Sunday, January 31, 2010

item #1000

Ma'am, as you asked, here is my opening tract:

I feel broken and I have lied. I feel that the world does not belong to me. I have dishonored my father with lust in my heart. I have no commitment. I am unholy and unrighteous. I expect that I will die and that no-one will notice or even care. My outward stance is fake. My status as educator is an aberration and a vast lie. The books I have written have added nothing to human knowledge or my own self-improvement because I have in every case chosen lazily and with knowingly poor judgment, largely as a plagiarist. I will forever allude the earthly punishments I should receive because of these lies and misdemeanors, but I know I doomed by God for my innumerable sins. Eternal life for me will entail the eternal suffering which I am due, and I accept that fate as the single instance of natural justice in my miserable life.

LOL. Coward

Saturday, January 30, 2010

item #0211

'Ears towards or as regards exploration' ... perhaps or perhaps not. I might converse here, since your stultifying lack of sense suggests I must elaborate, but I am more inclined to ridicule you. Tedious recent messenger, I disagree with you on millions of important points. We share a common language but we are worlds apart. An example: there are measurements which can be made by, what you term, safe factions. Another: aggression is not at the expense of need per se and a priori. WTF?! That's hilarious! Contacting me, as you have chosen to do, begins nothing for you personally but a direct return to the misshape of your body. Look how, in contrast, I Adonis ... stretching, I impart ... 'no-one will be welcome who isn't utterly available'. I am currently in Scotland. *Grin* Tsar

item #0041

This is my name: Inferno. I am the immensity, if ever I participate. My disease is penetrating you. I am here, in my lady's stomach.

Monday, January 25, 2010

item #1117

'Complex' and 'contrarian' are you? If you hated what I said so much, why contact me? Surely you'd be better off messaging those whose views you agree with? We are unalike, and I see that as a relief, personally. I've read your ideas and I find many of them aberrant and dangerous. I am no nationalist; nor am I interested in the war you say you are fighting. You are internecine, in essence; but you do not know what that means. In contrast, I see justice in everything. My own industries are extreme, but I am open-minded and entirely non-judgemental, in terms of ideology and live-and-let-live. You are uninterested in and undemanding of my analytical traits, and you see my applications in that way as so much spirited hinterland. You see friends as food-stuff. Your irksome passion is trapping you. For my part, I seek to connect, or in some sense to yearn for contemplations which are simultaneously unstinting and naturally dynamic. Please note that I arrange my own life, and that commitment is the necessary ingredient of an over-arching emotional engagement with providence itself and the references it cedes to kindness and reciprocity. No, I do not have a wish-list. I am currently UK-based, but my search is not limited to that. Kenneth

Friday, January 22, 2010

item #0050

physical explanations without foundation are for the easily led. this for me is the anatomy of imperfection itself - an indoor game. i am here only to demonstrate this nascent fact. my human constitution demands that i at least try. here this ... you misguided and ill-equipped pedants, you rabble, i am become law. i am become ethics. i am become animal of your inefficiencies. man is an object. meanwhile, i utterly and restlessly continue. my tastes will astonish you. d1963

item #0500

My presence here is about the sexual. I have limited my battered head to feelings of resentment and I want to begin to represent my ideas in terms of experiences and a lifestyle, taking it out, wherever and whenever. Foremost, I am a sensationalist of *the inescapable* and a liar of lies. That can appeal. I fit in. At the heart of my mission, so to speak, is something physical, for which I intend no censure, no restraint, a K Kong. Maybe this will take the form, for you, of things to achieve. I know I'm always learning. If you are an intellectual rather than a scammer of the desperate who gather here, please say hello... Trader.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

item #0045

Regardless of what I write here matter means nothing. Faced with that I can reveal my true identity. Beforehand I could be anyone. I am not a picture, I am not text. It really is that simple.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

item #0016

I tell him, I despise education. I tell him, enhancement is incapacity. I am making his decisions for him. He needs discipline and I know my true nature. So it fits, ok? It's right, ok? I've had a lifetime of quibbling over this issue. He is unable to govern me. I am able to govern him. It's just the way it is. I make demands upon him, and he is orientated. Without my attentions, he's just another in the void, flailing around looking for love and affection. I am here to ascend; and I utterly do so, via him, and via how we are together. My status is assured. Nothing here is insubstantive or relational. I'm talking about absolute, intrinsic value.

I'm sure that by now most people may believe this is fake. Ok, that was then, this is now ... I'm being discarded, and I'm back with nothing more than memories and the feeling of wasted potential. I hesitated when it mattered. My self-esteem is

I'm not a grotesque

I do not seek to negotiate
permanent power

Saturday, January 09, 2010

item #7932

hello and welcom to my profile i am just real when it is nesseary , and yes i hardly fair looking for somone to treat as a lady that nad lots of loving care , i may concidder you not shure about that one though, so if your a lady and you think you deserve my pleaseing feel free to messge me , i will always reply to messges i may even consider giveing you. im in corby uk , but i do not drive , i demand respect from every lady that replies , and i demand a full pieces on what you requiere and request of me as youres. i hope i do your part as that i will most certainly and yes most certzinly do my part. ps

Friday, January 08, 2010

item #5998

A message for Angela (44), Hants, willing to relocate ... Hi, Kelly here. I don't think we've been properly introduced, though that didn't stop you attempting to trash my whole life in your angry comment. Anyway, for your information, my birth father wasn’t 'abusive'. He was often over-emotional, maybe even socially-stunted. He was, in fact, deaf and dumb, with other profound disabilities. In the circumstances, he did his best - can you see that, now?. He even coped with my mother's protracted illness and the suicide of my older sister, Eve. I never felt close to him in a loving way, that's true. However, I hugely respected him and still do. He may have had trouble relating to us all. But I think it was because he was too busy trying to keep things together on a practical basis. What, I ask you, is wrong with that? Neither your attentions nor your approval was sought. I did not invite you in. My discussion was not public. You muscled-in under false pretences with yout two fat feet. Be content to leave now with egg on your face. Please don't attempt to trade insults. I'll cut you to pieces. A message to Krimson Kat ... Hello to you too, and thank you for your intelligent insights. You've really made me think, I have to say. Perhaps we could chat further - maybe via messenger, or if you like I can give you a call? Anyway, my new family is building bridges now, thanks. I still can’t, as it's too little, too late, in my opinion. I'm buried in books. My motives get attention. I have an itch that is difficult to get otherwise. In your photograph you have kind eyes. K

Monday, January 04, 2010

item #3390

i have wanted to imaginate my talents for sensitive facilitations [as management by profession asunder]. OR ... why am i here? i live quite a distance away. so it's complicated.

the occasional

item #6005

This probably won't appeal to anyone out there, but here goes ... An intense self-destructive streak means that I'd be prepared to consent to formality itself. It follows, therefore, that I would ask you for some sign, or ideally a physical agreement, that you will not film our sessions. G

Sunday, January 03, 2010

item #8800

Why are we always looking to explore and challenge the things around us? Life is too short. I am on automatic, and the smallest things pass me by. I can bring pleasure to others if I notice you out of sensuality and control. I am only interested in carbon copied encounters ending in waiting to be told.

Remember the kiss denied.

Brutal Thomas

item #6229

Ultimately I would like to meet someone that has the same wants....such as a mutually rewarding sex life that is more than just in a relationship as I have discovered since my 30s how much I want to experience different facets of the company of a man and need someone to spoil me rotten and if there is someone out there that would like to share with me on the outside something permanent get in touch. I am a fun loving open minded woman. Stacy

Saturday, January 02, 2010

aporia .wav

1 Site Of Scaffold
2 Slitsucker
3 Ne .Wave
4 Ostia Steve Swallow

Friday, January 01, 2010

item #6006

I don't even think, unless you comprehend the basics of being taken out of society for periods of time, that my contact with the outside world will be determined by myself. I'm not being on the agenda, and your health and wellbeing is occasional to me. I will display other choices in due course.


item #0087

I expect him to live. There are no consequences otherwise. Still, despite knowing this, I form comments and questions which are all about victims. I got wrenched out of him, early on; like something seconded. So, I count myself as a victim, I suppose. Yes, I need choices that are right for me. No differing advancements can count as improvements if one cannot say at least something like that. I’m wondering about the bare minimum you described during our last conversation. That troubles me. I sucked your dick; but in retrospect my existence has always been about me. I took in no extra responsibility at all. The flow ebbs. When it does, I’m left in my own skin - replete, without any moments when I’m overtly frustrated. I'm only angry now because I get away with so much. It’s very simple: those waves, that wailing, the other women in my life ... Well, I very rarely present myself as one. You should know that much by now.