Friday, July 30, 2010

item #2020

Stop leaving your 'anonymous' threats here. I know who you are, I traced your IP. When I wait, I wait for myself, OK? Anymore and this is what you'll need to know: I mentioned a thousand times that I was going to worm my way over his right hand or refrain from allowing myself to fix upon his other bare hand. A few minutes is all I ever want. There's never any problem, and I'm repeated to his satisfaction - shoulders, back, thighs. You know. Eventually, my reaction is not when but whenever.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

item #1034

I am only here to ignore you.

Angela x

Sunday, July 11, 2010

item #0066

About certain recurring trappings: It seems I am some repeater. It seems that I might be meted in that way for some people. It seems, that is, that I am an aspect of whatever is deemed specific to some relationship hitherto unencountered and undescribed. They need me. That much is clear to me. They get it - it? - they get it whilst we are all kneeling on the floor. Back of the neck. It happens. Then it ceases to happen. Certainty cannot precisely withstand such happenings, because mentation itself humiliates every moment of every hour of every day. Because of that, I may never tire of you, you may never tire of me. We will continue - to and fro, up and down, spinning... I won’t resurface because of you. So, please don't ask me to.



loved and disjointed, i vent / cohere
verbatim that vivid image
(...all good examples from her reaction)
of course it is too late for me