Thursday, December 31, 2009

item #7023

Due to differences I have, I have had to realise my attention is limited to whim itself. Since I last updated this profile, I've had enough warnings about it (all uninvited), that I could probably arrange passable further enhancements. For example, my legs need work, as many of you have said. I've been bogged down in other preferences, working stuff towards other conclusions. So I missed all that. You've impressed me, alright. This place is educating me. With the right person I will act as some bottom-line, yes. To those who asked, thanks for asking. Jat89

Monday, December 28, 2009

item #0004

Out of love, I study regions which relate to developments whose results are inconsistent, but which are often replicated, by others, as if consistent. In this unvaried work, linkages I have made are never followed, and the only real, palpable phenomenon I am able to meaningfully point to indicates a general and natural disequilibrium. I am still a poor man as a direct result. Nonetheless, I have attempted to sequence these partial, flawed findings, in such a way as to at least highlight practical approaches which might yeild up a kind of causation in the end. Yes, I am poor, but I am also hopelessly romantic. P2RX7 equals XTPH1, for instance. But it does not end there. I have detected other similarly significant peaks; notably, 6q as 8q21. Consistent focus appears to infer consistency itself; but, at ever turn, and as I publicise or try to socialise what I have discovered, materials become black and their logic invisible. For myself, and because of this, I am near the end of some irreplaceable tether. Despite my applications and this being my life's work, loci replicates, on chromosome, on and on, forever, as heterogeneity; so much so that I am being implicated in the disorder itself... moreover and more exactly, hypothesis increases, and I am disorder per se.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Muffin died today, aged 19 years.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

item #0019

Darling, they are either the subjects of language or containers of images. They secretly want more of each. If we neglect them, they will doubtless pressure us with their neutrality or attempt to misdirect us with their nature. They will promise us anything just to feel translated.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


1. Ether, the onset dementian,
Is envisible, as surface, is seismic as contention.

2. Ether is edible, for God's sake.
Is probablised; is slake.

3. Ether is already begotten,
Now re-worked as Lydon Be Rotten.

(My car lights full beam. 'Love me...'. Then, *, in front of me. I do things. Seconds later, I do more. Onwards and on. Recollection points me. I am sessional, in my non-crisis. About abilities, I say this... fit into stuff, be strewn across the bedroom, smile-boiled, and impersonal. Open your legs. Midnight sharp I will take you.)

Paradigm One: nothing garnered but small portfolios and and and discomfort. My Body: your body. I understand and I have not forgotten but I still don't know.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

item #0800

Emails from guys are automatically blocked. So don't waste your time. I'm only here for friends and the chatroom.

Just want to express my continued admiration for my own words; especially as he, my only only, uses them upon me; like the universe all into me; like a crime against litany itself. Fuck ... I say this with pride, yet I get comments against my nature here all the time. But I am not jarred. To Mea Culpa [sic] I say in response: little feeler, your pined suggestions have no implicit right-of-way. Beautiful though my loculations are, gobshite caricature, I do love an object of community for what it brings as terminology. And to SpiritMotive0002, you emailed me just expressing future references to anyone else. WTF? I am very jealous of mankind in my own way; but, please, don't ever tell me you have any final hearing.

I cannot explain how thoughts would share me.


item #5594

i am pleased in saying that i now have a being with sol west mids 1961, yes it was very quickly but we both did knew it is right, we have the same intrestes in the world, a chance for happiness. any one should take it as it is. we see it will lead, to those that know us after spending time with us, welcome to my profile here. so first let me say my profile is not so long, as I don't seek to including my own ideas, well ok i am 46 years, live alone in south Uk, for 22 years, but I have only been since late 09. let me know if we speak. cynthian

item #9993

Our separation was a surprise, you're wrong. Reality is all logistics for you, isn't it? I don’t know where to begin. Nothing is really enough. My family has no mother now... herds of children, lost and deposed. There is no unconditional love. There is no any which way. DNA is masochism. Reason evades everyone I've ever valued. I can see the patterns.


Saturday, December 12, 2009

item #0024

Anything I write here is a waste of time, amongst the obvious fakes, the judgmental, the hard-of-thinking. I'm uninterested in the half-debates I see here; and I'm uninterested in your endless administrations. You're merely policing something which no-one cares about. Such vigilance makes this place unbearable. Can I bear bones you sometime? Can I earwax you? No? Then you're clearly not the screaming delightful you say you are. Now I'm looking for random compliments. Got my pictures removed. I guess I'll just go. Andreas

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

item #0040

Sally my own dearest darling, I think about the differing, plainly incompatible levels of * which exist between us, between our distinct positions, that is; and I think these alone produce your emotional meltdowns, almost as a byproduct. Just because I know this, though, doesn't mean I know what it means, nor what we can do about it. I am, by the way, perceiving these situations as a problem we need to surmount. Perhaps you think otherwise. I want a relationship, and I want that relationship to be with you. We began as acquaintances, and it's been a somewhat lazy, natural development. But, lately, as we've both agreed, things have intensified. I'm enjoying this new-found intensity; but with it comes a bit of fear - at least for me. I still want you as a friend, too - is one way of looking at it. We are, after all, best friends as well as would-be lovers. So, your latest crisis scared me - especially when you screamed 'I want off your *!' Everything paused, stopped. I became silent. I’m wondering how many more times you might say as much. Bad things... I'm frozen ... up against a wall ... unable to breathe.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

item #0082

how am i increasingly the mental male who needs to perform as an exhibitionist, especially where i suffer contradictions of needing and overcoming? my nerves order me to enjoy arousal more acutely perplexed at this contradiction. i am no better than the uninterested. such a fem as you gives an instruction to reinforce society's depraved one. set me to humiliating myself on a daily basis for bread and water. erotical situations develop my dependency via skype and cam. atm type behaviour i find intent and corrupting. i am entirely into that. i am keen on public places for this. your whim. dodo

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

item #6028

I hate people who arrive unexpectedly. It's invasive. My house is never clean enough. Normally, my bedroom is full of junk, which means I’m not quite sure what to expect. People get caught up with insignificant things, I think. I spend all my time doing them anyway.

I dunno.