Monday, December 31, 2007

item #0028


Just a few opening ideas...

Our area of professional interest will never form part of your zeitgeist. We are most often, to make the point, physically-appalled at your lack of grace and courage. Strictly speaking, the precise details of such emotional activities are our own business, however. What follows is a sleight only, an alibi of sorts.

We are playing baby to your bathwater, yes, but we are routinely unimportant in your explanation of history. We have recourse only to factuality. We neither invoke nor provoke any, one might say, genus of nations. The spirit of our logic connects only certain extant governing-ideas with certain non-negotiable starting-points - all without the distortions of personal content, being formed from basic observation, towards a wish to survive.

We are, we feel, unique in this simplicity. The ways by which nations perpetuate themselves are, we believe, too complex, too destructively-complex; necessitating a blithe technological severity, invasive systems of restriction, and the perpetuation of empty rivalries in an empty, loveless dynamic, from which only voids not objects and beings are inferred, franchised.

Desire is overtly ubiquitous. Such petulant resolutions must be prevented, however. Desire must be processed by reason; and reason itself must be an entirety if it is to remain meaningful and essential in this task. Reason must also speak; it must be exponential; it must be committed in and of itself; it must be impregnably Socratic, dialectical, democratic, loving. It must save lives, not take them.

Mistakes happen. That said, they must be made to lie face-down upon our learning curves. They must be tamed; made into the cogs of progress. Awareness of this is of paramount importance. It is, a fortiriori, a form of economics.

We proffer nothing abstract. We insist that ideas must be such that people can hold them, so that they may can hold onto them.

Thanks & best wishes,

Alison, Andrej, Ruggero & Martin x x x x

item #0063

People, I feature self-destruct. You see only shards, but, as always, I remain generally aware, faultlessly particularizing; painfully, The Severalist. I dislike my body. It dislikes me. So it goes. But the real issues are of the mind. For instance, my preferred mentation is, to me, too short, too thin and short, for the processes of either self-criticism or real work. Nothing seems thorough enough, nothing is fast enough, nothing is accurate enough. I remain unalterably displeased. My personality - The Severalist - is as displeaser: Severalist the Displeaser. In see flaws even in this unitary perfection, however. I am a youngman, barely in my twenties. But already I ritualise wild blemishes as badges of beauty, sensual and righteous. Detriment is merchandise. To be clear, though, this is a version of masochism not a sign of neglect. I am like all the saints in that regard. People, believe me when I say I love you. But even hate cannot condemn the defects I am attempting to list. Only some positive sacrifice will give us year zero. What's mine is yours.

home [sic]

Friday, December 28, 2007

item #4444

Hi. Engalia, 37, Bristol, UK LOL! Hello... Am I allowed an opening, emotional statement, that varies in intensity, from elemental id-irradiate to socio-sensory-rage? I think so...LOL I'm a trained psychologist who specializes in the study of 'Othering'. I formed my company, Bi-Phys-Bi-Logi-Co, in 2006, to chart the extant changes in all you Heartraters, Bloodpressurists, Hormoners, Adrenaliners, and Noradrenaliners. You are all external, causal; and I'm brooding about your personal problems. Damn! I trauma! I enrage! You're an event only, but you trigger angry feelings in me! Damn damn damn! Please note, though, that I might be instinctive and natural, but I'm way too expressive to respond to your adaptions. I don't respond to threats either. I prefer to inspire the powerful toward behaviors which allow us all (you included) to fight and defend ourselves when we are attacked. (A certain amount is necessary to our survival. Only social norms, and not common sense, place limits on how far this might take us.) Here's the thing... People aspire to variety - of course they do! But they tend to spiral down, as uniforms, into the dead-wood, unconscious of the processes around them. It is here that I and my company come in. We have three main approaches to filling in these gaps: (1) foiling (as Aggregate/Expressing), (2) suppressing (primarily of the suppressors) and (3) calming assertions of the seemingly possible. The latter is the most complex and difficult, and requires the most resources; but we have learned how to clarify without hurting. Others fail in this, we have found. We are more demanding than those others, yes; but we are similarly less converted, less redirected. This helps us to inhibit areas of so-called constructive behavior; whilst allowing outward expressions of inward causes. We count amongst our number thousands of Hypertensers, Pressurers, and Impressionists; all constantly and tirelessly inexpressing, increating, and problematising. Yes, we are pathological and confronting: a Them for 2008; head-on, personifying, perpetually cynical and hostile. People are constantly putting others down, criticizing everything, and making cynical comments. We have our deletions, too. But we have learned how to confer successful relationships from the calm down inside. This means not just controlling our outward behavior, but also controlling our internal responses. With this, all our low feelings subside.

These techniques work. Join us.

Best wishes.

item #9032

hi. xpat brit. living in saudi. would i like possibl.-coup? and also Might (as interest)? (i do like your war.) i switch as i like. can you say same? i might be interested in tying time to time to time? i have experience and therefore no known limits. can you say same? im willing absolutely. or im willing the absolute. anything. everything. i live by the motto you dont like something until you try it. i am curiousminder. i can contact you. so if your also contact me. i may also be in a position for a full time contact.

R.B. Kitaj

Born October 29 1932
Died October 21 2007

Saturday, December 22, 2007

item #0070

Hi. I'm here for friends only, but who knows....

My central theme is that the auditory is opposed to the visual. Or do I misremember? This is possible, as I once sharply reduced anything ostensive, irrelevant, appended, with an inanimate, robot thumb. I am making exhaustive lists of these actions. I intend to post these as a final 'end-list' in due course.

My research suggests that findings strengthen widely-held assumptions. So, I'm aiding and adding to some mainstream. Or do I misremember, as I said? I'm not sure I'm truly free to say.

Surely, information decays; surely information is not durable. I model independent formalities in light of this... (as fe-cyber-Socrat\

There are, though, several conflicts within my research; and no experiment has thus far demonstrated substance without destructive implications. These get me hot, though.

Lately, I've been distracted. My presentations have been broken, perfunctory, over-combined, positional. I am myself the problem, I think - being myself contrary to the original aims of me, being encoded, post-recalling, hypothetical, mine.

I walk to work each day through a sea of faces, shitting myself.

Suz J

Friday, December 21, 2007

item #0029


Experienced at scenery. Looking for others similarly-placed. Anyone out there?

Firstly, we are governmental and anti-plural. Our systems mitigate all you liberal undoubts and unfamiliars into pits with Ama Ouse Ov Ora pendulua. lol We legislate with sticky flags in favour of difficulty and requirement for you. We are candidates for prizes, inexorably inheriting. In essence, we are instant geographers. You will form our colonies. Your purpose is to ensure our preferred representations.

It's late.

Best wishes,

Genome of Arc
Jesu-Boy (of Sun's desiring)

Thursday, December 20, 2007

logolatian nhs


item #8420

What are words? Are they atoms of consciousness, Being? Mail me your basic components. Until then, I am whirling around. I need proof of some fundamental participle, a primitive grammar, an empirical grunt. My current knowledge about composition - the universe, that is - is known as physical. This describes only building blocks, out of which words appear to be made. This leaves context aside. It leaves aside, as it were, the consciousness of language. Words and books clearly interact. A house is not a series of bricks. What makes a home? What is the component, 'home'?

I am interested in names, cheers.

Muon Tauon Neutrino

item #5021

Thanks...Interesting answers. Appreciated. Yes, the presence of substance (or otherwise) produces elemental qualities (or otherwise). We can prove it, too. There can be no alternative complexion, as you say. Body-type dictates personality, as you say. You, for example, are formally sanguine; you are anticipating our impending heroic blood-let. Yah! (Fuck 'em.) You symbolise such, carrying that definition ontologically, having your own picture in a magazine. (Thanks for the link.) To us, you are our last ditch; and we are training a magazine upon you, in love.

Oh yes, we love you; oh, liver/die-er, ignore the air, hot and moist. red-cheeked and corpulent you are; for our satisfaction! Kiss Kiss! You are seldom self-enclosed, sexyfuck. You get us amorous, ruddy one. We are happy in our irresponsibility, and poke you without protection. When can we meet next?

Oh, while we remember... Our friend, the Choleric - red-haired, short-tempered, but usefully ambitious, remember? ...Well, we are working her revenges. lol An empire will fall.

Best wishes,
Celly & The Cage x x

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

item #7500

Sir/Madam, I am here, as you requested, 8pm on the dot.

Can I say that you straddle the comforts of your documentorial spaces so very well, exploiting fuzzy time so very well, urlocating and historicising so very well? When I first sat down to write this introductory reply, I assumed we were figures in some disgusting experiment. I began putting all kinds of tasty details into alphabetical order. Assembling my bogus, dispassionate archive took me in, though, and I chalked on namelessly until your helpful deadline loomed. Now I realise, I have not been exact in my research and my lists are meaningless. For instance, I have included no unspeakable acts of terror; not one. My oversight, then, is perpetrated against all innocent people. Shall I apologise? Might this apology be official? This seems appropriate, as I think that we are veering into the realm of belief.

I will stay on Messenger until 11pm. Thanks.

item #7171

Hi Every1. Denny 39 mid Wales UK, seeking likeminds, others. i photograph strong women. My work is in magazines (ask.) and Amateur. as of 1998 i worked within the world of portraiture and beauty. I specialize in using very wide techniques though now I am equally at home with fashionwork. Attention to detail is important. which stems from my experience. Clients include most of my subjects as women. They are much more relaxed in front of a camera, and much more willing for me it seems. obviously as I’m a woman myself. so they can feel relaxed. and enjoy themselves in front of the camera. I do photograph men as well, though not as much. I’m very select about which men I would want to work with on a regular basis. each of them are very different. Many of my images have been used for books, published.

item #0001

Human freedom has a high price. It is something existentially irregular. One makes sacrifices because of it. In order to function, modern democracies generalise something base; and this generalisation is itself base. We live this terrible ouroboros each and everyday. Modern life is a form of cannibalism. We eat each other and ourselves. I chew my nails, for instance; and, in chewing the fat, here, now, I am eating into you. Human rights are improper, uneven. There is no universal suffrage. Until there is, the concept is meaningless and should not be used. In other words, shut up. Too much is socially withheld. That much is obvious. But too much is ontologically withheld, also; too much is obscure, made artificially opaque. Official mechanisms of justice serve an official injustice. The officers of this injustice are having a party at our expense. The themes of such creatures revolve around notions like responsibility and accountability - but for others. They accept none of these tasks for themselves. Despite our freedom, we cannot help but capitulate, into a system of fake, perfunctory responsibilities, into patterns of living commensurate with trade. Questioning this complex is consigned to history, we are told.

Monday, December 17, 2007

item #4592

You cite the chair. It comes into view; it comes into Being, one might say. You feel the air is overexposed. In your mouth this sounds like insistence. You say this, as it were, demonstrating the fact. You continue my voice as your voice. The headphones you wear filter for questions. I envy your equipment; but, together, we accept and believe all of these possible voices. I remain suggestible to the screen in front of you, however, and am lost in its pretty spirals. You say you feel the buzzing inside me.... We fall in love.

Hello...I'm Ellen, 37, from south west London. Message me if the above aroused you or if you would like to know more.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

item #8662

Writing this en route. Please stop long enough to read. It will take less than the eight minutes proscribed. I do not want to talk to you as direction. Direction is not my concern. I don’t know who you are and I do not want to know. I know only that I am here to end your life. If at all possible, I would prefer this to be merely a string of moments. I know people want death with ideas; and I have some small ideas, simple, practical things I would like to share with you in due course. By way of example, though, as a for instance, I seldom argue. Similarly, I seldom assume. But I am never unsure, even in the deepest, darkest despair. Being unsure is okay and normal. But I am not normal. I am, in fact, anything but. My address is printed on the sheet you have. Use it.

Carl from Newcastle, UK

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

item #7888

Ma'am, I'll attempt to be decisive...

Your figuration I see as development. I happily circle, wild and hermeneutic, for you; teething in-train cogs of philology, albeit non-profound and affected. I admit I have developed no distinctive style. Too much to me seems too thorough. My context, in contrast, is keep strict, as you know. I dream of you... dreaming, I say: Dialog, my love, she approaches, grounded in Plato, grubbing for her Heideggerian reject. I quiver subjectivism, dabbing my fingers into your wounds. All is liturgical, my love. But I seek to simplify on your behalf, as agreed. Yet, every vague notion progresses toward one interpretive method or another, in endless rounds of understanding mediated by unstoppable, autonomous addition. I think my employment should be more orthodox. I do know that I crave to more accessible to your particular style.

May I add, Ma'am, that my work for you seems concentrated, but uninfluential. All my elaborations are seconded to an existing, far-removed dialogue. Our engagement seems endlessly deferred, as you yourself have said more than once. I may be too literate, too particular, my love. But I seek to characterise something evident to me - no more. My role gives me concepts only.

With love, jaynie x

item #6622

On Induction. Overly-generalized, overly-theoretical approaches merely imitate genuine theoretical analyses. If prediction is one's aim, such methodologies only seem to usefully predict; if problem-solving is one's aim, the answers offered are mere smokescreens, obscuring actualities. This is dangerous to the processes of mentation. It's popularity bemuses us; just as observing such recurrent mistakes fascinates and occupies us. Can we say that such adherence flags up basic but important problems of perception - not those associated with time, as is often thought? We can affirm that there is no due-date: the field is not one of temporality, it is one of ideology. Additionally, it can be said that differing informational assumptions do not prompt different behavioral rules. In short, it is unimportant whom one imitates; the issue is imitation itself. In laboratory experiments, we have tested counter-systems with this argument in mind - in varying conditions, over and over. We have found that certain models differ between treatments, and that the data gathered supports individuation, both in terms of the benefits of limited choice and in terms of limited perception as modus operandi. Little is convincingly unconditional, however; and individuation itself - as a method, one might say - has no greater propensity to imitate success than those methods already criticised as ineffective. All else appears imminent.

Best wishes,
Pere & House-Pet x x

item #8009

Our work is counter-physicalist. We argue reduction into the ascendant. In 1974, we published our temptations. There has been no fall back since. We keep familiarising and familiarising. In other, related areas, our work is regarded as phenomenal. Our experience is a special case. We always seek explanations. In objective terms, we hold essential points about consciousness that only seem subjective. Our ideas form an objective account, however. Nothing we say is ever neutral. We despise all third-personifications.

Jo-Ann & Chris, Dorset, UK

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


You determine a feasible textual context. There is a passage of time.... Elsewhere, I argue circles into squares. We join, devoted to morale. We configure this with all the usual distinctions. All is virtue. By-the-by, propositions become opponents; and no view escapes our sections.


single act-o-phile. hymn-pulse. disord-mental. k for killness
that characterize recur intense as stillness.
ad-sex purge conside pour outside sans accepts.
let p of behavior plus b of revolve equate objects.

act-situ arouse. other-adding, for romance.
necessary functions. id-purge cause significance.
distress socio. occupy dysfunction. referred as consequence.
preclude inanimi no-hume under sufferance.

non-consent-cases, noun-act, are general and sustaining.
unability affects relationship taming.
difficult—if not impossible—to engage.
in normalcy. or parter. or cage.

item #0093

Who has the imagination to see where I am coming from? Me:- Age: 29. Height: well over 6ft. Weight: 290lbs. Hair colour: Blond. Eyes: Steel Grey. Status: Single. Nationality: British. Location: EU. Ancestry: Scots. Place of birth: (ask). Character:- Intelligent, Articulate, imaginative, inquisitive, well-read, inventive, conscientious, thoughtful, considerate, enthusiastic. open-minded, flexible, patient, understanding, caring, demanding. I have also been known to have a wicked sense of humour upon occasion and can be fun to be around most of the time. Background:- I was educated at a famous public school in England, and then privately in Saudi Arabia. After leaving school I joined the army. After that, I worked in South Africa, as a scientist. I enjoyed swimming. I stress this is not fantasy, but not necessarily reality. I would however seek this reality if at all possible. Admittedly the following does read like a components shopping list.... My ideal is to stand no more than 5ft 11in tall in bare feet; to weigh between 90lbs and 150lbs, with a waist measurement of no more than 25in. My hip measurement should be no more than 35in. Aesthetically speaking I much prefer the androgynous look. Overall looks and hair colour are unimportant. I have added a couple of photos to my profile to illustrate an aspect of what I am interested in. I would be decorated with symbols of my orientations, of course. The body must, in the end, have no clear purpose. Purposelessness would be enforced, if need be. Thanks.

item #0072

Humanist regimes of totality and control offer versions of mentation seemingly entire and physical. They are nothing of the kind, in fact. Through immutual exchange, a pale reality seems to offer new forms of materialism. These merely fund new forms of nonexistence, however. Such objects are neither complete nor corporeal; they are, instead, pseudo, piecemeal, ethereal, fictive. Their supporters are both ambitious and extreme, yes. These are merely postures, though. Do not mistake ambition and extremity for meaningful success. There lies placebo only.

Andrew, Lincs., UK

hair grows on our faces

Saturday, December 08, 2007

here to hold myself for you

Friday, December 07, 2007

Steven, confides

See outside; see how it is, outside.
Co-mentalist you clearly are.
You are an are.
Meanwhile, I trim phenomenologists with butter knives; believe me.
A year is a forum.
Each day is a clearing house for designs incorporate, qualitative, experiential.
No alt-approach fits more well[er], faux-choice-seller.
To envire... to architect... to experi.
Consider: ounced key concerners, as policy-enhancing environments that are beautiful, alive, and humane.
Realise this: clarity is integral to The Editors.
I emphasise this as a phenomenological approach.
But I am also covering myself in other qualities and themes.

I include no sense of place in any of this.

item #6101

all is a kind of hectic programming. i feel such fits & starts. grand designer, you are initial populater, of program:composition:function. you terminate. as appropriate you problematise. the individual typically generates recursively, you have said. i generate from rooted-points, i feel, a feature of some unlabeled, primitive and functional proviso. in your eyes, i am the human user. i am neither first nor second. unlike you, i am pre-established, maximum-sized, drifting, composed of minor parameters, ensconced in a fourth, preparatory place. in short, i'm general. i help to populate your different sizes. your different shape enthralls me.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

item #0008

I am a newspaper. I speak sadness life-de.grade nothingly. You may practise torment. But, without pity and the one-remove, you labour without traces. Every time I see this, I am plunged into par-abject coupled with vile. I revolt. Such treatments have no limits; either of degree or level of intensity. In the world of coruscating detail, I please no-one with such observations. I claim no purview. These are mere proposals. I just want to be sure you are utter, ruthlessly utter, and will derive the deepest pleasure from my offerings.

I am genuine.

Ergo Jiz

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

item #2288

Well thank's to all who understand all the replies. you love it. So here's an update. i love you loads and loads. lots too. wet myself laurghing, excuse me). You all know the pictures. some good. one is of hell. i'm not ashamed of who i am. you never know i might even fool.

another wonderful day. piss off

item #7428

I am. so that's the start of it. I'm 54/46/48 in looks. so i won,t fit your problem. Walked this path to the right for as long as i can remember. i can dream. of... so if you wan,t to know more please come and ask. ps. also no fools or pretenders please. cheryl

item #6671

Hi there iain in nw london im 30 athletic a really nice chap who is up for a laugh very laid back ha ha been into aspects of my experiance, been dealing with arrangements in the past. few implies most lol etc but i go as far as greed regardless of experiance. ive had meetings with newcomers. just curious I would love to meet up and im always happy to chat hope i hear from you soon x

item #1203

jix, SW (n,devon), 38. after thought, i returned in hope that i will find someone who will cherish me once again. i am both pleasing and amusing online. and in the real world. both can be done. i find life is satisfying i should note. i am not to play with and spit out again without question however the reason. i am simply tearing my eyes apart. a true end of day. though it is my full desire to import knowing i am wanting respect aside from all this. like a piece of when, i wait for you.

item #0990

hi ellie here, i've been looking for live situations for a while now but could not find it so far. If youre looking for live situations please consider. No one night stand. Thanks

item #1111

George, 51, Derbyshire, UK. Seeking to relocate.

We perceive things endlessly, timing objects, to speak, to show. But there is worth in spoiling ourselves with ourselves. I see only: if this then that, if that then this. Still, I type...

To be online with me, working towards your goal, in my presence so to speak, is an encounter of sorts. You will not be what I do not wish to encounter. Worth will be real-life, though. So, for now, I wish for the chance to matter.

You say you will travel. I take you on board. Get in touch.

Anyone who as already messaged and wasted my time will be unread.


Monday, December 03, 2007

item #6731

I am Brank (Insert) Faux hello hello. My thoughts slue something about you. I am co-opting you for you; in some form or other. I am conforming experience from starting-points. I am Oughting Errorist of tolling intel. I like the idea of belating reality, and I would rather complete than convince... Overist Oughter, tolling, folding. I like people to tick all the right boxes explicitly. I worry about online communication's tendency to fizzle out. Because of this, it's better if you live to find yourself. I tend toward direction, yes; but I'm most often not interested in attaching myself. I'm not closed to the idea, however. I'm not stating any limits; but I don't like labels.