Tuesday, April 26, 2011

item #0066

re. your last message. your lies, it seems, are unlimited and my usage in them seems as boundless. quite obviously you are keen to focus your degraded logic, like a missile, upon my greater experience of the kind of life you say you wish to live. i say again: i do not believe you. you keep coming back, yet you will find no satisfaction in anything i say to your questions, and i will not answer them. after this message i will block you, and i will leave unopened all the other messages you send via your numerous fake profiles and proxy addresses. this really is a matter for authority, and if you push this further i will scream your house down. i will say this ... everything is otherwise, nothing is driven by any selfless majority or longing to prepare unconditional extensions from your supposed freewill. i may range too narrowly, and i know i am kept unclad in the animal confines of the exploited, but i equally know confidence is neither beloved nor useful. you are not fearless as you assume - neither are you feared. you simply have your three names. 

syri r

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

trope trope