Monday, August 24, 2009

Vultures/PAS tour, August/September 2009

Saturday, August 08, 2009

item #4018

Until you realise I have left something out there's no point in my refining things further. It's enough to throw this crude parting-shot your way ... Your imprecisions dishearten me; just as your inattention turns my head away. I'm leaving you, and here's why ... Last night, on you bed, and after, in the taxi, I made honest pleas for some kind of timely change on your part. You promised me that. Remember? Most likely I came across as desperate. Whatever though you seemed not to take me seriously. The matter was dropped, and I left unfulfilled and bewildered; just as I knew you thought it was a wonderful evening. For you, I suppose it was. Why would you think anything else? We dined as you prefer. We chatted, idly - just as you like. We avoided my friends, meeting up with yours; all of whom seem to dislike me. I guess what I mean is I cannot understand you or why we are together. It's like you don't get me at all. So ... this message, left here, for you to see; just to take the sting out of my having to tell you cold that it's over. It's the modern way ... text message, fax, at one-remove. You won't alter my mind. Please don't try. I've changed my number; and since you never bothered to learn my address, well, all is severed between us. I have few regrets. Goodbye. Chissie

item #0094

To the outside world I am a successful businessman openingly adoring a dynamic female partner by making her my everything. If I had the chance though I would let you know I am no more than one minor subject of her procedural systems and those who work to maintain them. This is truly where I live.

Paul Anderson

item #2277

There's no point beating around the bush, I guess. What you can’t have you can't have. I came here with inflated expectations, believing the hype. But I've come down to earth now. So, a rewrite .... I am female, 37, a UK resident, not too fat, not too thin, pretty so I'm told. But that's a matter of opinion and not for me to say. I have some experience of the kind of relocations which seem everpopular here. But I'm not claiming any special knowledge of such things, and we can all learn more I think. So my position is academic. That said I am not interested in being understood or in anything predominantly true. Basically, I mean to adore. That's all I want. It follows that I have a special liking for intimacy and its examinations and modifications, permanent or otherwise. I suppose I can accommodate with enough notice, but I prefer to travel. I'm not interested in romance. Angel

item #0744

After an all-too-brief experiment not too long ago turns out I have someone to take advantage of. That someone is showering me with gifts and adoration. It makes me happy to think about this side of me in relation to my willingness to undo others.

I'm not limited to any point in time.

Anyway... ideas and dreams x

item #0660

Please pardon my intrusion. Firstly have to say that you are drawing my attention with little imagination or effort though I can't put my finger on what is hardly important. Not sure what else to say so I'll leave it at that. Quc

item #0081

DB here again, with more of the same ... I believe that the supposed dynamism of society is being wrecked by our adherence to artificial values and inappropriate relationships built upon inappropriate criteria. What feels and appears to be normal to others is so much horseshit to me. You believe men and women are completely different. I believe men and women are, utterly and in every significant detail, completely the same. Why? Because I'm sick of thankless individuation. Who you may be or who you may not be has no intrinsic quality for me. Nothing of that kind functions as compatibility either. Yes, I might agree that powerful people exchange relationships for others every day, but I am not focused upon that kind of platonic kinship. I'm too unnumbered. Others will rise. Others are rising. Thanks.

item #6447

So nice to be here at last. But one question to you all please: I just Cannot see why so many of you appear so singular. Especially those who want to marry that with being suddenly immersed in some ill-defined and under-explained extremity. But without moving out of London. Laughable.