Tuesday, March 30, 2010

item #8764

i've deleted my profile. it may start again in a while or something. i write about all of the people on here who have written to me about my adventures but i need to spend more time with my brother and his sons. he split 6 months ago and is unstable, constantly phoning to poison quality time. once away from his influence i will return here.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

item #0041

Miss K, I love you. This to honour your faith in me... To my biotic dysmorp confines, I counterpart all your unreported cases, into the shallow graves of their own soiled epistemol. I must lose myself in you, as you said, and this digging is the only way I can divide as you require. See how I attend you, Miss. Please see how I time my bank of defective images, whose frequency describes the flawlessness of your rituals. Miss, your symptoms are my 15 minutes of fame.


item #8991

I privilege your dirty little pleasures and endow financial totalities within secure photo-less pages directed only at the professions. I can be everything when I'm away.

item #7722

Quick update. I'm still in the firing-line, it seems. She's still hunting. And though she does not know my name or what I look like, she know everything else about me. Why? Well, I live with his loose lips. That's a fact. My life is seldom my own. So, kind readers, the story so far will logically include the following: My husband isn't interested in my reasoning, and there is no point therefore in anyone welcoming my marriage as any other kind of social activity. Unless I somehow meet someone who can improve my satisfaction I will continue in this, terminally unconvinced about the sources of his moral dominance and the world he belongs to. Yes, I am burning that bridge, also. I have to remain unapologetic about this, however, as it is an expression of some imaginative encounter I will not describe here.

I'm working myself around to listing all of this without innuendo.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

item #0099

I see redolence... An internal struggle without agency, as veteran as the punitive tilts towards canopy and coverage, as fugitive in meaning as any counter-regime and its corporeal divisions. I have erupted, like the remover, ever-broadcasting and confederated. Into Iran, I inviolate six nations, as muniment, beyond comprehension. Audiences accord, flocking to the sites from the period after 9/11.

item #8218

To mouther... You forget yourself if you think you dissemble me without slaughter. You always do. A century (and counting) of lies. I have no thoughts perambulatory or genius. Instead, I streak across in lexicon, celibate in language, and with demonstrations of indiscipline sorely lacking elsewhere. I'm interested, but I'm not obsessed. My mind is impotent and erogenous, but not for you, more because of you.

UN Shanti

Friday, March 12, 2010

item #0306

Today I actually know I always like to imagine him working at me silently. In general I am his only prospect. Though I am low, fortunate and terrorist, I am his regulation, endlessly uncompliant, a toilet.

Society x