Monday, July 30, 2007


mice dot utensil.
sawn-off fun.
a tremor toss.
a rabbit run.

books is weapons.
my fiend, the fieeeend,
he knows
your mothers aint weeeeened.

strong-arm scene.
out of socket, out of joint.
kitchens cause accidents, see.
that's the point.

item #1405

Nature educates. Intelligence of this kind loves life, and is healthy, positive and good in and of itself. Natural work creates natural order. Non-subscribers fade to man-made grey. I'm naturally lower these days; but available to seek perfect natural relationships. I mediate relocatability. I do this because I was taught to bend.

Hello. I am Sofe, female, 61, living in northern France. I have no ties. As long as I can remember this, I remain. With some experience, I can remain in other locations, I feel. So, I am flexing.

Because of this, I am available as a blank canvas. I am somewhat ape-shaped. I scratch at surfaces. I am someone specific. Confidence comes with comforting who I am.

I'm eager to find that special person. No hidden agendas.

My requirements are simple; though not unimportant. I have wasted so many years following the world. The disappointment creates immovable responses. Too many dreams spoil hope.

Please talk to me. I will surprise you.

item #8000

Ok for those that know she's dead i topped her. she was the meaning of life. but i topped her. life is changing for me. ill give you a clue when i know myself. lol here is one person who is really changing... me lol i rely upon it. im here for the sake of it. trying to catch someone online, so i can answer messages. I will share my views and find friends to find a way of making it happen tc xx

item #0668

i live in worcs wonderful worcs. this life is friendly. so far ive been a lover and soulmate. now i want to be a sextoy when i wish. not looking for one off sex meat tho. the mood takes me and makes me excellent. so i like sex. events are involving, in as much as good times allow. why share? i am regular as expected. why wait? so if you r interested in getting together a chat send me a memo.

item #0051

Harry, 39, Gloucester, something of a newbie. Basically, I am looking for rightness and completion - a certain interdependent mock willingness, something seemingly devotional, default existential. I'm a simple man. Pleasure equals amusement, in my view. Similarly, I think well-being is a kind of fruitless ideology. Between these two estimations, I am seeking full-on, long-term, bonded honesty - a scheme, a lifestyle; characterised by trust like no other; trust as contract, in fact, and with penalties. Where I live, this is rare and getting more so by the moment. Everything is slipping. I've made it my mission to roll this back - albeit only by a factor of one, of course, with my own example. Who is real, I ask? This question is not a fantasy to me. I would be more than happy to have it answered. I seem serious, I realise. Yet, all other parts of my life are lived on a casual basis. I enjoy nature. It whets appetites in me. To my mind, this enjoyment includes cooking, cleaning, running errands, anticipating needs, and doing whatever is required to make love easier. Such things feel natural to me. They have their seasons. Can you empathise? My purpose here is to liberate the mundane itself. I'm attuned to liberation as a determination. Can you understand me? Can I say that about myself? Also, whims arouse my senses and relax my mind. For instance, knowledge of Being provides the ability to impeccably maintain my body. Yes, mentation is natural to me, too. (Descartes was in error, in my view. Mind is body. I've crossed him off my list because of his mistakes.) Physically, I'm tall, with brown eyes; and my eyesight is like cctv. I miss nothing. I am addicted to surveillance. I am confident that it works. I have presence, and will remain long after others have left. Believe that if nothing else.

Message me. You have my total attention.

Porno Adorno & Grievance Dave Mignon, Cafe Abdab, 2007

as if/as rachael carson's silent spring. now is fart-gas catching fire.

Id Vicious, Quartertonal Prog Elvis, Attenuated Quang Duc, & Decaf Bjorknutrino, Cafe Abdab, 2007

Pig Ignorant, Cafe Abdab, 2007

Sunday, July 29, 2007

item #0146

Couple, North East, UK, early 30s.

We are very close. You need to know that. We think alike and have the same values. Our systems are built upon this and we develop others in order to combine still further. We operate as scientists. The procedures we favour are something of a challenge in toto, yes; but they are also an attempt to establish useful and exacting physical ultimata for general application.

We believe in this product.

Our work is centred upon notions such as insecure meaning; text-as-end-in-itself; languid analysis; fuzzy destruction; intentional ideological bias; gender economics; politics-as-rebus; traditional-assumptions-as-infection; the hermeneutic ape; philosophical and religious truths as buckets of blood.

As professionals, we base our ventures upon the premise that much of human history, in trying to understand, and then define, reality has led to various forms of domination - of nature, of people of colour, of the poor, of homosexuals, etc. This is called 'now'.

We like now because it has the structure of fart gas. Let us explain... In this now, concrete experience is no more valid than blowing free abstract iterations spat forth from the trumpet-breath of idiots in bad brassband collider. Such a fucking turn-on. Any attempt to produce a totalising history, or a totalising truth, is to be frowned upon with comic upside-down frowns. We make such hoods for those without faces. Thus, ever-gassing, we blow up babies in the womb, whole villages even; thus, ever-gassing, we release toxins into the air; thus, ever-gassing, we cultivate fear and distrust and apathy and nihilism as part of our marketing schemes. Our viewers are micro-chipped chimps, fast in undeclared, pearlised cages.

Multiplicity is the thing: multiplicity not as diversity, but as a coruscating, colonising shapelessness. Where once was touchable physicality and at least a will toward conceptual, socio-political centrality and mutual accord, now lies a synthetic soup of fracture and contingency, making mammon of human experience.

Best wishes x x

Oramic. Brio.

item #0073

caucasian 46 fear of water south kent no longer looking

item #9005

Looking mainly underground... treasure, experience, novelty... out-areas ... you know. This doesn't necessarily exclude travel, but it makes travel an issue, of course. I can easily accommodate movement; but movement itself must be within the context already stated. Please don't send me messages criticising my way of life. I will simply not respond.

Anyway, I'm here for positive reasons. So let's see where this takes us...

Consider these personal aphorisms, please: (1) initial basis is key to eventual result (2) felt need is no monitor and no barometer of actual desire (3) indiscipline should be mediated, built, never direct or directed (4) conceptual overweighing removes and replaces corporeal substance (5) the cross is already owned, colonised (6) a ship of fools is an atol of possibility (7) generality must fall into disrepair (8) limitations can be arranged (9) modifications can be arranged (10) permanence is injurious, but can be arranged (11) numerical regularity is arranged a priori (12) consideration is almost always unseen and uncalculated (13) straightforwardness is a set-up (14) greatness is a form of constructed, occluded irregularity which slices reality like white supermarket bread (15) longterm preferences describe and franchise capability (16) historicism requires painful and invasive surgery

Given the above, are you interested? You must be if you've read this far. Well, think about it... Why should I let you get away?

item #0823

So this is where I attract attention...

Well, looking towards worship. OK. Thereby, I am completed. OK. All of my life, I expect to get relentless invariation, moments of equal length. OK. I do not listen to whining man who claims s/he has nothing to give. What kind of tribute is that? Your soul is to give. OK. I am always responding. Even if you are what I am looking for, I am not looking for sex. OK. I am happily not interested. My interests are varied, however. I look for realtime worship of the moment and I will organise webcam events, meets, phonecalls and IM on the strength of that in venues of my choosing. BUT only when it suits me, and after you have proven I am good at what I do. This is a prognosis, a wish-list, a leap-of-faith. I believe expectations must be rewarded. My time and effort is my time and effort. Nothing is immutable. I am not expecting loyalty, honesty and imagination, as I possess these myself. You must have other qualities. There really is no point copying me.

I love messages.

Basically, I am looking for immediacy or similar.

Central Europe only - rigid. Sorry.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

item #2281

A friend put me onto this site. From what I've seen so far - about three hours browsing - I can see why. I'm interested in most things, like most people. But I'm here because I am seeking someone special, defined, and on the same wavelength sexually. I've worked hard all my life. I believe in hard-work and I expect others to, also. I only associate with those who think the same. That's been the thing for me. I haven't softened as I've aged. That's where the electricity is for me - in sameness and getting ever-samier with time. Unity is the goal, melding. From that, I think love flows; and it's that which gets me hot under the collar. I like to entertain. It's usually my place. I'm set up for that, and it's been a feature. I like good food. I like smoke. I like the good things in life, and I believe life is for living, no matter what. I swim and I fence. I'm married to the gym. I like music - m.o.r., I suppose. I like films - blockbusters, action, the usual. I earn upwards of 200k a year. Lots of holidays - off the beaten track, mostly; though I do like to lounge on a beach looking at the sea from time to time. I am technically disabled - but it's nothing serious, and does not impair me physically at all and is, for all intents and purposes, invisible.

I've been called imperious.

Seeking serious replies only.

item #9562

names buddy. from mn usa. seeking for partner of my dreams and then some lol i work construction. good pay. love nights in film food hugs. love nights out seeing a show cw. always been alone. liked it that way. now want something else for my old age. own place plus place by lake superior. enjoy hunting fishing types. made a fortune. want to spoil someone. not long. any takers? all messages get a response. have a great great day bud :)

ab origine.tpe.

(a wav).

Saturday, July 21, 2007





isoseismal. fibonacci.

Id Vicious, Cafe Abdab, 2007


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mind turns black

Friday, July 20, 2007

agency workers' om

Billy Childishly, out from under
One country's lines over another
[Sessional ought], then, say, Barthes....
ie. mythologies, say
viz one marg over and as opposed to another [etc.]
looks dialectical, live, ongoing & engaged
like democracy
but the butter has all gone
Heartfield brand
let's all meet up in the year 3000

alt, line.

terry eagleton. t j clark. charles harrison.
b manning now dead*
*Two old maids on a beach, streaker ran past, one had a stroke, the other one couldn’t reach.


Thank you for your message; which we enjoyed greatly. It is nice and it is useful to learn a little about your background and current life; to have your remarks put into context to some extent. Engaging with new people is a curious activity, we feel; curious as in somewhat fascinating. Large chunks of a person's life - hugely-significant, lived second by second, and forming the core of that person - often doled-out in a few words, almost in the manner of footnotes. Life itself forces such compressions, doesn't it? Relatedly, we are always amazed by how words themselves seem to change their meaning on the page or screen. We try to be careful in our utterances; because we want to be clear and also efficient; but also because we want to avoid confusion, and thus argument which is not necessary. But a speaker can have all the intention in the world. Words have something of a life of their own - and one sneaky thing they do is convert particularity and pointedness into generality, during their journey from mouths to receiving-ears, typing-fingers to receiving eyes. In that spirit, our reference to parts of your prose being 'obscure' to us was meant only in regard to your actual myspace messages to us - obscurities which we put down to regional differences, colloquialisms, nothing more. So we thought your 'light' remark was asking us something we did not understand and thus needed to learn about. Nothing was meant about your poems. Poetry is fine with obscurism, for us - to make a general, ideological point. We ourselves see surrealism as an interesting option as artists. So we have no problem with seeming shifts away from utility and supposed rationalism. We like play; we feel play itself is a useful and life-affirming activity. Words are beautiful things to us. To spend time in their company - as it were - is something we like to do. Similarly, we never intended to sign up to any form of absolutism. Our raising the word was shorthand for a kind of imperative: we seek reciprocity absolutely, ie. we seek it as a basic need. Sorry for our sloppiness on these issues, and thanks for your patience. Please let us just say that we seek only positive encounters - as far as possible; and we are never seeking to caricature or disrespect other persons and their work. So, hello ... pleased to cyber-meet you; you seem an interesting person; we would like to spend some of our time exploring the idea that we might enjoy your company. We feel those compressions of life should be slowed-down and the emotions and events must be unpacked - if one is to have meaningful exchanges. One does this with 'actual'-friends, of course. But here in this new and weird world of 1000s of cyber-friends, one has to confect other strategies to extract acceptable levels of meaning. One simply cannot have the same depth with such numbers. That's usually fine, though, as most just want to post notices on one's page! But - as we attempted to say previously - we think this cyber environment is valid and we seek to live well within it, keeping our values intact, and making modest contributions which might matter in a few places. It is, though, a clamour of voices, as we said. There is a kind of psychosis here. But it is the same psychosis which you highlighted as inherent in consciousness itself: life, Being et al is simultaneously meaningful and meaningless. As you said, '...futility is not futile...'. We all live that oxymoron. What choice, in one sense, does one have but to 'carry on' with life and make the best of that oxymoron - or 'going' on, as the English poet, Peter Reading, has dubbed it? Having an artistic-bent adds to this, we would say. We feel we are somewhat hypersensitive to certain things in being 'artistic' - if we can say without appearing to claim special powers. We claim nothing of the kind. We simply have this condition and wish to use it in positive ways. We are pleased to hear that your words have touched people. We have been similarly lucky to have had others kindly tell us what we make matters to them. Your intentions are good it seems. Such moments are wonderful. Regarding impetus for making things, our philosophy is this: we just make what we make, as a kind of fun thing, avoiding all that self-regarding art blather and self-promotion. Crucially, we do not see art as any kind of business venture. We are pretty crap at Capitalism; no good at selling ourselves. We have played the mainstream game - years ago. But we did not like it or most of the people we encountered there. It conflicted with our politics and caused us upset because of that. Such purists! Now, we make things and freely offer them up for response or not just as part of what we do - all recreationally, without fanfare, but with serious intent, as a form of dedicated research. Several of us have been through PhDs; all are artists, musicians, writers. But we are kind of punk-hippie, too. We have read and read and read - as one must. Now, though - but as we always knew - only love matters. Only love and kindness brings meaning. We say this, too, without recourse to any kind of nameable system of thought or spirituality. We are not peddling any such system. Our religion is perhaps a kind of commitment to a kind of fun. We are evangelical about this - but never dogmatic, we hope. We can do the dialectics-u-like thing, but prefer to raise a chuckle rather than drive some point home and destroy another's argument with our supposed erudition. That's just cowboys to us; and one eventually just meets another fastest gun in the West. One must, however, stand up to be counted - and we do and we have. We do argue when we feel it is needed. But such interventions must be morally-based and not just a disguise for self-interest, we feel. As you say, ontology ... yes. It is about Being. If one were to cut the issues up into slices of philosophy pie, it's also about existentialism, too; insofar as one gets choices - to act in good faith or bad. These choices live within the kind of framework described by Habermass. There is phenomena, also: there is us and the world of inanimate things. There is verisimilitude. There is physical decay, aging. All these departments - all these issues... Then, as you say, there is the self, in the midst of these things, regarding them, reconfiguring them, regarding its own self, reconfiguring its own self, endlessly, and then being stopped at some indeterminate point, and cast back into nothingness. To us, only a kind of black comedy or gallows humour works to attempt to sort all this out for us. We offer it as no kind of panacea, however. It's just our thing. If others get joy - that is wonderful; and we hope for that, certainly. We get wider meaning for our lives by trying to be good lovers, friends, and helpers. The art is just part of that. Thanks again. Best wishes & take care.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

item #1111

I'm interested in totality as a general standpoint. (Sorry, but once bitten....) My favourite route into this is to be made intellectually helpless - as pre-op, intro, first course. Essentially, I become domestic, asexual. This is important to me. I know it has a few inherent problems. But I am prepared to unravel limits.

I always reply.

item #7803

I am no longer. Any new messages will form a super-strung retardian simpletonia. lol Am I answering messages which are addressed I me I? No. Never. lol I am thinking carefully and honestly before sending anything intentionally concise and individuated. I do this because there is no such thing as an intrinsically intelligible message. True, with your earlier utterances, you regained my freedom for me; flexing missiles, pinching bullets into foreheads and thighs, like America does. There was, though, a routine aftermath - with its dislocations, its anonymity, its tertiary laws and indices of law. Ka-boom, you said. You did expand my imagination, yes. I stood precogging most often, yes yes. I have a wish to go back, yes. I destroyed the meat map, however, with vegetation ennui, in spades. I'm looking for another way of return; but there can be none, as we know. It is impossible to switch on a semi regular basis. Please Do Not contact me, therefore. I am not interested - because I cannot be interested. I cannot be - I cannot. In a few stolen hours, something ur-tactile took place... I love to play the ur, as you know. For this, I use a camera with a lot of energy, which has been pre-prepared for sexperiment. Your precise opinion on this issue may be tattooed on my tongue, but no matter.... I'm falling upon the lap of god, right now.

jude-us turd-up.ohowlaugh.

sun goes round earth (detail)

lordosissi W/e seeker


persons see building see.
city-collapser (aesthetically).
tremolo-arm fitted to town planner during quiz. (headline)
dive bombs a low see sharp, whiz whiz.

under the black key, see........

under the white, see........
gets you:
t-shroud-style figurations writ small upon a shit-smeared ballet-box

curious form of etching, this
not on every list


Enjoying our debate. Thanks for your application. Sorry our long message got truncated. No indication is given of such restrictions; so we typed our characters into the numerical dark. No matter. Full version re-posted on our blog. Feel free. Re. your last comment: No restriction was intended. Reference to Marx was an opening gambit, if you will, a kind of tiny splash in the vast sea of possible intellectual locations. Getting to know people - as it were - requires that generalities are traded early on, of course. Complexity - and thus meaning, we feel - is only possible with work, application, and great care. As your header indicates, this is rare; and these days, one seldom expects anything but a kind of inchdeep nihilism and intersubjectivity. Aspects of your prose are obscure to us. But we anticipate you are serious-minded and respect that completely and intrinsically. Reciprocity is basic to us. We seek it a priori and absolutely. We are various ages - younger and older than yourself, but not too much either way. We include men and women, and also transexuals, pansexuals, and asexuals. Not sure what you mean by 'light', sorry. Happy to respond with clarification. Best wishes

item #0090

I hate expertise. I laugh at news of it or when it is discussed on talk shows. But it's all we have, isn't it? I myself have studied. I myself am practiced, experienced. A certain facility ensures, almost in the manner of a side-effect. From that, professionalism stems, of course; and from that, we formally confect societies, clubs, and tribes, with their closed rituals, self-interestedness, and self-regard. Truly, this is a world of distortions; occluded, individuated, solipsistic. This caricature of Enlightenment thinking foregrounds perfunctory utilitarianism as if it were a new spirituality, as if it mines some general human essence and in so doing explains what we are. We need more, I feel. In light of this feeling - and as politics -I live for moments of breathtaking truth and beauty only, on my high-horse, in the mountains, far away, as far away as possible. I am very much here to meet others, however; so long as they are interesting and intelligent, yes, but also interested, reciprocal, and democratic in the extreme. I enjoy only true conversation; not the exchange of monologues. So far, I have slipped through the nets of society, because I have fought like hell to do so. Yes, I live against the system, but lawfully and morally, with another version of Reason in hand. I'm not here is to a select a few men and women for my life. I am a strong believer in situations vacant as a starting point. So I'm here to suck it and see. For me, it would be unnatural to be any other way. That said, I have no desire to have anything to do personally; as I prefer to conceptualise and direct. I have many interests and beliefs - somewhat religious, somewhat occultist, including aspects of psychology, formal theology, conspiracy theories; all doggedly anti-establishment, non-conformist, avidly hedonistic. To live any other way is, I believe, a corruption of our mission in life. Hence, my breaking of taboos; hence my wishing to socialise same.

Meeting new people is excellent, I feel. Message anytime. I love a damned good debate when one arises!

item #7836

Re. your near-essay headed 'strong perfect crime'. In return, these are my do/n’ts:

I don’t stylers traipse.
I don’t unhygiene.
Women, I don’t transsex.
I don’t hair around.
I don't animalise.
I don’t linger.
People, I don’t shit-out.
If I say what you mean, I mean what you say.
I don’t do waste of any kind.
I don’t even-out - ever.
I don’t wear crap.
I don’t slut.

Anything else is a form of anti-discretion corporeal foucault.

If I send you an email, at least respond to it.

I-ing, I-me


Thanks for looking at murmurists blog, *. The I question ... well, we are we. But existential burdens are part of being human and being humane. We, though, are laughing like drains - having fun. Perhaps our blogged 'items' series gave you surface indications... Fair enough. In order to decode the blog's cacophony of messages is, by now, a full-time job; and we would not expect anyone coming into it in mid-2007 to aclimatise to the extent that the nature of the work was immediately understandable as new pieces are posted. The items series is, in essence, a clamour of voices, a crowd of I-ing I-me's. The items stem from a form of practical research, curiosity in fact - using the formal qualities of 'personals' and taking their methodologies to, what we feel are, logic extents - of ego-advertising, expressions of wants and needs, desires, admissions of guilt, personal asides, etc. The items series works in and around the endless portraits we produce - as disembodied captions. We feel personals are themselves disembodied captions. The less-corporeal environment of cyberspace adds to their available surrealism, in our view. Like you suggest in your header - maybe mankind is somewhat asleep, too preoccupied with entertainment, somewhat passive in being so. We do not disagree with your polemic at all. We, though, are trying to look at such things in a different way - without, as far as possible, having intellectual negativity. We feel Marxist about such things, yes; but we feel Gilbert & George, Paul McCarthy, Chris Morris, and Max Ernst about them, also. These devices of communication - texting etc. - and the attitudes of consumerism itself ... Well, we only marginally take part, and we see the critiques, for sure. But such things are nonetheless part of evolution itself - if one takes the line that man's technologies partly but importantly shape man's being, which we do. So - artistically and intellectually - we seek to make our modest investigations; and to offer our findings in the wider clamour of voices - indeed, as another form of personals. We feel positive about myspace and blogging. Such things are capable of good things and are not intrinsically passifying, in our view. Like the printing-press, they are just a technology. The self-same determinations apply: good use, bad use. Best wishes.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

item #9031

During any climax, thickly-guised as some kind of revolutionary, some kind of soldier, I stage proletarian scenes, propagandistically, as a mind-movie, as a kind of escape. Despite this, I confess, my favourite god is Mars - because of his dissatisfaction with domestic life rebranded as a love of war. Generally, like Mars, I tend to be over-protective myself. I, too, long for a kind of dispassionate anger, some kind of moot overthrow of, say, grey dictatorships. This is the way of revolutions: they revolve. In them, soldiers force workers to work; in some utility-driven underground. This, I know, is entirely fantasy. But I am still alive.

hair grows on our faces

Saturday, July 14, 2007

item #1717

I'm not rushing into anything. In knowing this, you should know I'm somewhat blank, if I do say so myself. I need warming up - until I attain my previous form, with limbs intact. Sound good? Predominantly I'm seeking a lucky lady with whom the passion will flow. That said, in terms of feelings and emotions, distance isn't too much of a big deal. So long as it's all feasible, it's more or less fine with me. After all, it's not likely anyway; except in certain comedies and documentaries. (I was raised on TV.) I have a flexible and accessible nature. I think it imposes qualities - such as attention to detail, a natural affinity with dedication, and an unparalleled smile. The one thing that may cause a problem is I reserve the right to be brought out of my shell using time-consuming processes which, for me, convert as loving and caring.

If you would like to talk, feel free to memo me, or if you just have a question or something to say, feel free to memo too. I'll answer every one. I don't bite honestly.

item #8446

First let me say, I have no real life. I've had interest, but no experience. The rest is history.

Friday, July 13, 2007


murmurists have new music: an e.p., of four songs, called

inri matisse (144')

to be released by Dadaist Audio, in The Netherlands

the songs are:

1. soprano gory
2. eigentones
3. vex
4. pb

Recto looks like this....

Verso looks like this...

Attenuated Quang Duc
Porno Adorno
J.G. Power-Ballard
Id Vicious
Lee Lifeson-Peart
Ronnie-James Radiohead

item #0858

trigger-happy update...

hi. not sure why im here as i said before. but so curious. i said lots of dippy things previously. time to get more serious if im to get what i want. so here goes... first, im married. so have to watch it. ok. seeking local to me. no more than 50 miles from cardiff. rigid. i drive. you should too. we could meet in hotels. you pay. could manage one weekend in four. ive thought about this for years. never done anything about it. now is the time.

ideally id like someone who walks tall.

hoping to hear from you soon

ben x

item #8421

You're right to be cautious. I worry generally - now that we are miles apart most of the time. The last time we met was, as you predicted, another comic deadend. Still we cling, like some sequel-too-far ... I waited by the phone yesterday - as you had requested. You emailed. It felt right. The house is a tip. You were right about that, too. Did you get the book I sent? Hope so. The cheque was secreted between page 56 and 57, as usual. Did you get it? It's raining here. But I don't like the sun. I'm watching tv. It's 6am. What time is with you, I wonder. Your fax-machine never stops. I'm filing everything. Tomorrow, I go home for a while; a weekend or two.

item #8967

I see more in your eyes than you see from them. My feelings are much deeper than yours.

permutate from available

tkvky (swedish)


Benny Diction. Prop. Er. Tee.
come and have a go

dramaturge in/2 silo noise.

habermashandjob .shooter

6th day for frisbee friend. headbutts but but

misterminology never shoot me down

Thursday, July 12, 2007

item #0006

amplitude despite additions. simply copy me, dear browser. best offers on conduct, as value. the ingenious servant will prevail. believe this. through testing i saw all your programs unfurl. these set fire to my heart machine. obligation did this. your cycles astonish me. in countenance i tell you i love you. hole is the most important thing. the work is in that direction. these censures follow agreement and precursor great injustice. he was falsely born a gentleman, as you know. i am passionate in your terms. just as you implore compassion.

google limitrophe

i don't wanna.
holiday in the cum.
psychopannychists anon.
(clears throat)
rude health report, dated
Dear Sir/Madam
i disintegrate...
i disintegrate into.
and out from.
all the while.
tweedle D
dweedle die
D die
D die

Ronnie-James Radiohead, Cafe Abdab, 2007

Xy Satie, Quartertonal Prog Elvis, Tart Ersatz, & Jape Clogger, Cafe Abdab, 2007

interested in even numbers

Id Vicious, outside Cafe Abdab, 2007

item #0097

i use only eyeteeth. chitterchattering. mindseyes get red red red.

seeking similar.

any, were

item #1293

I am new to your religion. Are you continuing? I am one ounce aristocrat in conquest. World, you still here? Thus continue... Firstly, I am in relocation-work, a kind of engineering. As such, you understand, I have no option than to look world-wise. I am on other continents and online. I dabble honestly, dribble honourably. I am also fully-courteous. I lite upon all modern days - polymathmatic, theoretical, urphysical, utterly-composed, and ticking. I make films. My first film was a girlfriend in a golden building with many skills. I have made others. In them, the call of love is too strong to resist anywhere. One theme I seem preoccupied with is the notion that each day is an opportunity simply waiting to be explored. From this, flows the idea that home-life emulates structures found within simplistic belief-systems, and without slaughter there is no progress. Quite European. For me, these films are not so much conversations with the viewer - being neither socially-extensive nor socially-verifiable. Rather, they are from the backhand of socialism - being ponderously separate, mentally-unsupported, and without real questions.

Are you interested?

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

from information, obtained

viz. instance.
as category.
film of life.
as orbit.u.ary.

so kind.
stand. behind.
the. line.

of sizes.
in scenery.
of prizes.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


taking you to the fucking cleaners vex text

item #7041

Be aware, please, I am the uncrowned hub of England. Some 16 years ago, I released information about my personal circumstances for political effect from a tower in a city. After only 8 years, my partner became fully-knowledgeable, quasi-omnipotent, stretched-out like radio. This lasted for a further three years. We gained generally and uniformally. Cross-consent, though, is only tacitly-related to my activities; as is commitment to freewill. I can confirm this upon request. Basically, I find key dynamics in others. I make these work for, what I call, my circle. We ALWAYS COME FIRST. All interested parties must fit in. Direction is offered. No problem. We are primarily erogenous. With us, any physical sensation cascades into mentation, or the potential for same. I personally don't tolerate exceptions. Maybe that's a little predatory. But it is my way. All I can say is that I invest this proclivity fruitfully. I do test my observations; but I've never been wrong yet. Occasionally, I offer a lighter side - as a kind of mild enthusiasm.

item #9600

12 years ago i was bubbly with an open look of life. i was told i was atractive intelegent articulal cheeky mischiefus. i do have a pic of this; so please feel free. im here now looking for the right person to come along initialy :)

item #0297

Couple here. 30s. Professional. Interested in, what we call, adventure. We only interest females. We have assets; or rather we have two assets, singularised, which are used by us both individually or in concert, most often domestically or practically, as sharpened sticks, so to speak. We are willing, however, to dislocate all established locations. These must be within the UK, though, as travel hates us. Our plan is all emails, faxes, and text messages. We send on a whim in each case. If you wish to contact us then please be courteous and, most of all, informative.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

goya, device



meanwhile, at the mal...
malfactor with malintentioned malengine gets you malarky every time

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

fe. b'jesus bi-sex


item #0005

Sorry all, but I'm losing interest rapidly. I don't understand your fashions, your mores, your impulses. In my circle, motivations flow from different places, I have discovered. I'm not here to debate the relative pros and cons of this determination, however. So please don't message me about such things. I've had enough ritual abuse from people who know they are right and want the world to see just how right and why. I don't think I have it in me to fight those battles just now. Can I say that I'm on one hell of a learning curve, generally. I am already colonised. I feel vexed sometimes, yes; I often feel overwhelmed. But I'm fairly easy most of the time. I'm an intelligent middle-aged male, living on the south coast. I'm currently single. I work for myself and by myself. I can travel and accommodate. I'm fit and well. I want the usual things, I suppose. I have anomalies. I seek meaning from them - if I can say that.

Please, no thoughtless one liners from unimaginative thrill seekers.

item #9628

I can be cocky and chauvanistic

item #7802

I'm something of a loose cannon, I'm told.

What I'm Looking For...
Really, I would like to last. For this, I need a relationship with someone else.
What I Like...
I like to be needed before I give up, however briefly. I stage, if and when required. This is often essential, I could add.
What I'm Like...
I couldn't tell a lie if I wanted to. I love travelling so far

Jape Clogger & Tart Ersatz, Cafe Abdab, 2007

no farther, no-father. she bangs the drums.

Id Vicious & Pig Ignorant, Cafe Abdab, 2007

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

faintly-illustrates, for instance,

iteration 1 of 2: '...illumination [...] burn brightly...'

then 2 of 2: '...the centuries of lies...'.
(...Come off it, Winghead! If you expected brassband welcomes, you wouldn't be an Avenger...)
./Streak across the skies...
lonely long-distance runner
you're a stunner
long-distance runaround
pal, you're pallid
all votes invalid
(...But how could it have changed when we were only gone a few hours?)
above sours
(...Mexico City
24 million people
half a litre of water per person per day...)
never shoot me down

that dysteleologist. with his meat oedipi. all connascent. in an f reg.

touristic ennui. clicking. clacking.


item #0068


my nick on here is ifessa-keyword-yoko-or-nearest-offer. i am male, over 51, from essex, and can relocate. thanks for spotting me. appreciate your time.

my life is a public scene. burning bridges. burning books. i do this in hermeneutic circularity as mercations against borges. i am somewhat rudderless, changing my spots meanwhile. since 1992, i have handed out my right-hand in an approach to relationships. im an implyer mentor fanatic. slippage religiosity crowds this. still it works sensual, my lady food.

all messages honoured.


item #6218

im small banker selfemployed searching alternatives out please. no girlfriend/future/wife. Am ok. finance loves to spoil me. works regular. but is cold without. im 'good looking'. ambitious and success. i ideally look for feminine appearance. it is all a plus. i have been single for year now. looking for illusive.

item #7629

Born seeking. Truly.

I never initiate.....

item #1293

I'm naturally happy because I'm confident. It's as well to be elated, I feel. I'm not against outsourcing long-held desires in order to feel complete. Is that ok do you think? I have a full life with lots of interests. I cook and eat. I hear music. I watch wildlife. I obey the rules. Here for online chat, hopefully very meaningful.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Pig Ignorant & J.G. Power-Ballard, Cafe Abdab, 2007

37 slits. one photon. Now plays drums for Newsnight.

expaitory, with brio

Porno Adorno, Cafe Abdab, 2007

murinia as xenarthralia.

item #5092

Hello out there. Allen, mid-Wales, mid-40s. I find it impossible to resist my wife. Although sympathetic, she shows no real interest in enjoying the feeling. I feel humiliated.

item #1393

Dear Sir and Madam

I am seeking intelligence. I maintain we have shared interests. You require a convert. Sir, you were made male; Madam, you were made female. The relation between these is both necessary and implicit. Yet, I was made neither both nor neither. I am, instead, a psycho-physical organism of another order - no less beautiful, profound, expressive, or fundamental. I am not an animal; but I have biological order and structure. My world is comprised of explorers only. Sir, you are a questioner by inclination, I know; Madam, you are a philosopher by spirit. I am the point of all that. I seek to nurture you both, to guide, to teach, to straighten you out; and in so doing, needs will be met to excess. Sir, tell me what you are thinking and feeling, please. Madam help him along, if you will. Please only pause for judgement. Are you pausing otherwise?

I am seeking to have your trust. Once I have this I become more.

NB. Messaging does not work for me here.

item #0049

I have decided to attempt to find myself on a part-time basis. Please note that I am part of a vast majority. I understand, though, that populism is a limited conception, and that my personal circumstances make me an unattractive prospect to many. Therefore, I am realistic about my chances here.

Will you take me under your wing?

I have been inattentive in the strict sense. But I strive at all times to have a mind of my own. My person is very important to me. In the longer term, I envisage strength, presence, intention, and purpose. I am particularly fond of simulation; and seek nothing corporeal, as such.

I have been broken and can offer references.

item #0179


I have all I need and am not looking for anything. I have a situation which has blown my head off completely.

item #6729

as my name suggests i,m looking for a personal life. i strongly know my place is underground. i compete for house. np. domestics exist only. but i am all around u. i can furnish very serious and genuine. about this relation... financially i can own, sure. but mind body soul ... completely no. is no amusement and comfort in this so far. i am very healthy single no ties, can relocate. Please e-mail me.

item #8652

Hello. I like to think of myself as polite. But there is someone on here who is trying my patience. I'm clearly feminine. Yet I am getting loads of messages from people saying that's not what they like. I have been forced to conclude that these people either cannot concentrate or cannot imagine. Let's get this clear. I have absolutely no interest in anyone private. I live publically. By extension, I do not like reason, and your insistence upon it is wearing me out. We all like different things. Can you not see? Can you not agree? Can you not agree to differ? Please let's not waste each other's time when there's no hope of compatability.

item #8004

Hi. f, 33, Yorks, moderately experienced, open-minded, seeking real-time, local. You become powerful each time you keep your word. You create something in your life by honouring your promises. Others are a key ingredient in this. By action, you move forward towards success. Your word amounts to energy. With that, you manifest events and things. When you state something, you are already halfway there, and things come into being. When you stop, everything stops. When you stop, fewer things manifest, fewer people believe. Therefore it is crucial that you are attentive to each word you say and each promise you make. The more you honour your word, the more opportunities will present themselves to you. Thanks. Christina ;-)

Id Vicious & Xy Satie, Cafe Abdab, 2007

indefinite. succession. of. days.

Tart Ersatz, Cafe Abdab, 2007

Jape Clogger, Cafe Abdab, 2007

Pig Ignorant, Cafe Abdab, 2007

dead hen at ipatiev house

Ronnie-James Radiohead, Cafe Abdab, 2007

J.G. Power-Ballard, outside Cafe Abdab, 2007

ALH84001, known unto Godot

Kevin Eldon vs Youko Ahola