Friday, October 31, 2008


Current mood: scientific
Category: scientific Dreams and the Supernatural

Resting is pointless. You know what I want, so bring it to me. I'm not demanding anything exceptional. This is not about gaining any kind of moral distinction; nor is it about guaranteed value or worth. I'm no candidate. I'm interested only in wild appropriation; that is, something either destructively-mannered or over-personal, needing to be externally-qualified, something immaterialistic.

Speak soon x

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008


grey: i am unsure of you
oxen: Indeed. But you are still seeking opportunities?
grey: yes
oxen: That is good
grey: i seek only experience, i hope that doesn't make me bad
oxen: It doesn't
grey: i admire you
oxen: Thank you
grey: I come with a good wardrobe, but no home situation, no means. Am i losing marks?
oxen: No, you are gaining them; and for reasons I will not explain
grey: thank you
oxen: I intend to be difficult
grey: i will get by
oxen: Good to hear. Tell me of your happiest recent experience
grey: i am fortunate in some areas; though i am foreign to fortune itself. i ask for directions, but i am not direct myself. I am the norm, but with rough hands. I have no honour
oxen: Sounds unlikely. I'm not wanting cyberplay.
grey: it's true, i live close to such industries. i admit its the only time I have been so fortunate
oxen: As you say
grey: i normally only get to bide my time
oxen: Thanks, but no thanks. Good luck & best wishes
grey: thank you x

item #5792

Not all measurements of this kind are relevant or of equal importance. I refuse to rank, however; yet I rank, nonetheless, damned by, guided by, my penetrations. Nothing else functions as an influence. Additions are not foundations. The sediment is static and sealed. The sediment is Being. The sediment is common, purely experiential. Innovation itself divides us, both from one another and from ourselves; offering nothing short of a series of temporarily unified states, serial and extended. Enduring merely offers centuries, decades, years and days.



this object takes a name
vies for formality
sequences numbers
settles upon a territory

like others it is inessential
for your system of gains
it fains nonetheless
around the object of its name

Saturday, October 25, 2008

inri matisse

Individual Files

Audio Files128Kbps MP3
Soprano Gory2.2 MB
Eigentones2.2 MB
Vex4.5 MB
Pb3.7 MB

I have

no love of the masses

you figs of imagin.
see how you gun
mercating, updating

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Current mood: amputated
Category: amputated Dreams and the Supernatural

disclose ..HEG**

experience ..WITTGEN*****

record ..DER****

generalise ..HEID*****


And the elementals say - of mysteries, of the prominence of vision itself - "We foreshadow events, with the features of our tradition and its connections and circumstances. We have no personal experience."



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Current mood: waiving
Category: waiving Dreams and the Supernatural

glorious aversions
captivate and convert

add resemblance
add likeness

Ecclesiasticus ... a mystery shape
psycho Jerome ...
four facing

and every one
growing the hands of men on all four sides
and every one turning
faces of men, covering their bodies


This is something of a straightforward impulse, you slummockers. This is Cod Fiat Lux. They turned and they went, caring nothing for likeness.

Going forth into fire.

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

item #0062

To Henry ....

Your implausible psychiatry gets results. It works. I know. I desire further considerations, but I cannot guarantee you anything in return. I used to be intelligent. I had my own building. Now, I am damaged and will always need care. All these seizures... I live in a fog. It's hard.

I am contagious. You do have other choices.

Saturday, October 04, 2008


Beneath is Translation

Beneath is Translation consists of a series of collaborative projects initiated by murmurists. It has a myspace page here. The following songs are works-in-progress from one part of two currently ongoing parts.

1.1 cierge

Ad Beentjes - field recordings
Antonio de Braga - drum-kit & rhythm processing
Anthony Donovan - live electronics, laptop & editing
Noel Taylor - alto clarinet

1.2 items 0561-0563

Anthony Donovan - treatments & processing
Bryan Lewis Saunders, Jo Pearson & Michael - voices