Thursday, April 30, 2009

item #8035

This is an amendment to points I made earlier in my original journal. Someone complained, and my profile was deleted. You, as they say, know who you are. I do not. But that doesn't matter. To me you are merely a generality; so, I'll just keep messaging here, sharing my point of view. You see, unlike you, I believe in democracy and free speech. So, with that in mind, I cut and paste the following: I understand enough to know that it is our obedience which protects their assumed superiority. Like you, I am hypnotized by their versions of the past; so much so that certainty itself works as if in a female voice, saying ' I don't have limits'; 'I am outside, as ether, travelling light, producing knowledge'. All for now. If you want to know more about me please ask. Gillian

Monday, April 27, 2009

item #4487

seeking only friends for on line chat. no admirers. and uk only. i need to sleep in my bed, in a home. but i'll just post this much. time to refresh emotions. physicly i,m normal. five feet six. blu eyes. blond. probably i miss opportunitys of work. i can,t sleep. today i haven’t been able to doze off to sleep, yesterday was just same. can i be showing survival? i think of road side bombs and instant death for others. it wakes me up. an american military prepers my future. just like you. the iraqs and afghani months of war. not as far away as they say. i,m not prepared and you are not. the president was interviewed and is military. i cannot deal with those conflicts as they seem. some thing of death.

item #8000

Maybe we haven't made ourselves clear about what we are seeking here. First of all, we are not looking to become part of some extended relationship which prioritises means over ends. That seems to be the way on this site. But it isn't ours. So, we're in the minority - as always! Any life, we feel, is worth valuing. We have that desire a priori. Managing anything else - even as a passing idea, and even out of some supposed political necessity - is tantamount to functioning imperfectly well, albeit, we know, in the real world, yes; but without judgement, without the support and encouragement of utter connection itself. It's about principles, we believe. Our thinking on this - as it directly relates to the mores and foibles of this particular site - might be at an early stage, but we believe in finality, just as we appreciate that all things are in dialogue. As such, it is only a matter of dedication, and some minor research, before we discover for ourselves how to stay in touch.

Best wishes & good luck.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

item #0089

I'll re-write this profile when I can. I know it doesn't say enough to prompt any exchanges. But, for now, I'd like to respond to a kind message I received this morning from a site moderator. I’m feeling empowered by the facts as I see them, you're right. I'm glad it shows. Really, I suppose I'm attempting to surrender my dependency to them, as a moment of effective indecision. You second-guessed me. More exactly, I see it like this, though: before I became a life I had died. The remainder, as far as I am concerned, is neither necessary to my confidence nor license for any convenient generalities by which I can become still more confident. I gained my freedom in the same place as I gained my connection to this continuum. In my time, there's been a lot of blood, and I'm probably damaged. I don't think my body can handle more... until yesterday that is. I'm not trying to confess here, anonymously, like a tease or a coward. I do intend telling the police. Just not yet. I need to enjoy a bit of collecting first. It's all the same, anyway.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

item #7542

Was on here previously (2006/7) as iwilnevrlieagain1971. Still not quite sure what I'm looking for. I know it isn't enough to say that the inferno takes my breath away, and that its practicality leaves me feeling depraved. But I want to join in with those that do. They seem empowered. I want some of that. They affect me. Isn't that defensible? I get moved, and I'm whacking off right now, fist piercing, frontal. Oh, and I'm kind of spiritual in my appetite for such guarantees of self-destruction. So that's something I can say is mine. Physically, I'm fairly slim, just 42, but I look younger. I don't believe any relationship can be defined simply as the evolution of preternatural familiarities. I'm hoping this profile will attract attention. Take care and good luck. Knot

item #9327

hi. looking for real time or just creative, to chat and exchange ideas or solution. i'm versatile as a display. i never object online, or when at distance. i cannot preclude. or regret. am blind, tethered, clamped. if i have only those special requirements, how about just continuation? more ideas, just ask. i repond to IM or messages. please try. here again ;)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

item #0069

A brief note about situational-coherence ... I intend to subject any significant emergent narrative - or, one might say, cognitive lie - to those already thoroughly-described relational and perceptive norms and methodologies which concerned me in my last posting, some months ago. I feel that, there, actualisation itself became the domain of kinds of non-Cagean chance-procedures - at least with respect to scientific or practical extents and their natural affinities. I identified at most six times six times six of these. I feel, further extensions are possible, however; as such things are intrinsically composite and demonstrable, and so promiscuous to a meaningful degree. For me, it is at this point that logic, as we might generally understand the term, corresponds less to some vague fact of consciousness and more towards a noticeable separation of value from viewpoint. In other words, the context itself stinks, you shitheads. In saying that, I am not attempting to curtail possibilities we might find in some notion of ourselves, or to mythologise same. No, I cannot be seeded. Nor can I be wondered-at. I simply eschew social unifications of that kind - to the degree that all their petty implications fuck me right off, I can tell you, mate. Genesis? Don't make me sick. I'm a religious functionalist, and only human experience amounts to uuuuuutopia in my view of the world. Envision ... d Derrid ahh, of reality, why so serious, of Algeria. F's Northern Ire/(every layer represents. Every layer toils.) I cycle.

Monday, April 20, 2009

item #3399

I've always worked. For almost 10 years, I trained the populous to accept new systems of thought. By mixing professional rhetoric with obscure governmental procedures, I was able to appropriate progress itself as an unassailable formal starting point. Even so, I seldom saw the changes I personally desired. In the end, it came to me, that the only way to continue was to do so unilaterally. So, here I am, with my own institutions. Now, I enter those same colleges and schools this time looking for finality; all the while talking my charges into academic circles. The physiological principles I use are touted as a "fantastic voyage", incomparable", "global". Nothing I do is strictly legal, however. But authority views training mechanically and I am well-connected. Scientists fear me and I am hidden by routines.

Last year I made more than my father did in his lifetime.

I log on here as devildeepbluesea.

item #7355

I'm going back a few months; so please bear with me ... I had a meltdown about the purpose of the action of touching. It became totally out-of-the-question, off-the-menu. If it still doesn’t matter, that's because I only recently stopped crying my eyes out. That was while I was doing more general things, but it's all connected in my mind. I'm not trying to complain. She is very good about my ideas. So thanks. Mostly, we stay away from the area. It's nonetheless true to say though that I'm some non-functioning cunt and could be removed for that reason. At the outset, I felt like I was no longer inside myself thinking these things to myself. That's because I had to say I can’t have sex. What's good is that no-one heard me - until now. Why am I like this. I've tried to keep still; as I was told it would help. But ideas like that make me judder. In similar denials, I’ve never really understood definitions which allow me my purposes, yet again and in many ways punish me for having them. That's just something I didn’t do when I was in your position. I’ve never found any sort of pleasure in controlling inconvenience and saying it's a concept of some kind. The whole world springs to my mind without permission. It hurts. It hurts to say so too. By my reckoning, this happens several times-a-day. It never feels pure. That's not what I've been used for historically. (I'm not interested in having my typos and grammatical errors pointed out. But if you want to get in touch about something interesting please do.) Linda

Thursday, April 16, 2009

item #0061

1.1 Knowledge has no intrinsic logicality of its own. It can only have logicality brought to it, because knowledge is a product of consciousness; as opposed to the reverse. One might say, then, that consciousness results in giving presence to a thing called knowledge.

1.2 Consciousness is comprised of followers of conclusion. These are 'The Insightful'. They mimic the determinations of the once-dominant epistemology of pure self-evidence. For them, no version of the truth is prized over any other. Their lives are lived differentially.

1.3 Their war against absolute certainty started from nothing (or perhaps a speck, if one must nominate anything at all). As such, there can be no denial, only endless varieties of denial. What certainties there are symbolize failures in their allegiance to *.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

item #3386

Fanatics of the type previously discussed tend to view nationalism as quasi-functional, or at least a faint brand of moot usury, characterised by fatal unclarities, often singled-out as weapons for civilisation itself. That's the theory, at least. Such a claim requires challenging, in my view. Now, this is not strictly my specialism, but I know enough to assert with a meaningful degree of certainty that every sizable population develops and maintains fear for its strategic potential, sometimes aggressively, as an exotic, ever-external possibility, remote, non-causal. Few would disagree with me on that score, I suspect. I should say that I am like many private strategists who search for some conceptual fail-safe in the sea of available agencies. Regardless of this seeming variety, though, there are only warm agencies here. I, for example, am named * in lieu of this. You are likely to be different in that respect. But we are all *, of course. Like you, I am here to fall, like a bomb, on the first person to love me. It's a loaded process, yes. But I'm over that period, personally, and I understand myself better these days. What I don't understand, however, is the nature of your own invincibility. You've said so little about it. Yet, I have to ask, how can functionality cede terrain? Take the United States, for instance, it's so simultaneous. Was there some kind of general discussion, or were such limits developed as part of some hidden project, part military thinking, part central planning? To me, such cohesions are frankly astounding. Whilst I tend to resist idiomation, and the way it proliferates and accelerates arsenals of insignificance by comparing them to those of a remainder culture, I cannot help but count upon you. I'm interested in what you think of this.

item #6798

A personal message to Ornette, 44, Mids, seeking similar: I confess, I complain every time something is as I don’t feel it should be. I'm not like you, I have no other reason to be here, but to troll the boards and chatrooms. That is the most active part of my everyday life. I don't think it will always be like that, but that's my role now. It’s a first attempt at trying to convince myself about my life with him. I don't want to change his mind and I don’t want him to change mine. So I'm just practicing by having these conversations, pure and simple. He said just recently that he wants me to stop questioning everything about him, and that I should instead question everything else. It’s a part of building trust and showing commitment, he said. This is all new to me. It’s going to be hard for me, a top priority. I want to change my behaviour, but I think I will fail. I always have before. I hate seeing his face when I say that. I usually look away. But it doesn't change what I'm saying and how he feels about it. I hear his annoyance anyway. Just the other day I asked him something as a convenience thing, just to get a response. He saw right through what I was doing, and we didn't talk for days. Eventually I surrendered, but only when he asked me to. I'm on here as b4uiwasnothing, but my real name is Paulina. Hi.

goya moog


Sunday, April 12, 2009

item #6500

To those reading this from the recent gathering I attended in that god-forsaken pigsty near Newcastle ... I have been factional lately, making lists, and taking sides for the sheer adrenaline rush of it. I'd been looking for a meaningless war of words and I found one right where I wanted it. What use are you? I fielded all your allegations of creditcard abuse and elected official bothering! Yes I was an organiser! Maybe I was the only organiser. I know I denied it, but that was all tactics. To the guy speaking about morals whilst having none himself - I've known you since the 1970's when you ran that grocery and I dreamed of being a member of parliament. I never got there, but I got nearest, as your shop folded and you lost everything. I sympathised outwardly but I was laughing behind my hand. You ended up cleaning offices - even getting sacked from that for stealing. I used your story in a book I managed to get published. I made a couple of thousand. Nothing special. But the best thing was making a prick of you in public. All your family read it. One of them even bought me a pint for humiliating you! Right now, in your new job, one of your closest colleagues is in my pocket, watching you and amassing evidence of your petty crimes. I aim to wait till before Christmas then have you dismissed. I think I can even have you prosecuted. If I can I will. I'll get paid for your head, and it'll add to my already ridiculous superannuation award! I learned about corruption and misuse of power from the same place you did. Only thing is I'm still getting away with it, while your scratching a living. All this is because you made a fool of me one time at a party when we were teenagers. I won't give up until you're completely fucked. 'Kenneth'

Saturday, April 11, 2009

item #9521

To KJ2008. Why do you keep mailing me? I block one address, you mail via another. I've told you several times now that I'm not interested in responding to more of your pointless protests. You're so typical of those on high salaries, living in the bonus culture. To me a bank is simply somewhere I put my wages once a month. It's nothing more, and no matter how you try to elaborate that into a life-style choice I will not change my mind. You strike me as an emotional coward, hiding behind a pseudonym, in some fancy office block, bored and just trying to upset people. I wasn't whining about having to pay tax. I believe in it. How else would hospitals etc. get built you brainless tosser? I'm a socialist. That's what it means. It's you who has a problem with paying the bills, with your furtive little accountant getting you out of all kinds of things. You admitted as much, thinking at that early stage I'd be impressed by your fashionable cynicism and business savvy. Didn't work out like that though, as I hated you all the more. You're just a thief, nothing else, a squalid little pickpocket. One day in your middle-age maybe, just maybe, you'll wake up sweating, thinking what a deluded prostitute you've been, burying your nose half way up your boss's smelly fucking arse. Your fancy CV is a work of fiction. You told me that too. You're so proud of its many deceptions. Is this how you impress all the ladies? The pity of it is it probably works most of the time. Go and bother someone else. Next mail I get from you I go to the site moderator with your IP address. Understand? Suzanna

Thursday, April 09, 2009

See! Dialectics LOL

untitled as

See! Dialectics LOL, ffs


lux. pogo.

mother makes love. but why so tribal, ma?

earth shine

Thursday, April 02, 2009

item #8041

Dismayingly perhaps, established ideals tend to usurp one another; forming a somewhat linear, generalised system, at once only symbolically political, only vaguely institutionalised, at once historical and anarchistic, in eschewing personal thought as a fund of self-government. Right or wrong, though, I will perform no other function than to informalise those realms of public opinion which the mainstream converts into social pressure, in an attempt to direct any readers towards another species of democracy: a polis of modern times which is coherently communal, which is less inclined towards the pitfalls and faux-inspirations of more decentralized, more purportedly participatory situations. This work I do under the rubric of 'His Proposals for the Apparatus'. If I seem either sectarian or dogmatic in so doing, then so be it.

Ms. Roberta Ellison
Paris, France

item #0099

Today is going to be my day. I learned earlier that later I will recieve details of an amazing journey of discovery and more to come. This last year has been incredible and this is more of that. Back in August I was about to turn my back on your emails thinking they were leading nowhere like the rest. But now I know better. That day my life changed. The impact has been more than I ever dreamed of. I thank you for bringing me home to myself, a place I know in my heart. I will always belong there. So never give up on your desire of one day becoming reality is the lesson. So now I sit in a bedroom getting ready to meet another person of my daydreams with a smile on my face. In my warm heart I want that challenge to enlighten me for you. I mean how amazing is that.

item #4211

This is important. I'm trapped, somewhere dark, with only this unreliable dial-up, obviously left to me as the only way I can communicate. Just woke up here, confined. No idea how, no idea why. Previously I was applying myself to aspects of * like the rest of you, admittedly with disdain and disinterest. So is this a form of revenge upon me for that I wonder? I've been wondering all kinds of things. I am fed and watered twice a day, seemingly by a machine. This box is iron or steel, soundproofed and the air is scant at times. I think I hear trains to my left. I spent the first weeks screaming. But now in order to increase my chances of a helpful response I'm pretty silent. I have no interest in tolerating this situation. I did no choose it. I cannot say how anyone might find me. I am hoping for a miracle. Niki

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

item #2000

Hello. This is in response to 'Applications currently being accepted by female collectors' ... Let's agree on certain systems - as, before personally adhering to that simple expedient, I got 30 misplaced requests a day, not all soft core either, and not all requesting ill-treatment. Without that in-place, it'll just be cross-purpose, now won't it? In most of my day, what I get to say is beyond value; it's even developmental. Nothing can hurt me. Your chosen extremity, at least as you present it in your tract, isn't 'animal', nor is it 'objective'. Without those qualities and the physical traces they leave, you are mindful only of those events which visibly and directly shape the culture you identify yourself with. I see no reference to ontology; certainly you are adding little. I am unlike you in all significant respects. Where you are devout, I am filled with pithy, inconsistent desire, in being preoccupied with humanity only as it shows itself in virtue. In short, I am consciously terrestrial; meaning that I've had my responsibilities removed forever, and I cling to and celebrate that alien concept as a politics. I thoroughly recommend such modifications, and I work to socialise my ideas tirelessly. Why, I always wonder, do those of your ilk endlessly limit your own capacities for such practical cruelty? Can't you see the predicament you are in? You're so enamoured with those remnants of sanity.

item #8521

Hello! I'm from ASK!, so you could visit us soon. I'm looking for aupair, for when we go out. You have to be regular weekend or longer, some family holidays, France. Every summer, food and so on. In return you'll watch us sleeping. Important. If you are fluent in French, plus or English. Great. We're interested. You can send a message introducing yourself. A short introduction. Please have several years of experience.

item #5280

Alone again. Another faker, just out for money and what he can get. Oh well. All I can do it try again I suppose. I feel frustrated with all these pathetic ridiculous losers trolling sites like this one, for victims. Scammers. You know who you are. I'm a bit disoriented right now, so please excuse my annoyance here. I'll rewrite this bit when I feel more up to it. For now I'm just going to chat with a few real friends, maybe that will help. Before all that got lost, I was writing a thing about salvation and my plans to completely exist without the inferiority of intelligence. Maybe I should continue that. Anyway, Sarah here, back again, still looking. Thanks.