Saturday, May 30, 2009

item #7111

for the record i never claimed that you mis understood what it means to approch the question in other words than those of 'in.. vest.. i.. ga.. tion.. s'. possible mirical? you tell me wy not? i'm being ob-tus ok. but im in tent ion al. your history focus's only on particuler propetie s as they suit you and not me. how about being a bit more au-thentic? i'm not into your an alysis. i will start to investigatt you and i think by doing that i will find you out as kno kind of socal-ist. youre un der ly ing me and there is no point you denying it please. i,m always particulrr. your theo ries are derive-ative. from me. they are so in correctly also. which is worse i say. i have mis con cept ions and i do not trust yuo. we met, after phone calls and you said voice was you'r wife but wasn't, but you whre nothing as you said. so it went re-ally badly. that is'nt me. it is you. it is not that i beleeved you before that. but i had to think truth enough to give it ago, of course that is the way we must always ' be '. if you had gone a-head and ab-ducted me playfully in your carboot and then to sale then as i now now you would have been terrerble to me as i cold not help myself against that and your. in a new way i am really thru with you in all ways that it is poss to be. so it is final and over and ter min a ted. i will as well re-port back to mod,er,ator s and put a note in bold on my blog so i can expos you to otherrs. that is a duty and i think it is right. i won't be argued away from that. this was not a mis under s tand ing. you commerced upon me in way we had not agreed. that has left its trace s in every stage on me. ive talked to a friend and he agrees. the way you spoke to me, about your notions, was terror-ble. i fun da mental ly say you make mistaks, about my naturr, into terms pro phound ly not my own. that fects the way i think of you.

item #3396

I seek a singular kind of intelligence, coupled with a meaningfully professional attitude towards (A) a man (size 14) with curves in all trhe right places. From him, I like it (B) small, (C) slow and (D) tall as a wall, and I like his long hair and facial hair, as it drags me. It's a pipe-dream, right. I design. (Aporia.) Well, about me ... so tactile, and will relish the better of me (in his blood). (....which, no no no, doesn't include tendencies to only add people.) I'm not an Adonis, but I have succumb a bit I hope...

item #6531

I consider myself to be an imaginative, eloquent, witty and well-educated, middle-aged lady. Most things come very naturally to me. I am incredible, with very few, if any, limits. I have a vast and ever-expanding experience of numerous things; too numerous to list, in fact - sorry. In life, I am hugely-confident; so much so that I always take the lead in everything I take part in. By profession, I am lead-engineer within a very successful and important corporation. The skills I have are both invaluable to it and intrinsic to its great and lasting success. The workings of my mind have been studied numerous times; and my thoughts have been cited in many books and other publications on all manner of subjects, within my field and generally. I am brained and highly-regarded. I particularly enjoy exploring knew, effective ways to furthr prsonify my *; and ideas are invited.

Also, this room I am in right now is fitted with numerous inserts. I am inflating at the sight of, say,
a notional partner, who is gorgeous and dissatisfied with who I am. I therefore regularise and make casual all the encounters we have in any given day. He makes a fade of me, and up furthrrr I gro.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

item #0016

I am a not a kind person, I suppose. Nor am I one to influence others, or even to bother about others. I see their world as abject and unspecified. What is there to influence? Things have been lost in time - to dystopia. I think about possibilities, and about the selections those possibilities would have me make. Perhaps I might rule you with an iron fist, from some enclave. You mentioned that, and it reminded me of my earlier overtures. I wanted abduction, it is true. But only for myself. Just another prophylactic. I see a world obsessed by responsibilities. Honesty, too, is overrated, and I sometimes have to sit and scheme away the logic I am forced everyday to witness because of that. I cannot imagine others. I can only imagine the world without them. Such particularity should not be licensed in the way that it is. I grow ever impatient, I know. However, I do not take this as being an easygoing venture. I will not judge myself. I only see that I have potential. Julia

Monday, May 25, 2009

item #6333

To Ornette (Mids, 44, seeking to relocate, UK only): Sadly, Sir, I am not able to field your kind offers. Your analytical constructions appear to bring the figurations I am interested in to bear upon those abstractions which I am seeking to excise; and your general arguments are at the same time persuasive and cogent. You are part-way there. The basis of my hesitation is linked only to those areas of indistinct logicality which you persist in including. The pictures I am imagining, and which I desire to physicalise, cannot happen unless other, in fact opposed, varieties of description are liberated and made proper use of. I explained all this previously; yet you repeat the same errors in your latest submission. Content simply cannot be comparative. I have no stake in such things; so you must not either. What I seek is entirety. What you offer is analogy. Michelle D.

item #6706

well i got fucked over yesterday. decided to stay tho. which meant i had no accommodation so i went home. earlier as always my boss contacted me extending another thousand things on his mind to do. one day i will kill him for sure. got home very late. really on the floor. not delicious all evening for me. different for him tho the cunt. boss texted saying he is on holiday (n y) for 8 days as of now. so i have to go in an hour early in the morning and each day and work weekend also. so all of this is saying that meet we arranged for sunday at 3 i cannot do for obvious reasons. i know this is letting you down. babysitter cancelled. really bad. not even sure i can make it up to you as things getting really heavy and i have uni work to do as well before i go to paris in two weeks. could you come there i wonder? i could help you out with flight and i have a place to stay. bit basic. but ok. just need spending money. i'll have the evenings free. well all but the last one. it's five days. pretty central. let me know either way. failing that it might be a couple of months. no pressure tho. not a hint or blackmail either. i know it sounds a bit like that. i will ring you as soon as i can. promise. darren

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Enjoy& dominate, say, England.

~ Woeful perverse. creative. intenser.

Poet highly attuned to well being. xtreme. & demanded.

~ While we take this very seriously, we are also demonic.

sense of humour.

item #6789

for petr. i lived your concise approach. many times i forged my will. but dear one we couldn’t last as were. i cannot and i will not blame you for that. i found you and now i must lose you. i cannot adequately express the depth of my regret. still i know it must be so. i am with you in spirit. jilly x

bright bright. the pissmop.

i insert betwn layers of bread. castratd.

item #0899

This profile contains no bullshit and no posturing, and no amateur poetry either! (Don't you just hate those?)! My name is Compashn. I view the world around me from a 4 bed detached home in the sunny English west country, where I've been for thirty years, running a successful photo studio. I can prove I am happy, and I'm willing, if you like, to speak to you via phonecalls whenever you wish. I can supply my numbers, no problem. I can accommodate anytime, as well, and I'd rather do that than travel. I pride myself with my openness however. New ideas come from new experiences I feel. I have opened this account to see if meetings can be arranged. If you like me then say hello, then come to visit. I will pay your travel costs. Please do not contact me if you are lonely. Laters

Friday, May 22, 2009

item #0002

I want to apply within or about experience. I want to characterise those roles as thought, and in so doing I want to defy description. Actualities will change hands, I realise. Insofar as each of my days is domestic and uniform, I will respect cooperation as a social imperative. I will, however, place limitations upon this; for example, only contributing to those rare occasions which involve sexual touching of particular, especial intensity. Other sessions will pass me by. I seek no regularity. My interest in completion has been thoroughly tested. Nothing was found wanting, I can assure you. The focus of all this for me is the basis of pleasure. I have to be involved. Other permissions are possible, but, for now, I seek this programme only. Georgina

Thursday, May 21, 2009

item #0088

As an experiernced couple experimenting for over a month now with the idea that love abuses each fantasy, marking however well the particulars (like first or for most photoes potatoes an 18" dido, ect) or a sound of metal. We just love moving levels and no more limitations to take us further. Please no women. King & Queen. x x

item #6592

My aim is to expect nothing in return. In my opinion, the realms of some distant future want to finish me. I am happy for anyone, of any age, sex, gender or race. Their minds attract me into locations that seem irregular. Otherwise, it's tricky. If you are needed, I mean really needed, I will be happy to meet you as I can possibly do so. Please reply here or via my Yahoo. Pics on request. Thanks for reading.

I understand and I wish to continue

item #7005

Hello Ellen. Thank you for your lengthy email. Couple of days of silence. I was beginning to worry. So it was nice to hear from you. What you say partly perturbs me, however. Can I say that you need to understand that you are no longer an outsider. And no, you are not an animal, and I do not see you that way. Stop these histrionics, please darling. I simply want to get the best out of you, so I have to point such issues out to you, in the hope that you might understand and appreciate my good intentions. I know that we are somewhat fragile. It is, after all, early days. I know that our arrangement is neither unconditional nor immune from corruption. Yes, one man's utopia is another man's dystopia, and, given that, I think a few reductions are in order. Ok. Where should I start? Perhaps, I can tell you that I understand females better than females do themselves. Over twenty years ago, I was fortunate to be involved with an emotionally-secure lady nearing the end of her life. I looked after her whilst she was terminally-ill, and nursed her to her death. She had several complex conditions - which, in turn, and in concert, caused further awful complications. The others who looked after her never put perfume on her, nor any make-up or jewellery. They felt she had no need of it. I thought differently; I treated her like a human-being, and, moreover, like a lady. We fell in love, I think; and though it was never consummated and never formally stated, I believe it was an important and profound relationship for both of us, as intense as any I have ever known, all the better for being tacit, in fact. Nowadays, I live with the emotional fall-out from that earlier intensity, and I generally feel a distinct lack in things. With you it seems different. I get something of that same intensity. If I am honest, I fear I might be too conventional for you; and, in saying this here, I fear I might frighten you away, and ruin a good friendship. In my heart, though, I want and I need more. So I just have to say, and take a chance. What might I say to interest you? Should I admit that I would blindly follow you wherever you wanted to go? Should I say that I will never ask you to justify yourself? I feel that, in time and with some work, we might communicate properly, and grow closer. We are not like other people, I think. I get such a sense of something special from you. We could live the alternative lifestyle you say you crave. Please, all I ask is that you think about it, and appreciate my efforts in telling you what's on my mind. Mark x

Monday, May 18, 2009

item #8582

hi. best intro myself. im wonderful imagenaton. presently i work in sussex uk. it all comes so natural to me. i have good sense of humour. message for interesting conversations and lotsa laughter. as well i am looking for special female towards gaining tru fulfilment. hey let's explore both to gether. why not. so im interested, take time contact me. i look forward to you.

Tyron xxx

item #7392

My dear, Why so terse this evening? All I said was I have refined your requirements and I will demonstrate that I am prepared to make the most of what I have. I am prepared, that is to say, for the possibility of welcoming further education in all aspects of my life. When might we meet, please? I grow tired of webcams and text messages. Don't you? I know I said I'd wait and that it is your agenda. But surely in saying I want to meet you at last that is a good thing. Please don't be put off. I'm as genuine now as I was 12 months ago. Let's just see where we go. Thomas

Sunday, May 17, 2009

item #0156

I've lost her. I tried again and again. But it hasn't worked, and she's left me - not for another, she's just had enough. I thought today time may have healed me but it didn't. I got so angry. Went outside looking. I badly hurt them. They were just closest. I had no connection. So now it's easier. But it won't last I think. At least this way I can be intimate at times. But I won't ever love. We may have something in common. Maybe what I've put here interests you enough to send a message. I'm not even sure I want messages. And no, I don't know why I'm here or why I'm completing this profile and letting others see it. All I know is that I'm hurt both physically and mentally, I'm suffering, and no amount of knowledge can change that. Some new cage awaits me somewhere, another trap. I'm ticking like a timebomb. I just know once I'm over this I'll make the same mistakes again. Celeste :(

13s/termini/[tall stories]/

item #0111

This is known: I am devoid of reflection. I live this proposition as if it is true. I seek correspondence from others who feel the same.

The world is an error.


item #0077

dear miss i find you suited. i am looking to to complete my time by all i can do. even dogsbody work to perfection. i can feel isolation when needed. so i am realistic, as you see. can i offer you an arrangement? i require very little food and have no pleasure in it. from society i seek only the good. if you are interested i would like to discuss this further. thank you. iain

Friday, May 15, 2009

item #0004

I feel unhappy enough to tell a blank screen that I am sick with worry and have given myself headaches. I am driven to say that false teaching fails because it must bewilder and it must promote error and frequency in equal measure. There is no use proposing any other transition; or, more precisely, there is no use proposing further references of that kind by recourse to any other motion. Something inside over-extends me. It is as simple and unavoidable as that. I cannot indicate complete separation from what is bearing upon my mind. It feels like this: The Earth refers to my Father, as he thumbs across the back of my neck, parenting. He is tactile, omnipresent, and indwelling, I am told. This is no exception, either. He gets to provide - licensed by the regular findings I am given. The identification of these forms a coterie of reconstructions, which work to remove possibilities I might think I have. I am only relieved none of this is ever discursive. He attempts, by felicity, to underlie his theories about the confines of consensus by emphasising freedom as he sees it. All that is humane is explicated; all that is humane is justified, a priori. I serve as groundwork. Elsewhere, on other days, I stretch back, reigning in some topical modus operandi, until it (and I) become dissociated, blunted. So much for such ring-fences, I always think. But this is how I escape the certainty of the framework.

Thanks for reading. I'll try to post more in the future.


item #9991

for now we are looking at freinds only who are willing to ruin millions when we mention this statement. like sleepers. progammd. here it is ...we are a couple into a permanent day for that special someone to want to become a permanent even sister. direct email.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

item #8402

Jenna from Glasgow here. Mmmm ... someone is clearly upset with what I posted previously - judging by the messages I've received today. Well maybe I was a little pissed off. I do get rather annoyed. But forgive me for seeming to get passionate about what I think are serious issues. What's your beef? Really - what is your problem? Do let me know LOL Well, to those message senders ... I'm captivated against the skull. My family are penetrators to a man. We could tell you many things as an introduction, but try this for size: Laughter is expensive, and we'll teach you its value. No problem. Similarly, permissibility is not permissible. You will eventually agree. Cheers. x


item #8539

apologies to all those who sent me messages after 6pm on 18th Feb. am unable to answer as i am not prepared to wait for reply messages. i wont be online til tomoro as i can not access where i am going. ok. sorry again and happy messaging. vincent x x

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

item #0081

I have no desire to personalise the errors of your confidence, but I cannot carry it through otherwise. I am just not thorough enough towards understanding. So I have little other choice. What is required? You haven't said. What do you mean by 'conditioning'? Do you intend to be precluded? If so, I should tell you that I am useless at particularising, and can demonstrate my shortfalls in this way by seeming to surrender absolute control over you by recourse to intimacy, some kind of sensuous contact, tenderness. Moments later I will anyway phone you immediately, emphasising that I am not interested in cyber. I will expect nothing but some regard for my own safety. Other such awarenesses would be a boon. But I am trying to remain realistic. So ... I am under 40, fairly fit, but somewhat lightweight, as a picture I've included suggests. As such, your shots of face and body must be made just as clinically, please. Dorothea x

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

item #5609

I might be the women that you are looking for. Have you thought about that? So, instead of simply cutting and pasting your routine, pre-prepared and ill-thought-through intro piece and pressing 'send', which has never worked for you once, I'll bet, offer me a more sincere, tailored and considered message; saying who you are and what it is you are really looking for. Forgive me for my seeming negativity, but after perhaps a thousand such overtures, the novelty is wearing off; and I will just block anyone who sends one-liners or who sends messages where it is obvious you've not even read my words. Well, with that out of the way, to more interesting matters ... I suppose I revert the usual feminist ideals into assertions of matter, with a view to indiscriminately problematising decision-making processes, which I prick towards things relational, effusive and missive. I realise that I am looking for impressions, certain dictations, a method of inheritance. His views, so far as I understand them at all, give me ideas about how to confess and conceptions about how to use acceptance - all orientated towards the needs of the body; that is physical Being, those unchanging images of perfection: or the descriptions (Kan't). Meanwhile, dwelling, she knows another girl in another bedroom; sealed like a worm, in amber, mentating, made dry. Co-habitations even me out; but even I cannot understand such derisions; especially when ploughed across the reasoned views of some natural majority. Sexual preferences are neither possessive nor implicitly blank. How I want you to be is obvious. Please message on that basis. Melanie x

Monday, May 11, 2009

item #8429

I don’t make a habit of writing. That doesn’t matter much because nobody reads all these long words. Like you, I’m vacuous, a pretender, and I'm happy being both. Depth just makes you unhappy. I get my kicks by wasting opportunities. I'm neither keen to please nor seeking approval. So I'm kind of indestructible. When I find my feet here, I'll be able to picture precise actualities - at least in ways sufficient to justify the damage to my reputation I'm trying to affect. I use software which makes all this really easy. I have little involvement other than pushing a few buttons. If I were honest - which I'm not - I'd reprogramme these devices to similarise something ineradicably genuine, and covet those reports from fakes and scammers which I make detailed lists about as a separate but related activity. If I get totally pissed off, I'll leave this site. Mrs Emily Graves (Warwick, UK).

Friday, May 08, 2009

item #0900

Sorry, first an apology. I sometimes, I see people surrounded by all the answers but seeming to remain clueless. Where others laugh, I just bury my head in my hands. There, with my thumbs in my eyes, all I hear is 'I am surrounded; I call upon you for our assistance'. It never varies. Well, maybe it varies a bit ... It feels like it's getting worse, louder, for sure. I press my thumbs harder each time, and it diminishes, plainly so, like a heard object, spikes. I'm fucking myself up, ok; but I don't want to see what surrounds you; neither do I want to be asked to help. So I have to stab away. It's you pressing on my eyelids, not me, because you have me wrong. You see, I get pleasure interfering in human life in other ways; I hate the asking part; I am only interested in not being asked. Tell me you won't ask me and we'll get on fine. Being uninvited thrills me and always has. I won't offer any clues either as to what that might mean as a substance. You can damn well work that out yourself. There'll be no sole exceptions. So save your emails. Oh and by some miraculous coincidence - or, more exactly, via some complex formality, comprised of ceremonies, at one and the same time against god and against nature as a truism - I've emptied myself of accessibility. I'm on the roof, and so instantly. Yet, it's true.


Thursday, May 07, 2009

item #0059

I feel what follows might be some kind of subconscious homage to that gaggle of nocturnal categories I nominated last time I posted here - in October last year, I think; now re-worked with some sense of adding to a notional, long-overdue collective dictionary of my visions. I think that, in documenting the things I see, I might help others populate their own experiences with things of substance. For this, I aim, in time, to construct another site, and with it a new moniker, which will re-brand what may, at first reading, seem to be purely transitory, into something I personally think of as talismanic. All I have to work with is myself. I realise it is different for others; and, given that knowledge, I aim to give something of myself to you all. Equality can be achieved that way, I feel.


Monday, May 04, 2009

item #7028

Hi. Christina BBW here. Take it or leave it. A body is an object, and I'm a successful objectifier. It's my profession - seriously. I repress nothing. People come to me for experience of that. It's what I do for a living. Desire is God. I'm not asking everyone to agree with me. I'm just here looking for the few who might. If that's you, then read on, and do message me if you think we have some or all of the following in common ... You must feel beneath me. I am a wall of iron. You must squander what you feel to be freewill, just as you must worship my absolute self-control. I need yes-men only. Commit to that process and we have a starting point. Nothing vaginal - ever. This is a corporate proposal. Chew the fat. I can accommodate, but prefer to travel - and I do so extensively along the M4 and the M5 Corridors. Relocation is possible for me, also, so long as those destinations lie within these areas. Further conditions apply, but that will do for the time being. Oh, PS: if Fran67 contacts you don't bother, she's a fake and timewaster.

item #0079

The idea of community ... anthills of pragmatism and apathy, without hope of beneficial change. You're ambiguity sickens me and those of this group. Instantaneously, we crush your vexed originality, with language, survival, and individuation. Self justifies self. You can have no utter protagonist any other way. Your foils of misremembering retain an ideal model formed from contrasts. These lack everything except substance. Externally, you forcibly create temporal settings, endeavoring to fictionalise multiple elites, by recourse only to successions of images. Goodbye.

item #6633

dear my only one. a few months ago i had main issues with how i felt i wasn’t purposeful. so sore. so touching. contradictions. yes ok. but out of the question to feel any other way. if i don't mind then it doesn’t matter. surely? i can't bear the disagreements you might be thinking up. if i told you to stay away from the area would you? how am i really functioning? can you let me know. i'll cam you later. or skype? i'm all removed. just like you asked. i caved in. will that help? i can have sex. but let's be private or i might get trouble. what good is this? however, i define it to myself, i changed nothing significant. by my reckoning, you are incredibly pure. more than me and more than i thought when we met. it's all a lot closer now, as i feel i don’t get why you ravish me as often as you do. by definition, i'm endlessly available. i couldn’t think anything else. jason

Sunday, May 03, 2009

item #7390

There's a problem with having complex purposes, I've found. Perhaps I'm venting by default, but this isn't going to be a litany, whatever you all may think. I covet those anger-induced moments of compound failure, as an attempt, via probability, to quantify my expectations. My comments were always offered, sharply, on that basis. Maybe that's confusing to some? I do think intentions are hard to define and even harder to communicate. Perhaps an example would help ... Well, I fantasise about unattainable standards, hoping for an irreversible breakdown. The other day, I become more important exactly because I managed to succinctly put into words the quiet inside of me. I’m at the stage where I'm gaining more control over what controls me because of that. You see very little, I think; and I am here to hide my own eyes similarly. I spent years wondering what made you tick. Now I know, and ... well, I just know. Daphne x