leanings, you only ever operated on the surface, via a series of novelties. I hope you have changed...and, moreover, deepened, less thinking you are mysterious. Have you? Your unadorned terseness suggests not. Still avoiding those tonal resolutions. I offered you the hand of friendship. All I ever felt from you was patronising stony ground, giggling instead of engaging, thinking it was a kind of badge of cooky wisdom. You reduce others in order to feel superior. It does not work, however. Arc at me...eh... invective. Are you really up for surfing that wave? Or can this be rehabilitated?

Friday, November 23, 2007

item #5105

I am following the negative features of some positive landscape. In so doing, I am opposing all observable matter, replacing this with systematic speculation. I balk at all forms of naturalism, anything world-grown. Science and technology do not justify cognition, in my view; neither do they offer anything useful for its evaluation. Knowing this, I aim to take action against these institutions. I will offer references and disclosures as I develop my project.

With the above, I am thus known.

In addition, I believe my inquiry ought to be directed against objects. Better terminology will come to me in due course.


trans. Alan Bass. to. fro.

phenom. & on.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

item #5330

Opposites unite around me. They depend upon me integrally both for their presence and their absence. You will learn that, in me, there is no deferral. All is immediate. I cohere with language itself. My words mobilize language, in fact; in the same way that destruction franchises conflict. I live to reenactment these conflicts erotically. Each of my writings is an attempt to simplify you destructively, finally. There are no other meanings within these texts. Stop looking. My view of you, reader, is subliminal, private property.

item #5656

hello welcome... we r looking for early 50's, 6' tall, slim attractive, active mental and physical. We r late 40's, women, tall, slim, adventurus, open-minded. Any suggestion's? ;-) But we r not into extreme circumstances and people. are limits r: 'violence' and 'deal breakers'...!! at all time's. ..it goes without saying...!! all aspects will be explored. we r keen, to take relavent (or not.. ;-) ) treatmnet's as deserving.

many apply..very few chosen. r you any of these?.. then just drop us a line.. The worst which can happen is a polite 'no thank you..'

item #8631

thanks for looking in :) i seek vice. this orientation is my deepest desire. so please no negative mail. i am using high standards in order to thrive on attention. i am able to accommodate extra causes & these can be discussed. the first step is mine, i know, & because i know this, i am taking numerous first steps.

i'm staying positive.

item #4402

Hi. Linda, (now living in) Greece, mid-30s. (Riddler, I never knew you. Lots of statistics... but what's done is done, and dusted.) So much for the alphabet. Meaningless scratchings. Now I'm with the happy people... more liars. So there it is... Am looking for others like me. I can travel very easily. NO AMERICANS. No pic = no answer. Thanks.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

item #7245

Dear Sir/Madam

Your site is overrun by thieves, fakes, scammers and trash, all advertising services the world does not need. Your just another greedy middle-class, middle-aged, arrogant cad pretending to be too dumb and lazy to earn money any other way; peddling that as insight, philosophy, informed choice. There's no shortage of ill-fitting descriptions for your company and its supposed benefits. Read your own rules - such as they are. Check for errors. There are thousands. Some of your customers are listed as buildings, places, ports of call; whilst ages of personnel range from dates in the 19th Century to dates way off into the future. How are such things possible? Have you no quality control, no moderation? You need to do some work on these problems immediately. People are paying good money, month-by-month. God knows why. Little appears genuine. You complain that things are stagnating. The reason why new customers aren't coming isn't because people can't find you, it is because you are offering nothing new, or different. The same old shopping list of activities, copied and pasted from other sites.


Monday, November 19, 2007

item #1188

Earth commits possibility which increates difficulty that frees up the hopeful with reversion to aura.

Hello, we are not mainstream. We have no high profile entry.

This straightens things out, we hope; we wish to match you exactly, you see.

If nothing else, we must declare our interest in the future.

Hope that helps.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

see how this matters

item #1810

Im serious i had have enough of you wannabes aka fakes disturbing me in stupidity, believe me or not im taking this site serious. realized full of timewasters (fakes). only looking for online to promote my bussiness only(genuine.) feel free to contact me). God here now im not interested in money(but ido love money who dont??)but with skills (seriously.). mel of london

item #0092

why is it that some think. especially the ones who know who you are without asking and then get snotty when you say thanks but no thanks. I apologise to the few well mannereds _______what a proper plonker.

item #3053

Classically, we ur-locute and contort, exerting situ and falling into our desirability. We divine categories vast and unitary. Put simply, we want exclusions - of area, volume, sense, and occurrence. This is a branch of Determinism. In this, and with this, we seek to establish the primacy of individuals over non-individuals. Be aware, we are exacting in our demands. Dare you chance a brief reply to see if you are good enough for us. We will not take second best. So think carefully before you consider this step.

Tom & Allison

Saturday, November 17, 2007

item #6798


Recently had a very odd and upsetting series of exchanges with a group from the east coast of America. At first, all was chit chat. Then, one of the group typed: '..The Keeper is more dead than alive, in hankering to be real-time...'. No 'Keeper' had been mentioned hitherto; so I asked the question, '...what Keeper?'; only to receive the reply, '...She is already spoken for in real-time...'; another adding, '...She wants to make room for her nature...'.

Other lines of similarly opaque text emerged, by-the-by. I questioned each, but got nowhere.

Can anyone elucidate?


item #6789

Get me Kafka, I've a thought to share.

I exist, only I cannot verify, neither by email, phonecall, chatroom, or messenger. I'm using ethereality as thought; albeit poked along dark wires. I do not exist anywhere but here. I am a fixture of some dressing-up box. Thoughts select me. I accompany them, day-to-day. Existence precludes affirming world. You can dress this up any way you like, but it's just true. I have only one limitation in knowing this: your pleasure, and its strictures and curtailments. Your body wreaks finite, and I'm growing ever-sicker.

My preference is for coordinates of pain.

item #5555

I never really grew up conventional. Look... time is a branch of privacy and directly-related to choice. Suck it up, girl. I'm not so street, like some of you are after on here. I try to grow, and I have so far not broken that promise .. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE :) VGSOH.. truthful and faithful. When I do find the right person I offer my mind, body and soul. Nothing new. And nothing is or can be new lol I am in need of teaching, a way forward, the correct way. I hate liars, wannabes, cheats wankers, cads, idiots, players, arsewipes. Fucking Satanisers. I need rituals. Sorry folks but it is what I am looking for, only, please, I am willing to unlearn, willing to relocate myself, as payment. No time wasters.. I come with all the cellulite, wrinkles, broken veins and all those things. What you see is what you get. I am me. I don't take drugs. I am not professional or elegant but I know what I like. It will not be in the 1st line of my first email. I believe it needs to be taught out of me over time. My future must be perfect. Please no time wasters. Please, if you are after a 1 night stand, I beg you not to bother me .I have many interests including reading to write (short erotic stories

Friday, November 16, 2007


Whilst Googling old Mail Art friends' names this evening, I found out Canadian artist, Cliff Kennedy, died of a heart attack at the age of 56. Cliff and I corresponded for a good chunk of my study of Mail Art for my PhD. I have several pictures of him on one wall of Cafe Abdab.

Farewell old friend.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


item #6441

I really hate filling these things out everyones perceptions are different and how I perceve myself is not what you will see Im seeking someone that wuldnt say boo to a goose I would luv to talk (may be to much) I like to have real conversations. I know a lot of people have a problem with that and I can understand that so if it is a problem dont waste both my time and yours by sending me any messages. (NO REALLY)

item #1116

Do you measure up? Do I? What scheme can be used to ordain such enquiries? I have spec. I know I do, I feel I do - albeit somewhat if-vacant, missive, stray-bemale.

Before you message me please read my irements:

I have a long-term partner with an array-biology. She is technically female, technically over 30 years old, technically more than 5' 4" tall. You will unnerve her. You will swerve yourself sick.

Should you be interested, contact me on here with a brief description of yourself, your experience and your current status. Please no 3 page one liners or cut and paste.


item #0011

hi, sometimes cross dweller. mood of nails. ~not a lot of experience as yet so hoping to. this to be fun with.........you. looking for real people who like email. lord knows~possibly. ..would love to hear from experienced creato. His ideal. ........on saying that am not adverse to hang

item #1828

Me: i-sex non-we-sex, selfist, with 12 years experience. I am well-versed in deep psychol-admix, being he-maso she-sado. I identify as a sexual subjective. In me, it is raining protocols at play. I greatly enjoy connective demands. I am all joined-up. I'm generally considered to be beautiful.

Monday, November 12, 2007

item #0089

Have you more application? You better have. Please, by 08/11/07, I am looking for treatments, brands and registrations, which mine my triskele heart. I am bothered neither by slithering financial-security or those who outsider for a length of rope, biling biling biling. The home as open book is my contribution. See how I tear you in halves. I adore these administrations, sweet vacancy.

No one-line emails.

item #0709

I'm not going anywhere. In fact, I am prospecting.

Fold over.

I am what the doctor ordered. Got to fix things for good.

audit. for Dan Briscoe.

pulmo... ilk. Dreg. tangle of thorns. & c.

Inri Matisse 144'

Tony Conrad, Fishmarket, Northampton, 10th November 2007

item #0091

I am new to the scenery of compulsive learning. Hitherto, I have characterfully lurked beneath, or developed surface appeal only. Since I was a child, I have been interested in developing things along established social lines. Now I realise it is time to augment, and in some ways even to replace, pathologies I currently hold dear. See my green light... So, I'm interested in talking with anyone and everyone; that is, I'm interested in males or females of any age, background, religion, politics, etc. No messages will be deleted without response.

item #1206

id-vorced, so have to take this as a chance to follow my dream. to become to some one. i experimented as partners. but nothing to limit them. i test by nature.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

item #8037

I read your interview with interest. Obviously, you had articulated many of its main themes during our meeting, as abiding concerns of yours. I take your points regarding your wish to foreground the pursuit of process over, or as opposed to, the pursuit of kinds of art objects, soundartworks, etc.; finding meaning in that endeavour rather than in making fixed pieces, via synthesis, modes of composition, and so on. Clearly, in that respect, your releases are to be seen as documents of your engagement with a kind of experimentation. Your citation of the importance of intention on your part is well made, I think. This is an old debate in the arts, as I'm sure you will know. The challenge is to inculcate that into the finally-released artefact, in such a way as to carry evidence of your intentions which can be generally understood. Many fall foul of this; as intention is notoriously obscure: re. the age-old 'Intentionalist Fallacy' debate, which you may be aware of. I know life is too short for reading everything which is flung one's way, but good texts on this are Arthur C. Danto's essay, 'The Art World', but especially the Art & Language (as Michael Baldwin, Charles Harrison & Mel Ramsden) essay, 'Art History, Art Criticism and Explanation', included in Francis Frascina (ed.), Pollock and After: The Critical Debate, pp.191-216. The latter's notion of 'The Trobriand Island Problem' would, I think, be a key illuminator for you of these ideas. A&L frame the debate in the context of problems associated with anthropology - specifically that of the primacy of Participant Observation, disputing this as a naturally-dominant, dispassionate category.

Anything by A&L is worth a look, though.

Ditto your remarks about Pollock. The Frascina book is great on all that. One nugget about the Pollock method: it necessarily had a kind of temporal element, in that one could, via close inspection, see that, say, a blue was laid over, and thus was applied after, a red, and so forth. This temporal motif is not possible with sound layering, of course. A second nugget: Pollock sought to make paintings which were objects, rather than making a painting 'of' something else. Danto follows Plato and discusses this in terms of Reality Theory and Imitation Theory. Maybe you know Clement Greenberg's writings, and how the result of this wish to make paintings which were objects in their own right resulted in so-called Colourfield Painting.

It seems to me that your use of Deconstruction is, at times, almost by way of arguing for process as a serious enough artistic endeavour in its own right; again, making the point that objects are not the only things which matter. Conceptual Art is full of examples of this. In this way, to my mind, your Deconstruction is almost another way of indicating a commitment to something essentially diagnostic. This, I would say, ties in well with your love of scientific method, insofar as you are experimenting, mixing up elements, taking things apart, using certain tools to investigate substructures, internal composition, and so on.

Similarly, your ideas about letting the technology do what it does - with you almost as a kind of conduit - puts me in mind of two things: Heideggerian 'let it be' and Roland Bathes' 'death of the author'. This is great - as one could get all Zen about this, and end up drifting conceptually toward the East. Many do. There are, though, great reasons to keep it West! One key thing, I think, is that you do not seem to want the listener to trance-out. Indeed, I suspect it is attention to detail which you crave. If so, I totally agree. Ideologically or philosophically, then, this is more like Rationalism than the pursuit of Nirvana.

I'll not go on much further. A few quips only ... Sampling I'd say is part of the tradition of collage. Within this, there are nuances and increments - between the use of original elements raw and identifiable - ie. full-on Appropriation - and abstracting and altering the same as to be unrecognisable, untraceable to its source. The latter, if taken to extremes of abstraction and alteration, ceases to infer collage, of course: like saying that a fretted D on a guitar by a contemporary guitarist is a sample of that move by an earlier guitarist! This references your point about using instruments for your * project, and how that is more accessible than using non-instrument sounds. Here, as your interviewer points out, are implications for what Walter Benjamin termed 'aura'.

I like your point re. cyborg. Exactly so.

Best wishes

Wednesday, November 07, 2007



you did it our way

bump. grind.


institual. locution.

maximal. foodfight.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Hemmingway Commits Suicide

Friday, November 02, 2007

item #0043


I'm interested in expanding my circle of persuasion, via exactly this: ad hoc, hedonistic exchange, as simulation. Jargon will settle the issue. No situation is inimical to this treatment. Let me put it this way... I am self as tendency; I am in-situ deviant, a twister. I keep open-minds about me as environment. I might be constant in some measurable way. I am, I know, infinitely learning. By means of adventure, being interested, and admittance, I am relating one activity to another; joining up the world. I have bagged certain absolutes along the way.

If you feel you want to meet, some requirements first: I politicise representations as well as the notion of representation itself. Acuity in this is possible, I feel; therefore I expect the same from you. I will only respond to persons willing to provide for themselves. (I'm not interested in accumulating rows of super id.) Some people might describe themselves as products of terminology. I understand this. As such, I am happy to support this and work to add to such cultures.

Message here first; then we can take it to Yahoo.


item #3773

Well, tiger, I do seem like I want to emphasize good life. It's true, I limit myself by making a point of other things....bad life, Lydon-wise, you know... Our problems are problems of proportionality.

Here's the thing...

Being controls reality and surreality. Generalising this knowledge aids moral and intellectual authority. Take this as it is meant. By authority, I emphasise a branch of basic human kindness; not a canopy of commands, glints in an eye, and heavy strutting. The twinkle in my own eye is secondhand starlight, merely reflected. You will find me gregarious, even coquettish, in this, I suspect. Yet, I am comfortable enough.

I'm interested in theatrics. I like its embroideries. I am no lover of its consistencies, however.

Please note I am divorced, and am seeking a single male. I have children, and I have several pets. I smoke but I do not drink - ever.

In addition, you must be geographically compatible. I cannot budge on that issue.

Best wishes :-)

Thursday, November 01, 2007


Q: r.plant.helium.voice.

cod, anethereal