Friday, June 29, 2007


the hill. of freewill.

soleil paphian, elevator


item #8182

Some people are no more than the air they breathe. Don't bother talking to me unless you agree. I'm on the warpath and always will be. No - Helix-the-Chat, Mids, 39 - I haven't lost the ability to fuck you up! Take that entry out of your journal right now (29/06/07) or I'll share your password with the whole world. Anyway, I'm here as Homo Habilis - attentive, defiant, erudite, intelligent, and with a sense of humour. I enjoy most methods of modernisation. What I am searching for is a very special sort of equality. For this reason, the person I seek must be sensitive to the following stipulations: (1) uniformity must not be exceptional (2) permanence is neither avoidable nor unavoidable (3) mentation infrequently rewards (4) rude-health has no real purpose (5) possession prequels death. Are you interested? If so, you must understand that I can be intimate. In contrast and by counter-implication, you must be happy to be cuckolded. Really, I seek a form of maturity, an anal charm. You must be at the same time considerate, intelligent, literate, and loving. Physically, you will be tall, good looking, presentable, demure. I'm open to anything, except for the the usual no-nos. I am not here financially: this is for fun only. For those interested, my poetry can be found.

item #0632

hi. we are hermenold and frate, an experienced, creative couple based carlisle cumbria in a north corner of england. hermeold is 57 6" tall a strong person. frate is 55 5,4 rueful active person. seeking couples interested in bodys worship. who want meat on a regular basis.

item #1251

Our last month of bothering here. Too many timewasters, fakes, twisters. So here goes nothing...

You will be beta exhibitionist trawling extremity on a daily basis. You need environments mindful and superlative. Your primacy of ill-health and warfare, will be a sick, injurious joke tumbling from a gaping frown. If of no use to anyone, you will be fully pleased. You will have used others, anything, anytime. You will have few if any limits other than death. You will be private at home, public elsewhere. You will be a three-ringed circus.

We seek a living. We are careerists. We encourage contact from real people, wherever they maybe in the world. Overseas is not a problem. Fantasists and timewasters look elsewhere.

We look forward to hearing you.

item #6097

I'm a symbol for those who pamper. I deserve the whole thing. I have become second nature to myself; so much so that I know what is afoot. I don't always like causation. But I do always like affectation! To me, it's all product. You must have a webcam. You must be willing to spoil me if you want to stand a chance.

item #0059

You posted my MSN address some time ago. Thanx. No request will be accepted, however. I lie in curves, delighted and arithmetic.

Currently interested in material. Except for I live in the country so no one can hear me.

You wish to make my normal interests conform to fantastic, as ur-cycles. You gave me starting points. By request I'm dressing up in the rain for you.

I long for nearly everything.

item #1313

We are Couple Vexy, Worcs, UK, mid-30s.

We insist upon catering, preferring our lead. We definitely enjoy equal measures, just deserts. We love without pressure in uninhabited atmospheres.

You will find us very easily.

A & E

Thursday, June 28, 2007


After some years of closure, the Sutton Oak Welsh Chapel Society reopened the grade 2 listed building at the beginning of 2007. As well as being open for special events, the chapel is now open to receive visitors daily with tea and coffee available.


Sutton monastery, where generations of young men where trained as priests for the Passionist Congregation, was demolished some years ago.


Father Dominic Barberi was declared ‘Blessed’ and beatified by Pope Paul VI on 27th October 1963.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


go away

before we get going,

let's say we say, say, I can't misremember much
except descriptions a to j, s, u, x, & z. These hardly
Matter, I realise. You employ such a thing as 'odd letters'.
This has always made me laugh; but it has a ring of truth;
having use-value, too. I think in these terms now everyday;
even whilst working on my own devices.

I love you. Thanks.

Goya Moog

thinly-alludes in direction of ontotheologicality, a rebus.


'the' writer gives good text, albeit sans oral tradition, yet addresses
here... Such and Such ... such a missive, with face to match

translated by Alan Bass, op.cit. Kamuf (ed.) (1991), np.

item #7392

Hi Thanks. Im looking for the moment when both male and female have to be honest, and say that Im thinking I am always experienced as i find myself again. again i miss what I rush into. i told u as much. again, been hurt. I do not want too regular. Im going to take my time! I am curious tho. to talk with others who feel the same. I would like to have my experience helped out. please message me. I do not want this experience to include watching or taking part in serious crap.

rain x

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

item #7108

Hi. Thanks for looking.

Above all, be viable they said. Well, here goes... Firstly, let me say that I'm pretending to be something that I'm not. Nothing special in that, I realise, but my motivations will be kept secret. In lieu of that, though, I'm willing to say that I'm here because I know others who are too, and I want to fuck them up. In short, it's a revenge thing. I'm attached to the idea completely. They fucked me up for years by obscuring me with their ideas and strategies, hiding my light under their bushel. So now I physically need to hide away. I aim to convert this into effective forms of celebration, however, and enjoy all that I am in due course. So, I am The Hider. I am The Hider, aiming out. For me, this means questions, questions, questions. To give an example: I have to care whether I wish to or not. I am sensual and passionate in myself; but occlusion made me love the cold. I feel my sexuality ritualistically, but gain more from its obfuscation. I have no gender to speak of.; which complicates things, making verification a problem in general. Any orientation I have derives from certain ends-means scenarios, which I will keep to myself for now. Just be aware that I give myself to my narrow causes without question. In this, I want to learn new ways to endure my designs. It's only when I can satisfy all these elements in myself that I feel truly complete and spiritually-elevated.

Do message.

Monday, June 25, 2007

item #0041

Just an entry based on an entry from another entry. There is confusion, I realise. All my doing... maybe. About my profile... well, it's about preference, importance. It's about rest. I have been; now I am. The past wasn't enough for me. I had to have the future ... just in the bedroom, if that was all that was on offer. But it had to be futuristic. I'm someone who luxuriates in action. Please don't waste my time if inaction is your thing. There will be no embraces. There will be no talk. I seek only to find. Oh, a side-note... I hold onto things. Some people have no place here. They are just aftermath. I've had quite a few responses, if you are wondering. I keep it simple, detached. I am here for the erasing.

ps. Just want to say, thanks for all the messages. Keep em coming. Glad I made you laugh ;)

pps. 14/12/20o6: You know, I've recently had a few days in Germany, couple more in Switzerland. Have found why I really don't visit that often. The physicality made me ill. Online is just better, less removed. Travel is so pretentious; it just is laughable! Here are some points I wish to make. 1) Deity makes me chuckle. 2) People are part mob. 3) Those who think are judging other people. But to get to the wheat, you need to filter our the chaff! Go figure! Nice one, God!

Drop me a line!

will work for furniture

BIG Yes fan... Parallels leg-warmer over plaster of paris armcast. for comfort. long guitar solo hair. awakeman beard, cape. Meets nr-Marx E. Smith in Collision, Man.chest.errr? way. Brings pies to illustrate fingers have been. Smith, denim coat with badges. German shirt.

minimoog. fender jaguar.

Ringing out ... Big in Japan, Wang Chung, station arrives at train

item #8276

My username says it all... I am Evil. Bad is Good. Morality is not for me.

Add me to your Yahoo.

Saturday, June 23, 2007



E.P. Thompson's grave

their peregrinations

Disney Gombrich & Vegetable Brecht, Cafe Abdab, 2007

Id Vicious, Cafe Abdab, 2007

Jape Clogger, Cafe Abdab, 2007

Spidey Aggutter, Cafe Abdab, 2007

Decimal Cezanne, Cafe Abdab, 2007

Ambit.Poe. .elegiac.

item #0500

Probably not topical, you'll see why (continue reading) simple interest, Being maybe, this is real, it's experiential. (I know the chatroom.) Tendencies toward joy, as long as man can respect and trust. Weak-minded? Then please pass by... Simple/clear/honest/to the point. Thought. Style of writing gives indications of personality. The way * communicates, approaches - denotes ALL. Over-estimated numbers (say 10,000,000) have also had my eyes opened as to how many *. (Gets you: cause. protocol. blood.) Ridicule anyway, autodidact. Not gentle, not whole-heart, unwillingly, deserving one fact. (Message me if you can't write or spell decently.) Converse or subsidise, if that makes any difference........oh and I would be willing to locate the right person, but not tomorrow, ok?

to Stephen Kijak

Just to say saw showing of your film at Lings Forum, Northampton, UK recently. Great to see it again - after the showing at NFT last year. Still moves and informs in all the right places. Was just re-confirmed in my view that Yentob and the BBC were in error with their Imagine presentation of your work. Several of my friends agree. It was basically a deception - making it seem like the initial access was theirs and the bulk of the work, too. What they left out made the whole thing less interesting and less cohesive. I hope the BBC thing did not take potential theatre-goers away thinking they were getting the real thing. I said as much to you in a recent comment - but was not surprised you decided not to allow it onto your page. Your diplomacy is a good thing, I think; as you've worked hard to make this important film. Why let some spat with the dippy BBC get in the way at the last hurdle? Yentob is an intellectual lightweight, in my view; and the BBC are damagingly piecemeal and pragmatic, with their real commitment to arts coverage a memory by this time. The Culture Show, for example, is a cartoon! I really hope you have success with this work, Stephen. You understand Walker, I think. I've loved his work for over 25 years. He gets caricatured so often. You did none of that. But neither did you crawl up his arse with faint tributes. Walker is an artist. Eno came closest on your film; whereas, in my view, Bowie was embarrassing, clearly not being as familiar with Walker as he has historically claimed. 'The Old Man's Back Again is a great track; the bassplaying is brilliant! He'd never heard it before - though it's on the Almond Boy Child compilation! The portion with Wally Stott was very moving. To hear Montague Terrace peal in, to see the look on her face... wonderful documentary film-making.

There we only 10 people, including us two, at the showing. But each person came out buzzing, I think.

Can't wait for the DVD.

Best wishes & good luck

Friday, June 22, 2007

thigmatrope. ictus in garderobe. erasmu vary.

John Lydon

item #2023

Hello. Thanks for looking... adulteration this end. Mostly ORIENTED; though stray. I use, let's say, DISTRACTED MATERIALS, often even notions such as JURISDICTION. ENTER or LEAVE. By entering, you are information, to be Termed & Conditioned. Logic governs this transaction™. Should you choose to continue, repeat the following three times, respectively, as thought, phone-call, and email: "I hereby affirm the following acts to be governed by commerce as communicative action: (1) information providing for effort (2) compliance as temporary denial (3) protection relating holistically and a priori (4) false declarations colouring grey and clouded, variously shrouded (5) documentation constituting object."

Your consent is not directly required. Anything offered in this way is rendered poetic by unmanned machines. You are limited to providing information. Access to this requires simple strains of X™ or Y™ and a computer.

Now sign, type your name.


Thursday, June 21, 2007

item #0091

Hi. I'm a listening device in Swansea Wales operating establishments as an outcall. From May I will be in a discreet city centre flat with en-suite facilities. In addition to the usual x/y-equipment, including hog-straight-electro ect. ect. ect., I'm looking for informal consent for the popular phrase '...* is not able to verify that she is female...'. Thanks.

errupting flames ... missing me by inches

fives. proposal for a 24 skidoo

Meet Pi...

or 3.1415, whose individual digits total 23.

God of Thunder

qojiks (hebrew)

Porno Adorno, Cafe Abdab, 2007

Jape Clogger, Cafe Abdab, 2007

Tart Ersatz, Cafe Abdab, 2007

Eno-Obscene-O, outside Cafe Abdab, 2007

Ronnie-James Radiohead, Cafe Abdab, 2007

J.G. Power-Ballard, Cafe Abdab, 2007

Quartertonal Prog Elvis, outside Cafe Abdab, 2007

Id Vicious, Cafe Abdab, 2007

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

item #0014

I,m itching to get involved. Looking to meet couples for real meets in the Uk. I don,t do on line stuff at all. I have an aterego that does. Message for details. I hate time wasters and fakes. I allways give respect to thoos who desrve it. Im a woman who loves life mentley and physicely. Iam here and am willing to prove it, are you ? !!!!

item #7367

holism where are you?

Jason x

item #5062

Of course I love dressing up, silly! I am only interested in attractional UK. Photo required before any discussion. I am seeking to surround myself with asexuality. Go Phenomenology!

Picture a tegulari of uneven and fictive development, butted-up, conjoined, in stasis, with a fancy adolescent title and flashy graphics somewhere. Its populous of beer-soaked anecdotalists condemn glass-eyes to irreversible coma. Half-baking is both speciality and modus operandi. Half-arsing is seen as totality. A tall one, the echolalian, runs off at the mouth with see-through self-prose. A taller one, his nodding dog, bays up and down, shagging his Owner's leg. Another, covered in animal hair, sneaks farts out into the pockets of the first whilst smiling. Another, overweight with one eye, sits slightly apart, dribbling into empty glasses, offered one by one as free drinks. This is his contribution. Others contribute via flags - most often of convenience, but always containing self-portraits. The tall one is growing his to scale. He travels in-back - always. He hates anything up-front.

The echolalian pauses for a toilet break.

The rest nail ants to horses.

item #9286

in truth i do,nt have much. Its not the be all and end all My enjoyment. i also dont spend ages on essence only aproximate 2 hours each time. so i want to entertain Myself as much as possible. i have short hair blue eyes adverage build. adverage interest span! i control purely for My entertainment. so I love. dont be selfish or tease. Anticipation is My favourite thing. tell me i am a princess and treat me so. i can see through all bullshit liars and time wasters. so do not contact Me. email or phone both ok. So contact Me correctly.

Sal ;-)

item #0066


I'm iKore'en776, 39, grey sexual, from London, but live in Dorset. Basically, I etherealise coverage against logic. Material is important but it's not canopy. OK?

I want this to happen. It's right that it should. Here's goes ... something ...

I've spent far too long with scumbags in torrents of locality. Preparations were too often silent and obscure. I missed out, records suggest. As such, I seek detection, firstly, via ideas. From there, I envisage, hope for, and expect a kind of implicit longevity, something robust, thorny, well-lit.

This very evening I am taken, but from Monday ... dinner for twelve could be on you. Literally - on you.

Perhaps begin with a two-way web session...

Attenuated Quang Duc & Decaf Bjorknutrino, Cafe Abdab, 2007

black chimneeites
string of lights
train of wittgensteinese
...erm-wise, please
spitter s/he Be
ideate up the shitter, see...
dewey corrective here
all campaigns are smear

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Soutine Routine, Cafe Abdab, 2007


Jape Clogger & Vegetable Brecht, Cafe Abdab, 2007

Ronnie-James Radiohead & Disney Gombrich, outside Cafe Abdab, 2007

Eno-Obscene-O, Cafe Abdab, 2007

Grievance Dave Mignon, Cafe Abdab, 2007

J.G. Power-Ballard & Id Vicious, Cafe Abdab, 2007

Decaf Bjorknutrino & Tart Ersatz, Cafe Abdab, 2007

palliating exterio.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Ornate Coleman c/w D/volve D/

Case no.24740, sicking up


\ let

J.G. Power-Ballard & Eno-Obscene-O, Cafe Abdab, 2007