Monday, January 31, 2011

item #8439

4×10^6 suggestive, bombshell thereafter, via properties. Who succeeds by replacing? 

Generate (bi, 34, north east)

item #0121

She goes forwards. I love the dynamic. I love the learning curve.

For selected friends... 

Francis Allemagne

item #1199

I’ve been thinking about spending hours getting to and from the only difference to actually work as much as I know it can. The greater the amount of work I become, the more swimming in front of my eyes.Ok, this afternoon I just couldn’t focus on my conscientiousness, out into some sort of stress. One is stressed?

Cabbag x

Sunday, January 16, 2011

item #0089

I just managed to perfect some small triumph after all the others. So, the sun shines and I want more.  The house in great, by the way, with its minor, shuddering blasts  running through me. I could offer a more simple response, but you know me. Maybe I believe feelings generate the man.

Zion de Janeiro (44, Mids)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

item #8742

Impossible to interact with any other meaningful array of definitions at present, as I've expressed in other postings. My story is one of, well, entanglement, perhaps co-dependency, more exactly, though, as I feel, it is the product of inconsiderations regarding my own lack of  isolation. Basically, others here treat me badly because of this -  because they believe they understand my condition.