Tuesday, May 27, 2008


1. exert divine ins. ark.
beg identity. ins. accent.
wither UniversL eSpiri, sour eSpiri Self.
ins. practical omniscience. but cannot.

1. manifest know ins. mark.
owning to imply. ins. meant.
wither matter, power, kill kill ill. -health.
ins. impedimenti i i i i blot.

revolve physi body is paralyzed, as to its independenc. inactiv .conscious, as deep sleep deep ill.e@ness, to the more full-fully interSelfmanifestee

,This is our inplanation of thos woendrful phenomenars.'(high order ,)under intell as know exhibit. "Phaedrus the body is disturbing

el.hinder soul (the acquisiter) says ,What is purification?,


Friday, May 23, 2008

item #0058

To Karen, Hants, 50s, willing to relocate ....

You are starving me. For your information, you are starving me as I type. I cannot surround myself any longer. Everybody has their opinion, some people disagree on certain subjects, but you are starving me, utterly. It's hard to tell what's what, due to the nature of not knowing more about it. I am now widely dangerous; I am now especialising. I don't know anything about what you are doing to me. I am questioning death because proper precautions were not taken. My style is far from intimate. I won't get involved because I realise too much.

Blocking you from now. Delete bitch.

Andrea Gainsborough

nasard the ferryman

Thursday, May 22, 2008


the red rag to
burning books

camus that arab
zion dejaniro

i did the laundry
in your dirty war
hitched to your congress

brink that border
purloin that trope

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Hello again *, This is all good stuff; and I can clearly see you mapping the terrain you are seeking to highlight. Yes - to the periphery, the boundary, the edge of things. That, perhaps - in one sense, at least - is where one is likely to stumble upon a concentration of 'noise'. Fuzzy thoughts are needed; a certain blurring of the vision; squinting of the eye; some method by which elements of classical logic can be used to illuminate quantum logic, if you will. I'm minded here of Borges - for his admix of supposed truth with supposed fiction, his disrespect for categories and categorical thinking. He, for me, was the first effective poststructuralist. From his node flows, say, Derrida, Lyotard, Foucault. And yes, postmodernism is flagged here. But instead of flocking to that, I say flock to Borges. Best wishes, *

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Robert Rauschenberg dies, at 82

He joins R B Kitaj, Derek Bailey ... endless luminaries of late. That late-Modernist generation dropping like flies.


Hello again *. Glad the response helped; though it's a complex debate, as I previously said, and there are many issues within it, therefore. One has to start somewhere, though - so I think, and I originally hoped, that my analogy of figuration / narrative might function as one method of opening up a central structure of one possible debate on this subject, as I see it. I'm no real close-reader of the noise-artists you cite, sorry; so any comment I might offer would be general. There is, though, a certain 'listener transcendence' possible I think with exposure to pure noise - as opposed to, say, limited passages of same within, say, a rock structure: ie. King Crimson, The Fall. The danger here, in my view, is that that can tend toward escapism, zoning out; when, to my mind, the object is to zone in. There are different kinds of noise, of course - all giving off differing conceptual attitudes, allusions etc. Harmonic distortion, for example, can offer alternative forms of supposed beauty - insofar as one can eventually hear pleasing tonal qualities, melody and so forth; as one can see faces etc. in an abstract painting. This is an effect of the logicality of the brain, of course; as it makes sense of what might be intended non-sensically. Thus, that initial avant-gardist intention is rationalised, ratified, nullified, rendered aesthetic only. I called this decoration in my previous response; and, for me, that has a negative connotation. That is why, for me personally, there has to be some kind of connection to - in effect - language, the so-called 'real world'; this to say, there must be some kind of meaningful attempt to offer elements of understandable communication. In that way, one can offer a message which might convey useful ideas about the world, rather than offering an escape from same. An artistic commitment to the latter seems to be overtly recreational, to my mind; and that is the last thing I see art as. Best wishes, *

Monday, May 12, 2008


Hello *

Thank you for your message. To offer a short, perhaps pithy, response to begin ... For me, 'pure' noise tends too far toward abstraction, and thus decoration. To continue the analogy, I think noise per se functions best if meaningful degrees of figuration are retained. In other words, references to some kind of narrative content are needed if noise is not to lapse into banal aesthetics. The shock of pure noise relies upon its difference in a certain context - that is, its out-of-contextness, say as a passage in a pop tune. Used thus, expectations are confounded and a kind of Modernist point is made; insofar as formal qualities are changed, challenged, hybridised. There is here, a dialectic at work. The problem for this is that repeated shock ceases to shock; and thus noise - lacking other opportunities to cause narrative to come into being, lacking other means to 'say', that is - instead of maintaining iconoclasm becomes a form of conservatism. In my view, this is because its political power is too dependent upon that initial shock, and once such shocks are themselves normalised they become merely quaint, and thus easily ratified.

Best wishes,


Saturday, May 10, 2008


Out Christ.1

1. NzNzNziiiiiii, hiss.tor.eeee.
theol present to remind.
error work of informary
on these matters, mind.

2. Code in origin
off-Bible babble divine
off-trope import
dear reader, refine.


A motive study; some abundant scholarship. We move on them, utterly available, sectioning their libraries. By way of example,

Thursday, May 08, 2008

item #0021

Termination ifs-out use. Rats, sinking ship... etc., please. (Or, her loosely-wrought bra, knickery, headsock, and so forth.) I fail to refer you, I know. There are theoretical approaches or there is withering inclusivity, the ring-fence of motherbeings, tit-drunk and structural. No high generality. None. No, my sex is some quintet, quadruply-uninfluenced, fourfoldedly-rhetorical, spitting. I still see you, though, the subversive. You have a poet on pain of uneven breath (and all that logic), carelessly renting. Write me a demonstration; I am your co-dependent, alchemically eliminating, Nin-to-fiv. In other words, Greyfriar, share your system! If I am, as you say, motionally-convergent, I am so only on common land, and in an attempt to uncover your own list of unquestioned metaphors. (Nature is taken-for-granted, as you have said. I am clearly objective, as you say.) So what?

duamtor x

item #8026

I am taking you into account, as it were, both in order to take you and in order to account for you. I am supposing that, in all this taking and accounting, I am, at the same time, taking account of you. This is surely to arrive at, what one might term, meaning. Meaning, in turn, is, at the same time, accountable and taken - that is to say, it is both burdened and ratified. Indeed, it is on account of its takenness that meaning is itself, that it is able to be itself.